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I don’t agree with this obviously, except the Marxism part, that is true.

But it is funny and worth a discussion.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Could read “Marxism no longer corresponds to reality says man in giant hat who speak to crowd of Marxists.”….Afterall they are a dying breed, the ones who still haang on (Jacinta Ardern) do have their head in the clouds!!!

  • John Q Public

    Raoul is slightly less Marxist than Fidel it would seem. Cuba has the lowest numbers of Invisible Friend worshipers in any Latin American-/Caribbean country. Who knew.

  • Redneck

    Marx should’ve studied Robert Owen’s New Harmony more closely.

  • Assume this is related to him being in Cuba?

  • afinetale.blogspot.co.nz

    Most people these days when thinking about Marxism don’t use it as an ideology, more as a tool for understanding economic relationships. It is still very useful in those terms, and very relevant. However, basing an ideology purely on one theory is always going to be stupid. 

  • BW_Lord

    Loved the subtitle on stuff – Castro to Pope: “So what do you do?”

  • Super_Guest

    That’s clever, but it sums up Atheists in a nutshell. They’re never going to gain traction because there rhetoric is comprised of nothing but assholery. 

    • The Baron

      I prefer to think of it as mockery, but whatever makes you feel better.

      I’m sure you’ll ask the magical man in the sky or his zombie son to strike me down for this; and as per usual, nothing at all will happen.

      • davewin

         Rather ask him to allow you to live forever. Seems a fair punishment.

    • Capitalist

      But at least atheists don’t tell little kids they will burn in a non-existent hell

    • Stevo

      Will the real Santa Clause stand up please!

    • @BoJangles


  • Evan Johnson

    Could read “Man in giant hat (wearing a frock) no longer corresponds to reality” says Invisible Cloud People!.”…

    After all they are a dying breed, the ones who still hang on (Pope Benedict) do have their head in the clouds!!!
    Back to your retirement Village Fr Ratzinger!

  • Evan Johnson

    ”  Loved the subtitle on stuff – Castro to Pope: “So what do you do?”   ”
    If Fidel Castro did ask this question, he has gone up in my estimation.Castro and the Pope are contemporaries.  One is jet-setting around pretending to be a world leader.  The other has his feet up in retirement.Which octagenarian is the smart one?

    • @BoJangles


  • Ronnie Chow

      Looks like a headline from the Onion . Good on you for posting it , though.

  • titanuranus