Does this mean we can put him in prison for 27 years?

Tame Iti is like Nelson Mandela or so his lawyer would have us believe.

High profile criminal defence lawyer and beaten Labour Party MP Russell Fairbrother claims:

“Are you going to convict Tame Iti on an incomplete picture painted by the Crown?” Fairbrother asked the jury.

Instead, he said, Iti is an important leader in the country’s history, comparing him to Nelson Mandela.

“History is full of people getting half a story, having a preconception, reaching a conclusion which is often punitive, and then regretting it,” Fairbrother said.

Next Russell will be blaming a murder on the Treaty of Waitangi.


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  • Guest

    And he is also “a man ahead of his time”… Hahaha his time being the Jurassic?

  • Scanner

    What a crock of shit, Iti is nothing more than a tattooed dumpling with a big mouth. 

  • starboard

    Hes a nasty little shitbag who deserves to go to jail for a long time. For too long we have put with the likes of iti and his filthy followers   ..pack ya sack arsehole, you be joining the bros in Pare soon.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Not likely Starboard a Fine is more likely and even that will be appealled until the end of time or it is discharged.

    • Newzealandclassiccars

      have you meet tame iti? or are you a victim of media laziness and a lack or intellect?

  • Phar Lap

    Let us not forget Fairbrother is a failed Liebour MP.He got the dont come Monday in Napier in 2008.He is also a failed insurance man,and now he is a failed lawyer with comments like that,surprised he didnt say the his client was the second coming.Lets just face the truth Fairbrother,s mouth is all brown he talks ****.

    • Dr Wang

      I had to laugh at Fairbrother in court last week waffling about the Beatles song “Revolution” which he claimed “came out in the 1970’s”….quick check on Wiki shows it was 1968.

      Is he always this sloppy and cavalier with the facts? No wonder he was such a dismal failure at all the other careers he has tried.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Grounds for appeal incompetent defence.

  • Tony

    Ha Ha Tattooed dumpling that’s good yes agreed the cops didn’t do this for an exercise they must have had good reason too, and I would rather this than another David Gray

    • Scanner

       The only good thing about Gray is justice was done, we will have to put up with this fat little turd bitching and moaning for ever, shame the cops didn’t see him as a terrorist right at the start and perform the necessary. 

  • Whalehunter

    As much as i would love him and his followers to go to prison for a long long time perhaps the best thing we can do is IGNORE them.  I have a feeling that what they want is this sort of attention and a conviction and prison time with their like minded cousins behind bars is like the ultimate recruitment drive.  We could end up with bigger problems down the track if these people are made a martyr for their potential followers. Ignoring the attention and controversy they crave may be the best way to deal with the situation (not that the ignorant media would have such high morals as to be capable of this).

    • parorchestia

      The best thing is to laugh at them.  They are a joke anyway.  None of my Maori friends support him

  • Peter Wilson

    I’m imagining now if it was Kyle Chapman and the National Front instead of Tami Iti.
    What then would the reaction be?

    • jonno1

      Not sure what you mean Peter – wouldn’t the reaction be the same under similar crcumstances?

    • Mickrodge

       Give yourself a swift uppercut Peter.

      Kyle & his rabble of balaclava wearing pussies are as popular here as a dose of the clap.

      Their most recent effort in taking over a “meet the candidates” meeting in Christchurch looked about as intimidating as a Wiggles concert.

    • Peter Wilson

      Jonno1, are you suggesting there would be the same level of support and defending of the National Front if they had a training camp with guns and molotov cocktails?

  • johnbronkhorst

    So part of their defence..was that they were training to be security guards….Tell me anyone…where in NZ do security guards carry RIFLES and Molotov cocktails???

    • Scanner

       In the tattooed dumplings tiny little mind.

      • @BoJangles

        Yes, the ‘tattooed dumpling” is good……   hope it sticks.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Did you not pay attention they are peace activists wouldn’t harm a fly. They are also high end qualified security trainers with Police or Military backgrounds. Training people to go overseas, to work in War zones that require the use of Molotov cocktails and assault rifles. To escort VIP through bush. Some unkind people might refer to them as mercenaries.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Wait I’m confused were they the trainers or trainees.

  • parorchestia

    Little Tommy is a good name, too.  Oops, it is his name!

  • Guest

    “History is full of people getting half a story, having a preconception, reaching a conclusion which is often punitive, and then regretting it”

    Oh, I thought I was reading about Iti’s attitudes and beliefs for a moment.  Pot meet kettle.

  • But no one here actually provides anything to the contrary? I can only take Cameron’s heading as agreement with the sentiment. And if he supports the imprisonment of an anti-apartheid activist for 27 years. Can we then take that as his support for the South African Apartheid? 

    • Allanspear

      James, comments like yours just highlight your ignorance. Mandella was not imprisoned for his political views, he was legitimately convicted for planning and executing indescriminate terrorist acts which cost many innocent lives. He was caught in posession of plans and weapons/explosives for another attack. He was very fortunate not to have recieved the death penalty, which was an option at the time.

      While in prison he became close friends with a very conservative, Afrikaans speaking corrections officer who spent considerable time debating politics with him. It is my opinion that this friendship contributed greatly to the far more moderate, peaceful and pragmatic attitudes he displayed on his release.

      You can only object to Mandella’s imprisonment if you think that killing innocent people to achieve your political goals is justified.

      • I understand what he was imprisoned for. And I understand what his intentions were. 
        In self defence people sometimes utilise violence, (I do not condone this), but when a peoples are backed into a corner, and are poked and prodded, one shouldn’t be amazed when they bite back. People are only a product of their environment, if they show violence, it was because they were shown it as a way to resolve their conflict. It wasn’t a political goal, it was a defensive move against a oppressive and violent movement. As I said I don’t condone the killing of innocent people, but as In regards to the suggestion that he is similar to Nelson Mandela, and that his country released him after 27 years. It surprises me that someone would call out for another political activist to be imprisoned especially when no “indescriminate terrorist acts which cost many innocent lives.” took place.

      • Peter Wilson

        So, now we are saying a conviction under the apartheid regime is legitimate?

  • Mr_Blobby

    They have had years to think up a plausible excuse, there would have been so many versions that the lawyers would have had trouble keeping up. And this is the best they could come up with, one day they are peace activists next, they are training to be security contractors in war zones that require the use of Molotov cocktails, escorting VIP’s through bush.
    Seriously, who would employ 2 fat little tattooed dumpling like teletubies or 2 so called peace activists, none of which have any experience at all, for a high paying security job overseas.
    No the news reporters needed to look no further than the American embassies leaked emails years ago, they were told, that he would be found guilty again on Firearms charges and fined about $300.
    What they weren’t told was that he would then appeal the conviction for ever through the courts on legal aid until it was watered down and dismissed, like he did last time.
    Instead the NZ Public who are funding this charade to the tune of millions of dollars is kept in the dark.
    So I Predict he will be found guilty on fire arms charges and at sentencing the Judge will kiss his arse and tell him what a good boy he is and what a lot of good he has done for NZ. There will be support letters from the Maori Mafia(Elite), once outside the Court the crocodile tears will dry up and life will go on.
    In fairness to the Judge, the persistence and pressure from his “Friends” will be considerable.

  • Apolonia

    Russell already has used “colonialism” as an excuse for rape and murder. In the case of a woman jogger. The perpetrator went on to murder again while in prison. 

  • I find it funny that when these raids first took place I made the comment – I’ll bet they were out playing at training to be contractors in Iraq, Afghanistan etc you can make shit loads of money for the whenua doing that – USA ex-soldiers are bringing in $US200,000 plus for six months stints. What Bro wouldn’t want to try for some of that.  People laughed at me then and it seems that’s their main defence. Be interesting to see if the jury buys the idea.

    • Sarrs

      I guess the plausibility of that statement could be addressed by the likelihood of this group ever being employed as contractors for overseas security forces. 
      I don’t know their history or the laws governing it – but if any of these people have convictions (I don’t know either way) would they actually be accepted as security guards?
      If their objectives were to train others to go overseas and do the job, why didn’t they follow legitimate pathways and become, I don’t know, some sort of training college? 

      If they didn’t think they were doing anything wrong, why were they hiding all the way up in the hills and keeping the whole thing a big secret?

      • BW_Lord

        Because if that was seriously their plan to become an actual institute for training, sure as hell they would have applied for funding through the weird and magical paths of publically funded wananga’s.

        Actually who’s to say that they weren’t funding this all through taxpayer money anyway?

      • Sarrs

        BW – exactly. If it had been their plan all along we all know the tax payer would have been funding it. Those funding application records would be publicly available and would have been presented at the trial. Neil is probably the one who inadvertently gave them the idea!  

        I’m a bit disappointed the prosecution didn’t attack this aspect of the defence more rigorously – it’s laughable when you take the details into consideration. 

    • Scanner

       The only job for “The Tattooed Dumpling” would be as a target.

  • Super_Guest

    He’s a terrorist. Throw him in a cell and forget about him.

  • AnonWgtn

    The jury will be directed by the liberal judge to a “not guilty” verdict, on the basis that under the Treaty of Waitangi they cannot be convicted.
    They are victims really, and will sue for unlawful prosecution, and another, probably female liberal judge, will award them a huge settlement.

  • allanspear

    @ Peter Wilson and Gordon Ramsay. Any court in the civilised world would have convicted Mandella withe all the evidence presented in court. Just because you don’t like the policies of the government of the time does not mean that due process didn’t happen. Mandella wasn’t driven into a corner and poked with a stick. he was a well educated man (a lawyer) and had a choice. He and Mangosuthu Buthelezi had the same goals and asperations and were freinds. They parted ways because mandella chose to persue his goals using violence, which Buthelezi could not condone. It was Mandella’s choice.
    You are both still exhibiting an astounding level of ignorance!

    • If you read my comment properly you would see I put “peoples” in regards to those oppressed by the apartheid regime, he was a product of that environment. He was awarded a Nobel Peace prize in ’93, so I’m guessing the world (or at least the
      Norwegian Nobel Committee) saw his actions as not those of a terrorist.

    • Peter Wilson

      So, I presume you think the various resistance forces in Europe during WW2, not to mention the Jews in Warsaw, were actually criminals, instead of freedom fighters opposed to a corrupt and evil regime.

      There are many examples of legimate violence used to overcome superior facist forces, others that come to mind are Churchill bombing Dresden, and, of course ordinary Iraqi’s fighting against the illegal USA invasion.

  • Seething

    A Fat Feral Fudgeball with short-man’s disease and a big mouth. Did even Mr Mandela blow a nostril of snot at – or show his fat brownass to Queenie ?. At least Mandela has some degree of self-respect. Oh well , we all know thats what we are stuck with.

  • jay cee

    to compare iti to mandela was a joke and an insult. when mandela was in nz he drew a crowd of thousands to hear him and greet him, iti has to commandeer others celebrations to get noticed by anyone other than family

  • Bawaugh

    It does not matter what they say now. A Jury and Judge who heard the whole evidence will decide if they actually did it and how long they will get as guests of the Governmnet.

    Jurries and Judges are compentent enough to look thorugh the hype and see the real case.

  • Tereihana

    thats a loud of shit unless use r scared of him

  • Mr_Blobby

    thats  – That’s
    loud – load
    Use  – you
    R – are
    Should we be afraid of an illiterate stupid minority that struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

  • allanspear

     Peter Wilson. If you think the Iraqis  with their corrupt government and gross human rights violations were justified in fighting the US, you would also have to grant the SA government the same. The difference though is that the ANC never declared war on anyone, they just went about planting bombs and killing people indiscriminately, including their own people. They were tterrorists.
    I think you should be very carefully watched, because you seem to think that it is OK to take it upon yourself to start killing people if the government does things you don’t like.