Don’t stop dreaming

Andrew Sullivan

I blogged about the The Most Astounding Fact the other day, and now the author of that video has made the one below about why we need to be funding Nasa.

A wonderful video about the rationale behind spending money on exploring space:


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  • thor42

    I really hope that there will be a permanent lunar base established in my lifetime (I’m 50 now).
    Such a base would be an excellent stepping-stone for trying things out before we go to Mars (and whether it be in 100 or 200 years, I’m sure we eventually will). 

  • MrV

    Yup, they never should have retired the shuttle.
    Instead aim to remotely build a runway on the moon and build Shuttle 2.0, that is capable of landing on it and taking off again.

  • Cobolt

    If NZ invested at the rate Tyson would have the US invest that would be $600m, could we afford that? Would we want to?

    • HeinB

      How did you get $600m ? $30b in tax take * 0.5/100 = $150m  I would love to see us spending that on high tech science and innovation. Might make a few bright spark kiwis stay and work here rather than having to go overseas because we have bugger all high tech industry.

      • Cobolt

        From the Treasury website,

        It shows Govt income of $61.5b for 2011/12. Tyson wanted 1 penny per dollar for a Mars station.

        High tech science and innovation is one thing, space exploration is something else. Personally I’d love to see NZ put towards a space program somewhere but the question is can we afford it? Or more to the point is there other stuff more important to fund such as other Hi Tech opportunities?

      • HeinB

        I see, had no idea tax take was that high! Tyson said that half a penny would double the current budget ? 

        Of course I would prefer they didn’t take the money from me in the first place, but if I got to choose how my taxes got spent I would gladly send 1% the way of space exploration. Space exploration sounds a bit grand, but really that 1% would be paying for high tech engineers – a group that currently does not really exist in NZ. 

        Who knows what we really can and cannot afford, where exactly is the $60b currently going ? The more taxes we pay the worse everything around us seems to get.

  • Petal

    Tyson is very accessible, and entertaining.  One of my favourites:  

  • Andrei

    So how do astronauts of the USA of Andrew Sullivan get into space?

    They fly Aeroflot to Kazakhstan then  hitch a ride on a Russian rocket – that’s how.

  • jay cee

    dream on, we all would like to be astronauts. even given the glib arguements that were put up in that clip the reality was that there wasn’t a big enough return to justify the expense. much as i would love to see the space programme return i know its because it wont be me paying for it. 

    • MrV

      “there wasn’t a big enough return to justify the expense”

      Wow, you are ignorant. Go do some reading about spinoffs from the space era of the 60’s.

  • Blair Mulholland

    I think we should spend lots of money on space.  But we should do it by buying shares in Virgin, not asking my daughters to fund a bureaucracy called NASA with their taxes.

  • Stevo

    Tyson is one of my favourites too.

    I would happily donate some of my tax dollars to explore the unknown further.

    Mankind has benefited hugely from spaceflight, exploration and the spinoffs of such made by many nations now.

    I owe them all.

    In the words of many an  astrophysicist, ‘we are all made of stardust.’

    Iin the words of biologist Richard Dawkins, that is….’The Magic of Reality.’ 

  • Tristanb

    Hate to link to this website, but:

    I’d prefer spending on space research than the crap we spend money on at the moment. For instance, how much money have we been spent telling people how to get Freeview?!

  • P1LL

    If you think man landed on the moon then you have not looked at the facts ,it was a cold war lie .
    The Russians when asked why they did not send maned craft to the moon said they could not do it because they did not want to kill any more cosmonauts . The The Van Allen radiation belt would fry anyone in a Luna bound space craft.look up and watch the 12 part video on youtube called Moon Landing.Marcus Allen .

    • MrV

      You are a complete clown.

      So they lied 6 times did they?
      The inner radiation belt is the most dangerous, but it is possible to take a trajectory from earth to avoid most of it as the flux density varies.

      • P1LL

         did you watch the videos I suggested people look at before calling me a clown ? or are you part of the flock that is the Sheeple ?

      • MrV

        All his claims have been thoroughly debunked.

        The idea that thousands of NASA staff were in on some sort of conspiracy deserve the buzz aldrin treatment.

    • Beenthere

      The Russians couldn’t get a multi stage rocket to work properly at the time, also a major accident in 1967 killed a lot of their personel.