Double Down, the healthy option

The Double Down is not available any more, which is a pity because it really, really pissed off pinkos. The strange thing about the double down was that by leaving out gay stuff like bread and mayo it only had 540 calories. (KFC Nutritional Information)

So it has less calories than the Works Burger at 576, or the Zinger BBQ Bacon and Cheese burger at 600. Go with a low fat mayonnaise fillet burger and you are down to 359 calories, but a fat mayo fillet burger it is 513 calories, only 27 less than the unbelievably evil double down.

So if you are going to suffer KFC know that because of stupid journalists and sensationalist headlines you can’t have the lower calorie Double Down and instead have to eat the “more healthy” options which are loaded with more calories.

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  • as far as being really tasty…

    (and not giving you that fat-food ‘crash 40 or so minutes know the cycle…)

    ..a well-made vegan-burger pisses all over anything on offer from the death-food chains…

    ..avocado/hummus/tomatoe/beetroot/sprouts /w.h.y+ pattie..


    [email protected]

    •  sounds nice, I would be inclined to pimp that burger with some meat though.

  • Bunswalla

    Everyone that wants and can afford to buy a double-down or anything else should be allowed to do so, but looking just at the calories doesn’t tell the whole story. The link supplied is the NZ website which doesn’t include the double-down, but the US site does.

    It does indeed have 540 calories, but it also has 32gm of fat which is at least a third more than the fattiest burgewr KFC sells. It also has high sodium, but others do too.

    I tried one and found it to be quite salty and I didn’t really like the sauce, but chacun a son gout as we say in France.

  • Richard McGrath

    Exactly the point I made on Sainsbury’s TV programme. The bread around most burgers is junk food – high carb, non-nutritious and goes straight to your waistline.