Down at the Port, Ctd

I wrote about my visit to the Port of Auckland on Friday. Here is the video of the chat I had with a couple of port workers where they talk about bullying, intimidation, racism and safety breaches by the union.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Pity that TV1 and 3 dont hgave WO as tgheir wharf reporter.

    • Gazzaw

      Amazed at TV One News last night.  Breathless bimbette headliner stated ‘Thousands of demonstrators’, Peter Williams followed up with ‘well over five thousand’ and finally the reporter on the spot ‘around two thousand’. If TV One wants us to believe their biassed spin then they should at least make their lies consistent.

      • ConwayCaptain


        I watch TV 1 or 3 news for the headlines to see what is on and if nothing of interest switch to UK TV for ello ello!!!  Lt Gruber and Renee are far more interesting

        Get my news from Morning Report, WO, and the o’seas papers like SMH, DT,Guardian and Independent.

      • ConwayCaptain


        It seemd to me that the requirements to be a TV reporter are not to have an enquiring mind, a very good general knowledge, know that you have to give a balanced report showing both sides of theb arguement but to be a Blonde goodlooking female with a gushing way of reporting.

      • Gazzaw

        Me too CC. I watch the BBC News at 5pm & read the same papers as you plus the Miami Herald (I was there for a while) which gives a good insight on US domestic news. Local TV news on both channels is tripe. Sky gives a pretty good oversight of the Australian news.  

  • Petal

    You’re looking tidy Cam.  Good to see.

  • Jester

    Now there is a bloke I can connect with. Just wants to do his job to the best of his ability, earn a wage and get home safely to his family. Just like we all do (with some exceptions).

    Well can I be the first to say after watching the video. Mate if you are reading this, you are a bloody legend!

    • davewin

      Well said Jester. Anytime he needs a job he can call.

      Well done, and thanks for some real video Whaleoil!

    • EpochNZ

      Agreed….It really astounds me that TV1/3 dont walk an extra few metres through the gates and talk to this guy.  If youve got more of these interviews WO, I’m sure we’d all love to see them.

      Nandor once said on a TV program on religon that he started training as a journalist until he realised that news was just a way to link advertisers to consumers.  With that quote in mind, I now always look cynically at the news put in front of us and ask “Who is this really benefiting?”  It seems to me that most of the media covering this strike are somehow oddly scared of offending the union and I have yet to work out why.  A dissenting voice on the major TV channels is hard to find, its mostly one way traffic.

      • EpochNZ

         Ha!  Answered my own question while making a cup of tea and pondering.

        TV cant afford to piss off its advertisers in a time of falling revenue.  I’m picking the MUNZ advertising campaign cant have come cheap?

  • George W

    Im not anti-unions, I think they still belong in certain industries and workplaces for the most logical of reasons-to maintain and protect appropriate employee standards, conditions which in turn would keep up employee morale and productivity…it seems the union at the ports never had this vision..this union have been lazy sheep!…(at least you didn’t have to post this video in black and white just for sympathy votes)…you can see the guys still working down there are genuine to their word and the company they work for. Great to see WO balance out the biased media stories shedding some more actual facts on the matter.  

  • ConwayCaptain

    Safety is the last refuge of the union, to paraphrase Dr Johnson.

    If the union wanted to slow things down etc etc all they did was say “Its a saftey issue”.  They are as safety conscious??????

    I have had blokes at sea who wouldnt work on a stage, 10 ft up if the ship was rolling slightly, yet they would wander up the foredeck in jandals!!!!!

    Appear for mooring the vessel in jandals and long hair hanging down around their jaws.

    Appera on watch at night with a radio!!

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    Very revealing Cam. The comment the interviewee makes regarding the unions being “anti-company” pretty much sums up MUNZ.

    I bet the comment “we are motivated to work” he also made is the complete antithesis of Parsloes Pricks.

    And dont get me started on the media…. hacks, whores and hopeless.


    Hey all you followers of Whale Oil – if you have a facebook account do a search for (hope you can find it, has been mentioned that it’s tricky) – our little dig at the union’s website – please spread the word


    Actually, here’s the link

  • Charlie the farmer

    Question. As a sheep farmer who’s product is exported who is reponsible for any product that is delayed being shipped resulting in a less attractive product for customers therefor less money going to processor and myself? My veiw is that the port’s job is to get the boat in and provide it with a berth and the machines to load it, the unions job is to provide the labour to load it on time. If they dont then the processors have a backlog of product which they cant store which leds to shutting down chains, laying people off, and significantly reducing the schedule price they pay to farmers which means they start laying off staff and reduce expenidure in towns and cities, leading to more layoffs in other shops as farmers not spending money, Why doesnt the CTU, MUNZ and others think of other workers affected by their actions.  

    • Biker

      They’re self absorbed with their own interests and urine production.

      In this case POAL supply the labour.  MUNZ doesn’t pay the port workers their weekly wage.  What it does is act on their behalf when it comes to wage negotiations.  It had a collective agreement with the port and port workers can join MUNZ and pay weekly union fees (a percentage of their pay) and the union will intercede for them if it comes to some kind of disciplinary action or MUNZ may press for cost of living pay increases on their behalf.  Training and upskilling is done at POAL’s expense by POAL’s trainers so MUNZ doesn’t employ, train or upskill, provide protective gear to any of its members. 

      What they do is send their Walking Delegate – one Dave Phillips – currently banned from POAL for 2 years for inciting violence – into the port to walk around and make sure all the boys are happy and if there’s anything he can do for them.  He doesn’t ring people to check on them if they’ve had to go off sick for an operation or anything like that.  He does bring the hat around so you put money in it for union members who have been fired and are waiting to try and get the courts to overturn their decisions.

      There have already been people laid off from work or had their hours cut back because of supply shortages.  MUNZ are not interested.  They’d rather focus on bringing in heavies from USA and Australia to try and force a win.

      • hoha

        I personally know 2 people 1 who has been laid off and 1 who has to start looking for another job because of this strike. The munz union doesnt give a rats ass what happens to other families.

      • Janis

        Just like themselves it’s only MUNZ families that matters.

        I know one trucking company that has laid off one person from their night shift.  At least he’ll soon be able to apply at the port.

    • Gandalf


  • Super_Guest

    Hey, Cam, what sort of camera did you use to shoot this?

  • jackwhite

    hey jake you forgot to tell whaleshit about your own health and safety record,You remember the day you nearly sent homer to an early grave could you not hear him on the RT or did you have your MP3 player on

    • Greg M

       with an attitude like that good luck finding another job, MUNZ loser.


    • Propane

      Yet another example of MUNZ’ers stooping lower and lower into their redundancy graves…go get a job.

  • GRYN

    Piss off Munzie go back to your mafia stronghold and make yourself feel big