The Telegraph

Englebert Humperdinck is seriously deluded about his imminent appearance at the Eurovision song quest:

But despite his reputation as the “King of Romance”, Humperdinck says he would be appalled if any female fans threw underwear at him, an occurrence which used to be commonplace at his shows. “I hope not,” he says. “I just want to be judged for my talent and the portrayal of the song.” I begin to see why the BBC might have wanted Humperdinck for Eurovision; the more intriguing question is what’s in it for him? After all, while he may have faded from the public eye in this country, he still plays around 200 concerts a year. So isn’t Eurovision a risk for his street cred? “I think anything you do in life is a risk,” he says. “And it’s a risk I’m going to enjoy taking and that’s that.”

They would be crusty, over large knickers with Tena pads attached, Engelbert.


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  • Dear God – I never liked the guy the first time……!!!

  • Andrei

    Eurovision is well past its use by date, well that’s assuming it was ever fit for human consumption.

    Even the contestants are ancient these days, as in the aforementioned 
    Englebert Humperdinck or Russia’s  Бурановские Бабушки (Buranovskiye Babushki)  with their sure to be a classic “Party for Everyone