Garry Parsloe doesn’t really have a grip on reality does he?

Maritime Union president Garry Parsloe said the Ports of Auckland appeared to have no plan for getting the port up and running again.

“Ports of Auckland continue to raise ‘ghost’ health and safety concerns in the media as the basis for what the union considers to be an unlawful breach of these workers’ employment agreements. “

The union has attempted to resolve this dispute but the single focus of the Port to dismiss its workforce is overruling all common sense, he said.

Ports of Auckland representatives rejected a union proposal for workers to be allowed to return to work and be paid compensation for lost wages last week, he said.

Parsloe would not comment further due to a confidentiality agreement with the Ports of Auckland.

The Port does have a plan, contracting them all out to workers who are prepared to work for 40 hours instead of 28 hours.

No wonder mediation failed when the union was demanding compensation for lost wages. How about the union compensate all the businesses that have lost work because of their intransigence and unwillingness to change?

The unions actions have cost this country and in particular the Auckland region literally millions of dollars and they have the cheek to demand compensation.


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  • Gem

    It really is a joke.  POAL want to work like POT and the POT model is thriving whilst POAL is sinking and Garry calls that “no plan”.

    As for “ghost” health and safety concerns, they are very real and POAL is being a responsible employer by ensuring the safety of those who have been threatened and physically bullied by MUNZ before allowing them back.  The only “ghosts” in this dispute are Garry’s “ghost ships”, his “butter wouldn’t melt in their ghost mouths” union members, Garry and Helen Kelly’s “ghost truths” and his “ghost union mob” which seems to be shrinking by the day.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Probelm POAL has is guaranteeing the safety of the non nunion labour if and when the BRUVVERS come through the gates again.

  • Light

    Agree Gem and CC.

    A bit off topic but I was fascinated with the term ‘Blackleg’ which appeared in the union poem Cam posted the other day.  I’d never heard of a Blackleg before so I did a bit of research and here it is:

    blackleg – one who continues to work when others are working or who takes over someone else’s job
    origin appears to be an ancient antipathy to the rook or crow because
    of its ravenousness and its feeding off cornfields. ‘Rook’ was initially
    a term of abuse or disapproval and in the 16th century came to mean a
    cheat, anyone who took advantage of others or lived on his wits. As the
    rook is black and has black legs, swindlers/rooks became known as blacklegs;
    it was then natural to use the same term for strike-breakers, who were
    believed to be cheating their fellows. This is the sense that has stuck,
    while the previous ones have disappeared.

    Since we don’t have rooks here perhaps those non-union workers could be called Kiwilegs – keeping the business going?

    From:  http://users.tinyonline.co.uk/gswithenbank/curiousa.htm

  • Phar Lap

    Heard Parsloe on the radio this morning ,even half the lies he was saying wern’t true.I did think if such a small lightweight like that  would resign,the wharfies strike would be over,or even better have never begun.

    • Kneel

      Only half the lies weren’t true?
      Time to keep off the horse tablets PL

      • Phar Lap

        Quite right .Any which way ,a laugh a day.Teeheehee.

  • In Vino Veritas

    I note that David Shearer has come out and said that Key’s complaint to the police regarding the tea tape was a waste of police time. I wonder what he thinks of POAL needing a police presence at the port as security because of the threat the union picketers present? Havent heard anything at all from him about that being a waste of police time and resource. But then hypocrisy is the basis of socialism, so we shouldnt be surprised.

    • Positan

      On its personnel and supporter fronts, Labour has demonstrably less and less with which to work and impress.  Accordingly, Shearer seems to be solidifying his apparent lack of political adequacy with a transparent inability to discern between what might fly media-wise – and what won’t.

  • ConwayCaptain

    If the collective agreement between POAL and MUNZ is well and truly over, why cant POAL just walk away from it and employ whomsoever they want?????

    • Bunswalla

      Because the default agreement if no collective or IEA exists is what’s in the Employment Relations Act. Providing the need for the work is there (which it nominally is now, but won’t be after the redundancies), the employees are still employed on the default conditions in the ERA. They can’t be dismissed but they can be made redundant. This is one of the key points the pathetic MSM has been misleading the public about – saying MUNZ members are seeking to have the “dismissals” ruled illegal. You can’t dismiss someone while they’re taking industrial action, but you can make them redundant.

      • ConwayCaptain

        How do you declare them redundant if there are still jobs there they can do and are so called trained for???

        Can you declare them redundant and then call for people to register as Cargo Marshalling Personnel??

      • Bunswalla

        You make the positions redundant because you’ve decided not to employ any people directly, and that you’re going to employ third party companies to supply their own labour to meet your requirements.

        This is legal and above board, and even Parsloe acknowledged on Q & A that POAL is entitled to do it (he looked like he was swallowing a dead rat at the time).

        Because POAL has not yet implemented the redundancies (they agreed to wait 4 weeks when they went court) then technically the positions still exist. The lack of a collective agreement simply means that the wharfies are employed under the terms of the ERA.

        It’s also worth noting that POAL offered several times, in good faith, to roll over the collective agreement while they negotiated for a new one. This was a generous gesture they made in Septemebr last year, which they didn’t have to do. MUNZ told them to jam it.

  • Random66

    I’m hoping the court decision today affirms the lock out decision as being legal.  I don’t think I could stand watching those union boys crowing if it’s not.

    • Jellyfish

      It would be short lived…

      • Random66

        Well it happened and I’m pissed.  Then to hear Parsloe gloating by saying, ” so this port’s now dead until the 16th of May.”  I’m finding it all abit hard to swallow.  How the hell did the PoA get it so wrong.  I told you guys to dot your i’s and cross your t’s – and you didn’t!!!

  • Parsole aka The Idiot from (where he live again?) seems to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic and 6 beers short of 6 pack.

    POAL has a plan – more to the point some of the more scheming people around here have a plan for POAL as well.

    Time to get the Port back up and running at FULL capacity, trim down the Council holding to half and move it AWAY from the waterfront http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10794402

    So yes Sir, POAL does have a Plan – just a little bit more comprehensive than the bruvvers could comprehend at the moment

    • Emily Place, just around the corner from Fort Street,

  • Doug_S

    Garry (Is that Chinese voices i hear?) Parsloe

    Keep digging Garry, your hole is not nearly deep enough!

  • BJ

    They want compensation for lost wages last week? What a joke. – How about they consider that when their collective agreement expired last year when POAL wanted to have them work for every hour they get paid and yet they continued to pay the workers 40 hr week for only 28 hrs of actual work – I’d say POAL are still in credit for the hours the MUNZ members owe them in Labour.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “In 2011 the Maritime Union will campaign for the re-election of a Labour-led Government supported by coalition partners that share the political goals of our Union.The Maritime Union commits to an active contribution to the election campaign at the branch level.The Maritime Union recognizes the importance of not relying on achieving its goals simply through parliamentary methods, and will continue to use industrial tactics and community campaigns to further the interests of the majority, the working class.” …Quote from an article c dec 2011, title “election 2011, that ran before, during and after the election. Shows this is NOT an industrial dispute but always was a play for political power. Now that it is going pear shaped, they want to start all over again, and call it an industrial dispute.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      yep – and the Labour Party still can’t understand why they struggle for legitimate credibility…

      Not only should the Labour Party and their members be a huge friggin’ joke and ridiculed throughout the land – it seems they think they have some kind of mandate to set themselves up to be running for government – to make laws for the entire country to follow – yet just looking at their bully boy, lazy union comrades and their deliberate threats, lies and falsehoods, should give any decent human being the utmost shame to be associated with them… yet Labour seem proud to be associated with such parasitic low life…

      No wonder Labour will never get back into Parliment as a government.. and than God for that! 

  • ConwayCaptain

    Expensive address for a BRUVVER but just up the road from les dames des nuits.

    • Gazzaw

      Emily Place is a nice quiet no exit inner city street with very nice apartments in the old converted warehouses. Handy for Parsloe because its midway between the Port and the Britomart.

  • Mike Smith

    POAL are positioning themselves for privatisation.  Yes? No?

    • Bafacu


    • Doug_S

      It already is private…it is not an SOE

      • Mike Smith

         Wrong word. I should have written MBO.

    • johnbronkhorst

      That can only be done by the owners…..Auckland Council…..with Lennie at the helm….what are you suggesting!!!

      • Agent BallSack

        Len really did a number on the Left, pretending to be batshit insane like the rest of them, then it turns out he has blue blood pumping through his veins :)

      • Mike Smith

         Error earlier. I am thinking more like MBO. (Hey council, why don’t we take this off your hands?)

  • Swampy

    HAHAHA! LOL! Ghost H&S Comments, The RMTU one of the first unions to refuse to cross a Munz picket line on spurious “Health and Safety” grounds I.e. Sympathy strike.