Dumber than a sack of hammers


Oh dear…how dumb can you get…didn’t they notice all the mud and water and sand?

Three Japanese tourists came unstuck on their planned Australian holiday on Thursday when they abandoned their hire car in Moreton Bay after they tried to “drive” to North Stradbroke Island.

The low tide and a GPS navigation system lured them into the bay at Oyster Point at Cleveland.

A firm gravel surface quickly gave way to the renowned bay mangrove mud and the Hyundai Getz was soon up to its axles, but not before they managed to travel about 500 metres.

Their planned adventure to Straddie ended at 11am and the incoming tide soon forced them to seek help and abandon the vehicle.

By 3pm the car was stranded in two metres of water and the subject of much amusement from onlookers on the shore and passing boat and ferry traffic.

The Tokyo students had wanted to take a day trip to Straddie and believed their GPS unit would be able to guide them there. The GPS forgot to mention the 15 kilometres of water and mud between the mainland and the island.

Yuzu Noda, 21, said she was listening to the GPS and “it told us we could drive down there”.

“It kept saying it would navigate us to a road. We got stuck … there’s lots of mud.”


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  • Adolf Fiinkensein

     Well I must say I have a little sympathy for them.  Not too long ago (in WA, I think) a couple of Koreans drove straight out into the desert because that’s where their GPS told them to go.  They nearly died but for an alert pilot who spotted them.

    Just the other day my own TomTom sent me in the wrong direction, back to Adelaide, when I was only one km from my destination, Hahndorf.    When you are on a road you’ve never driven before, it’s often too late to react and go ‘against the advice’ even when you feel sure you’re right and it’s wrong.

    • Beenthere

      Yeah, but if your driving over a beach towards the sea, wouldn’t you tend to think theres something wrong here…

  • Mong

    jeez you have to be a fucken idiot to blindly follow what the talking box says with no regard for what you can see out the window. Pity they didn’t drown.

  • motorizer

    Your heading is derogatory to Hammers. 

  • Paranormal

    Sounds like the GPS was a few decades out of date.  North Straddie used to be part of the mainland until a shipwreck changed the currents and created an island out of a peninsula…

  • Anonymous Coward

    And we let people like this emigrate here – sums up a lot of what’s wrong with NZ really.

  • Euan Rt

    Just google earthed it. Oyster point is where the car ferry leaves from!