Dumber than a sack of hammers

The left wing are in a frenzy thinking they are going to get a scalp. They are miffed that they couldn’t claim Nick Smith’s after he shot his own feet off. But they are baying for the blood of Judith Collins.

After yesterday’s Labour caucus they came out resolved to smear Collins and immediately started working over the gallery. They even got their lap-bloggers to try and attack me about it all.

There seems to be a great deal of focus on who sent what to whom. However in the house yesterday Judith Collins said in the house that she didn’t leak the email, nor did anyone in her office, and further she said that the Chair of ACC and the CEO have likewise said the same.

Predictably Michelle Boag has something to say and she put on her angry face to do it:

Former National Party president Michelle Boag has angrily dismissed suggestions she leaked the email she sent to ACC Minister Judith Collins about her friend Bronwyn Pullar’s controversial meeting with ACC managers.

She goes on:

She said the email was sent to Ms Collins in the expectation it would not be sent to anyone else.

“When you can’t send a communication to a Government minister without fearing that the privacy of that communication is going to be breached, that’s very, very dangerous.”

Actually Michelle Boag should know better. She should know that any communication with a ministers office in their ministerial capacity is searchable under the OIA. The email as reported by David Fisher was sent tot he ACC minister about an AC claimant, regarding matters pertaining the operations of ACC. Michelle Boag actually used the words “for the sake of your ministry, your board, your CEO“. That absolutely falls under the category of the OIA as she was discussing ACC matters with a minister. Furthermore Michelle Boag appears to have been economical with the truth…again. She says it was sent to Judith Collins only. Judith Collins says otherwise:

Ms Collins said Ms Boag’s email was sent to herself and one staff member.

“I did not send it to anyone else. My staff member sent it to the chief executive of ACC and the chairman of the board, as I requested her to. It was not sent anywhere else.”

Michelle Boag has been around government for long enough to know that such correspondence, to a minister and to a, presumably, ministerial services staff member is searchable under the OIA. There cannot remotely be a privacy issue here as the email is clearly subject to the OIA.

Irrespective of that someone leaked the email to David Fisher before it could be discovered under the OIA. Irrespective of that too is the fact that as David Fisher reported there was the suggestion, confirmed by Boag in the email to the Minister that a deal had been sought to return the confidential data in return for cash and both Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag were upset that the deal wasn’t being adhered to and as a result things were going to be messy for “for the sake of your ministry, your board, your CEO“. Those few words contain a clear threat…a threat that was delivered upon, but which actually managed to cost their friend his job.

What we have here is a apparent attempt to blackmail a department, and when that didn’t work an attempt to threaten a minister into action, like they did with Nick Smith. Sensibly Judith Collins sent the email straight to the ACC.

Laughably though Michelle Boag says she doesn’t wish to lay a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner.

Ms Boag said she was not responsible for the leak. However, she would not lay a complaint.

“I’m a busy girl. I’ve been in Wellington working all day for a living. I don’t have time to dwell all day on these things.

“The ball now is in ACC’s court. I will see what they will do,” Ms Boag said.

I’ll just be she doesn’t want to go down that rabbit hole. SHe is more worried about getting caught up in a blackmail charge or worse following a Police investigation. Little wonder she is working day and night in Wellington to shore up her shrinking business. I’m not sure i’d want someone not very well versed on the OIA to be representing my interests in government relations. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone who has the reverse Midas touch as bad as Michelle Boag to ever come near any business or organisation I had anything to do with.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    So thgis attack on Judith Collins ……is proof that labour haven’t got any workable policies of tehir own????…Maybe we should ask where they keep getting this sensitive information from re the MFAT?…Old cronies in MFAT that owe them a favour for employing these deadbeat and disloyal hacks, when they were in govt.???!!!

  • Blue Tim

    Q: What has John Key & or Goodfellow done to piss off Michelle?  She seems to be doing her level best to disrupt the govt

    • Troy

      I think it is more that Boag has lost a certain amount of power within National ranks and it simply pisses here off – maybe it is that she has a right, because of her very public past with National, to make inroads on everything, topical or not.  She has always been an aggressive vitrolic bitch and its not really her style to back down on anything – I suspect it will be her undoing eventually.

  • Phar Lap

    How about tit for tat.I think it is time to revisit the Darren Hughes coverup. After all the claims the Liebour Party are making regarding the ACC, with  who  did what, when, how.The same questions can be directed to the Nefarious Liebour Party.To sweeten the pot the Time zone for The Darren Hughes coverup and the alleged ACC mismanagement comes under the same umbrella.Now we know Annette King knows the yet to be told full story along with Phil Goff  and Darren Hughes about the strange case of the naked student fleeing from her house.Lets put the blow torch on King and Goff to start with. 

    • Blokeintakapuna

      I can just see Hughes in a Dubya Bush like pose saying “I did not have sexual realations with that boy” then taking up the Nixon chant “I am not a crook”

      Save for a few month’s there should have been police charges or at least an investigation about intoxification of a minor / attempted rape maybe?

      Surely it wasn’t all about a communication mix up with Hughesey asking if he wanted some gingernuts with his cuppa… 

      • johnbronkhorst

        correction for you….”I did ot have sexual relations with that boy”….is an adjustment of a quote by CLINTON, not bush!!

  • Nowt to add – a brilliant piece – well done Cam – Ha ha ha Michelle you cheeky slapper you won’t get more business doing this – it’s not a case of any publicity is good publicity when it has shit smell all over it!!!

  • Liberty


    So who was the Labour Minister?


     Andrew Little: How
    many other privacy breaches is the Minister aware

    of involving a former Minister for ACC writing on behalf of
    a single

    claimant, and a former president of the National Party and

    people being involved in it?


    Hon JUDITH COLLINS: I am not aware of any in those

    circumstances. However, I am aware of a former Minister in

    previous Labour Government releasing confidential





    • Peter Wilson

      Lianne Dalzeil I presume. Something about immigration as I recall.

      They all do it, just the clever ones, like Collins, make sure their “fingerprints are not all over it”, to quote Fran O’Sullivan when she fingered Collins as the leaker.

      Bit of NB required here though. Pretty obvious how it works. Collins would say something subtle to an underling, and so the leak is initiated.

      And as far as Boag is concerned, I’d say she’s dug a hole and has now been offered a way out. Someone high up in National has said to her…”Yes Michelle, we know you’re in the right – that’s why Smith had to go – but pull your head in, this is hurting National.”  And surprise, she is not proceeding with a complaint. One minister sacked for abuse of ministerial powers is probably enough.

      • Your comprehension of the O’Sullivan is as bad as Garry Parsloe’s in reading court minutes

      • Peter WIlson

        I certainly wouldn’t want anyone who has the reverse Midas touch as bad as Michelle Boag

        My history may be a little hazy here, but…..didn’t Michelle bring in Key, and Joyce.? Could be wrong here…..but be careful, she will have her revenge, in this world, or the next.

    • AngryTory

      I believe the phrase you’re after is  “by definition I cannot leak”

    • Ronnie Chow

       Oh great . Now it’s a Haiku Forum . When will you grow up ?

  • Committed

    “There cannot remotely be a privacy issue here as the email is clearly subject to the OIA.”

    Yes, but as you should be aware, privacy considerations are an important factor as to whether records are to be released. If you know anything about how ministries work, you’ll realise they don’t release all documents requested. The privacy of individuals is an important consideration.

  • Agent BallSack

    Schoolyard gossip remains secret longer than anything inside Parliament. 

  • insider

    Interesting Mallard was just asking questions about conenctions with Simon Lusk hours after that happened in a thread in the Standard. But of course we all know the Standard is just a computer with absolutlely no links to the Labour party chief strategist (or is that former chief?) because in fact it is a machine and it actually votes green or mana or Cunliffe.

    • Fozzie

      like we know that wa’il is not the chief insider and promoter of the POAL !!

  • Committed

    And now we learn that Judith Collins printed a copy of the Boag email. But of course the details from the printed email never found their way to the Herald. The best Tui ad I’ve read this year.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Perhaps nicki haggar has been stealing again?

    • Fozzie

      and photocopiers don’t have IP addies !!! that Collins is brilliant !!

  • jay cee

    you wan to go over the darren hughes thing again. so what happened to all the man love towards gays then? or does it only apply to right wing gays?