Face of the Day

Raurangi Marino raped a 5 year old girl. This is what he thinks is cool:

Naaw, you aren’t “the man”….you are a sick coward and I hope prison hurts…a lot. Ten years is not enough, I hope the Crown appeals the sentence.

Just so we know what this guy looks like now her eis his photo from the newspapers:


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  • dad4justice

    Is the sicko boy going to be a maximum security mainstream prisoner?
    I hope so – as “the man” will get hell.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      “the man” will likely be made to be “mummy” and we all know what happens to mummy in prison!

      Now if only we can get the pirates holding PoAL to ransom locked up too – justice will be done!

  • Gazzaw

    Good luck in the shower this morning child rapist. Hope you find out what extensive internal injuries is all about.

  • Pete George

    He may deserve it, but wishing suffering on him won’t solve anything. He’s the product of a terrible unpbringing in a self admitted terrible family. One kid caught and jailed amongst a terrible culture of violence and abuse will not do anything to reduce the chances of similar crimes.

    Heaping hate on the heinous may let off peripheral steam but it does nothing to douse the heat on the boiler.

    • Al Pierpoint

      Best post yet for advocating the return of the death penalty. 

      Do the whole world a favour and simply hang these bastards!

      Problem solved….

      • Pete George

        In many times and many places the death penalty has not solved the problem of crime.

      • Apolonia

        Despite what opponents  of the death penalty claim about its effectiveness, the fact remains,that  there is NO repeat offending when it is used.

  • TBone

    There seems to be this misconception that if you are a child rapist and you go to jail you are going ot get a hard time in there from other inmates. I can assure you that there are so many child rapists and other losers in htere that this is now the norm and this does not occur. Wake up NZ, Jail is an easy ride for these people…they get clothed fed and educated and as much sex (eith each other) as they want. Would seem much better than the life they have now.

    •  Agree – no personal experience but associated with ex-cons when workin’ in the Security industry. Most found life way better to deal with in prison and really difficult outside. This guy is damaged goods and a danger to everyone, that used to be why we put them away.

  • Dr Wang

    Something still doesn’t add up with the 10 year sentence this judge has handed down. How can Judge Phillip Cooper be naiive enough to swallow the bullshit story that has been fed to him – eg 15yr old Raurangi Marino drank 30 beers then went and raped a 5yr old kid?? (show me any adult who can even walk after 30 beers, let alone get it up to rape someone). Why has this been accepted as part of the defence when it is so obviously total crap?

    What is the back-story to explain why the judge has been so gullible and lenient? Something stinks to high heaven about the “justice” that this fool Cooper has delivered.

    • Wychbych

       Alcohol is still a viable defence; we’re in NZ! As for the ‘he had a terrible life’, I grew up on Once Were Warriors street, and walked away from it. It ain’t easy, but hey, nothing worthwhile ever is. It’s a choice to remain and continue to perpetuate this sort of shit.

      It’s risible, the sentence, and defence. I know when I get on the lash, and consume lots of beer, I have never once felt like going out and raping a child. It’s a fault within, and the only therapy I would recommend is my stand on all kidfuckers:

      Bullet therapy. Cheap, 100% effective, zero recidivism.

  • Apolonia

    He could always change his name and become a school teacher!

  • Boss Hogg

    Once again, from me, two words – Singapore Law

    I am with Wychbych.  He pleaded guilty so there is no risk of shooting an innocent – simple.