Face of the Day

She’s back and hogging the headlines.


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  • Darwin

    If you’re going to put up pictures of the Clark Beast before breakfast can you at least use the airbrushed version?

  • motorizer

    thanks. i really needed that first this in the morning.

  • Si Carson


    • starboard

      gawd…she sends a shuuder through my spine. She should be haunting houses.

  • Travdog

    Just coughed my latte up on my lap, thank fuck I hadn’t started driving.

    • Hakim of phut

      Look at you …latte … nek minite…wheres my theatre

      • Travdog

        Look at you….no actually flag that.

        I pity every fool that still walks around saying “nek minnit”.

  • Troy

    Always astounds those that have gawd awful knashers and that are also dirty rich (and this bitch is) don’t have the guts to go to a dentist to sort it out…. yccch!

    • Doug_S

      She has a gob full of rusty cold chisels…

  • Peter WIlson

    I prefer the version Brash put up.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yee Gods!
    That face will help all the premature ejaculators out there – instead of thinking of their nana in the shower to bring them back from the brink – just pin this pic to ya head board… problem solved.

    Now ya just need a viagra prescription to get it up again!


  • Greg M

    I was trying to eat my weeties FFS, take it away.

  • Kosh103

    Go Helen! Scare the living shit out of the right wing.

    • Gold

      She’s just so hideous we can’t help but be scared. Hopefully she’s getting lots of UN-groupie pussy while she’s there though.

    • Super_Guest

      We’re not scared, we’re angry at her for taking our money and giving it to losers.

      • Hakim of phut

        Funny how English is spending much more than  Clark and Cullen, and is doing it with borrowed money

      • Gold

         And doing it despite slashing spending. Could it be that Labour’s old fiscal model was unaffordable, during a recession Labour caused? Well, of course it is.

      • Gazzaw

        Yes HoP, paying for Cullen’s re-election bribes. That two-faced little turd should be shot for espionage.

      • Super_Guest

        @ HoP. Every government is always going to spend “more” you muppet. It’s called inflation. But when you add in Cullen’s corrupt actions hiding the billion dollar ACC loss suddenly their “restraint” doesn’t look so perfect. The other mysterious thing is the fact that the tax cuts cost 3 billion, but we were still left with a 6 billion dollar shortfall from Labour when National took the books over. Amazing how bad causing a recession can be for the treasury.

      • Hakim of phut

        The ACC has never spend a cent more than its income …ever. 

        Its cash surplus ..every year is over half a billion…every year
         So this talk of ACC ‘loss’ is rubbish.

        WE are only into FEB and the Nationals got ‘half a billion’ cash shortfall from when the  books were opened before the election.  Thats cash  from tax shortfall not creative accounting from  Mr Guessitimate English.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Just think that if she came back to live in NZ any leader of the Labour Party would have to be careful of “L’eminence gris” in the background.

  • Phar Lap

    To think here is the face of an ex NZ Prime Minister,who once lobbied for young women to sell their bodies all over NZ.It is called prostitution.Seems by all reports it has and is causing more problems than it was meant to solve.Even today i am still wondering why Clark ever got involved in such a sticky business.

    • Bloketinakapuna

      because the Labour Party enjoyed fucking over the populace of NZ – well the tax paying populace – and since they also have many, many fucktards prostituting the wealth and health of future NZer’s, they thought they really should make prostitution legal – especially since they were screwing us up the botty with their tax policies – without even a kiss or a hug – just more taxes.

  • allanspear

    Nothing to worry about guys, this morning she said that she won’t involve herself in local politics, because she is above that now. She has “elevated herself to the stratosphere of the UN”. Good grief, talk about arrogance!

    • Gazzaw

      She further said that she would not be back permanently in NZ anytime soon. There is a god after all.

      • Hakim of phut

        The National party has enough hexen of its own

      • Gazzaw

        None that require you to carry a wooden stake and a bunch of garlic for your personal protection.

  • ConwayCaptain

    When Ban ki Moon comes to the end of his 2nd term bet you a pound to a pinch of the brown stuff that she will apply for the job as Top Bitch and she will get it.

    • Gold

      UN likes its socialists.

    • Kosh103

      It would be fantastic to have one of NZs most successful PMs as head of the UN.


        Is that the UN(ugly nags),

      • mps

        sucessfully lead us into a recession 6 months before the GFC – thats leadership

      • Super_Guest

        Are you kidding, she can’t tax the UN, then again knowing her megalomania she’d definitely try. And I doubt they’d want someone who mismanages economies into recession as their big boss. That’s something the left don’t realise, that we’d have been in recession even if the world economy hadn’t collapsed thanks to Comrade Clark’s inept stewardship.

      • starboard

        ..and a homosexual to boot eh Kosh…what more could you ask for.

      • Steve (North Shore)

        You are ‘Spud’ from that red rag that posts once every two days, Kosh.
        The only thing we wait for is the stupid smileys :) :) :)
        When you leaving Uni and getting a job? or are you waiting for Auntie Helen to roll out the Red Carpet for you?
        If Helen is successful why did she resign on Election Night? and Cullen.
        They could have gone into Opposition but no, they dropped the hot potato and blamed everyone except themselves.
        Why don’t you fuck off and join United Nations Kosh? Have not found a Troughing job yet that will pay for your career?

    • Bloketinakapuna

      the only good thing about that is she will stay away from NZ – so that kinda has to be a good thing really…

      Except think of the damage her philosophies and propaganda will spread throughout the world… Strewth!

      • Gazzaw

        You mean H2’s philosophies & propaganda don’t you?

    • @BoJangles

       One better (again) than Mike Moore

  • i was quite encouraged by her optimisim around what she thinks the upcoming rio (?)-conference will achieve..

    ..given clarks’ long habit of talking down/dampening…

    ..(and of ensuring ducks are all in a row..before she moves on anything..)

    ..i am picking she is reading/feeling the winds of some serious change..

    ..and some unified global-action..

    ..it may be that clarks’ best work is still ahead of her…

    ..(‘the boy’ and i did a scathing look back (in cartoon form) at her record on poverty..a couple of weeks ago..

    ..so there is no way i am looking at her thru rose-coloured glasses..)

    [email protected]


    Reminds me of that song”who let the dogs out”. Least we know she has not had work done since she left.

  • Boss Hogg

    Face of the day?  No, that is a mask.  The beast hides behind it………….

  • dad4justice

    Oh no!!! I just threw me CD can at my cat. That terrible witch does that to me Peter!

  • Kosh103

    Look at all the spite and nasty from the right. It is bloody funny to watch them all jump and panic when one of NZs greatest PMs pops back for a visit.

    • Greg M

       I actually think she was a good PM, Shame she was working for the fucktards.

      I would still like to see Dr Brash giving her one up the wrong ‘un, that might sort her out. :-)

  • purevillanry

    Nek Minnit…

  • jay cee

    all this bitter and twisted vitriol aimed at the woman who beat shipley,english and brash, not a bad record eh? p.m. for 9 great years i don’t recall her ever saying “we’ll just muddle through”  either.