Face of the Day

Garry Parsloe is fast becoming the Arthur Scargill of New Zealand.

He promised New Zealand that not a single ship would be unloaded at Ports of Auckland. So far three ships have arrived since he said that and three ships were worked. A fourth ship will be worked today.

His union has initiated secondary strike action around the country and has lost two court battles because the Maritime union and Garry Parlsoe haven’t done their homework on industrial relations law. His union are law breakers, bullies, racist, sexist and about to become extinct.

Arthur Scargill oversaw the destruction of the Coalminers Union and Garry Parsloe is seeing the destruction of the Maritime Union.

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  • titanuranus

    Maybe the union members could stump up with some money to buy him some teeth,as a going away present,instead of a gold watch.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Now POAL doesnt just have to fight Parsloe but all the NIMBYs that dont want a port as it will interfere with their view or sailing.

    Dont these imbecikles, mainly people on high incomes to whom it wouldnt really matter if their latte was 50c dearer, that POAL supports in excess of 1 billion of economic activity in Akl and that shipping boxes in from TGA or P Point will add to costs.

    The Dport NIMBYS who went on and on about the Masonic Pub didnt hold their meetings there they held them at the Yacht Club as the wine was cheaper!!!!

    • Rockfield


      I am one of those yachties who you are indirectly having a go at …

      I have no problems with expansion at POAL, as long as it is on an East/West tangent.  North/South, I completely disagree with, as it will eventually render the harbour and upper harbour into a tidal lagoon status.

      East/West, you wait until they get out near Paratai Drive, then listen to the crescendo of maoning and gnashing teeth.  It will make the Flat Earth Society of Devonport seem quite sane and rational.


      • Quintin Hogg

        I’m a sailor as well.
        Part of the impact Auckland has on tourists is the Waitemata.  A legitmate concern of sailors and others is the effect the Fergusson extensions will have on the amenity the harbour provides to all of it’s users
        The Fergusson extensions have and will create significant tidal streams that will affect all marine activity. On occasions motoring into the current at Fergusson is like hitting a wall. 
        Any further extension NS will simply worsen the situation.
        I would be reluctantly content with filling in the wharfs along the line of the present northern limits of the bledisloe terminal to Ferguson as that would be within the ports current foot print.

      • ConwayCaptain

        When containerisation was bought in and Akl had to build a terminal the Pilots wanted the wharf to be built E/W so that they could handle the ships into the prevailing winds and currents.

        The AHB in its wisdom built Fergusson on a N/S line and the port has been lumbered with this ever since.  The practical way of course would be to somehow extend the terminal along the E/W axis.

        The Devonport Flat Earth Society!!!!  I like that one.

  • Ciaron_A

    Shucks, I’m all nostalgic about trying to play the Fergusson back-eddys in my E5.9 days…

  • ConwayCaptain

    Now they will all get redundancies unless the POAL says that they havent been to work and therefore we needed to employ different labour!!!

    Bet Parsloe has a good deal with MUNZ

  • titanuranus

    And this won`t happen cos` it makes too much sense,