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  • Gazzaw

    God bless Jock. What a wonderful man.

    I could not help observing in Pravda this morning under the main headline “Jock Hobbs Critically Ill” that the journalist, one Michael Dickison could not help himself putting in a swift kick to the goolies in summarising Jock’s life by mentioning that Jock Hobbs had & I quote ” In 2008, Strategic Finance, of which Jock Hobbs was director and once been CEO, collapsed and owed $542 million to 13,000 investors.” Only a tiny mention of Hobbs highly successful career as an All Black & AB captain. There’s a time and a place Michael but I also blame the Australian based subbies for their ignorance.    

  • Grizz30

    Why can you not use abetter photo of jock like when he was well. A photo from his playing days or when he “saved” rugby from going to the circus dogs.

  • Mark

    Poor bugger. A true legend on and off the pitch.


    Great man,God bless ya mate.

  • politically unstable

    He has been monumental for the sport of Rugby. I can’t help but think that the stress of the Strategic Finance downfall has played a part in his illness.

    If it wasn’t for his concussions he would have been a member of the 1987 RWC team as well…

    Unfortunately we all have to take the good with the bad. Directors and Chairmen of other failed Finance companies are under scrutiny in the courts and no doubt if FMA has any evidence they will take action against the other directors of Strategic. Have not heard much about strategic lately though.


    • Gazzaw

      Right now I think it’s far more appropriate to think of his devastating play on the field, his elation at winning the rights for NZ to hold the RWC and his appearance with McCaw at the event itself. Everything else is irrelevant right now. 

      • politically unstable

         When I think of Hobbs, that is exactly as I see it…his rugby and what he has achieved right up to the end of the 2011 RWC. Don’t get me wrong…none of us have an unblemished history (surely?)….

        Its obviously very bad news being back in hospital and I hope his son Michael is back soon from SA to be with his father and family in such a time.

  • Yet another – Oh he was the greatest thing since sliced bread load of nonsense. “In 2008, Strategic Finance, of which Jock Hobbs was director and once been CEO, collapsed and owed $542 million to 13,000 investors”. Let’s just say he was a great rugby player and leave it at that Eh?

  • ConwayCaptain

    After quoting a bit from Julius Caesar on another place on this site I will continue in the same vein

    The evil that men do lives after them, the good they do is often interred with their bones

  • Agree with that comment Conway – well put…

  • Adybombs

    Jock Hobbs stood down as CEO at Strategic because of his Rugby Union commitments a long time before the shit hit the fan with both the company and his health, he also sold out of it well before it fell. The Companies Office website is down so I can’t check the exact dates but there was a decent gap between his exit from Strategic and Strategic’s exit