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Our future King:


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  • Troy

    Future King?  Maybe, but not if Godzilla is upped as a Queen.  William would be far more worthy, relevant and respected than Charles ever will be.

  • Pete George

    Comic book king. There’s no point hoping for a modern media celebrity jumping the queue.

    Those who like Woman’s Weekly can keep looking at the pictures, but we should seriously look at being our own political masters.

  • Guest

    “Dukakis in the tank”, and a far cry from Harry and Wills doing actual military work.

  • ConwayCaptain

    WO What’s the gun????  and what are all those ribbons for???  Andrew and William and Harry have seen action.

    • Doug_S

      It’s a Paintball gun CC. There in lies the irony.

  • ConwayCaptain

    If you look at the Royal Family of the 20th century KGV served in the RN, KEV111 served in the army on the staff in WW 1 and his brother later KGV1 served in HMS Collingwood at Jutland.

    QE11 served in the ATS during WW2 and her husband Prince Philip was MiDed as a Midshipman in HMS Valiant at Matapan ended up as 1st Lt of a destroyer at a v young age. (FYI 1st Lt in the Royal Navies is a position as 2nd in command up to destroyer/frigate and then usually 3rd in command cruisers and above and not a rank)

    Prince Andrew served as a front line chopper pilot during the Falklands,  William is a SAR pilot which is not a sinecure posn by any means.  His brother has and will serve in Afghanistan.

    How many other Heads of State have a family record like that and have sons/grandsons serving in front line posns.

    GWB was in the Air National Guard so he didnt hav to serve in Vietnam!!!

    BTW I beleive that NZ should become a Republic in due time but the record of service in the military of QE11 and her family is second to none.

    • Bunswalla

      Thanks for the info CC. Head spinning with too many acronyms!

      • Sarrs

        Google got a proper work out from me trying to figure out what they all were!

    • ConwayCaptain

      OK TRanslation KGV King George Fifth, KEV11 King Edsward thth, KGV1 King Gerorge 6th, QE11 present QWueen.

      MiDed Mention in Despatches, 1st Lieut First Lieutenant, SAR Search and Rescue. ATS became the WRAC (Wpomens Royal Army Corps)

      Battle of Matapan was wehn ABC (Andrew Browne Cunningham) defeated the Italian Fleet.  Valiant was part of the Battle line that came across 3 Italian Cruisers Zara, Pola, Fiume and sank them with a close range broadside.

      GWB George Bush last pres of the US (POTUS)

      BTW By The Way

  • Greg M

    ” Oh crumbs! I thought it was a speed camera but I think I may have shot the chap”