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  • Scanner

    “Yeah, kingsize that order, and don’t fuck around, you know droping towelheads makes me hungry.”

  • Blokeintakapuna

    “More amo – these MUNZ fuckers won’t leave the port – even after being made redundant!”

    • jackwhite

      take a headshot its that blokeintakapuna,id shoot him in the balls but sarge……he has none??

  • Caleb

    “but sir, if i shoot back, i could be subjected to a lengthy investigation, made a scapegoat and court martialed.”

  • Bunswalla

    “URE!!!! You’r e a fucking soldier, and this is war! Now lift that rifle and start shooting, you pussy!”

  • Brian Smaller

    Sarge, what are the ROE again for an enemy combatant firing from behind women and children?

  • arekaywhy


  • Jester

    “yeah I know know I’m firing on our own guys! That’s just how us Northeys roll.”

  • Blokeintakapuna

    ” I don’t fuckin’ care what NZ thinks – we are a Union and we’ll do the dirty work of our Comrades in the Labour Party – now everyone, keep holding this Port to ransom or we’ll keep holding you to ransom and not let you have a secret ballot. Here comes Shearer & Brown now… Ready…. Aim…”

  • johnopkb

    Wrist and shoulder only please, he’s only stabbing people, not shooting them

  • Kiwidon

    call in the B52’s

    • Richard B.

      And he sings….

      If you see a faded sign on the side of the road that says 15 miles to the …….
      Love Shack….

      Love shack, baby, love shack
      Love shack, baby, love shack

  • hoha

    Hold on sarge your saying that’s not Kony and his child soldiers. Its MUNZ ?

  • Gazzaw

    Hey sarge, we could be in big trouble here. They look like they could from the Urewera terror training school!

    • hoha

      hahahaha too funny

  • hoha

    Soldier: So sarge is it true that president Parsloe started this war?
    Sarge:  Yes corporal it is.
    Soldier: Is it also true that general Kelly’s lie’s are keeping us here fighting for a lost cause.
    Sarge: Watch your tone soldier. General Kelly is just stretching the truth for the cause, and hoping we will win with the” pause”.

    Tune into radio Rhema on Monday morning to find out the riveting conclusion of this story.  

    Soldier: But sarge aren’t they being sued by president Kelly?