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  • Hon. Dr. Nick Smith. The face that launched a thousand council amalgamations (I hope).

  • lilgame_0007

    typical white rich man. send free text messages at textme4free.com

  • Cricklewood

    Why amalgamate? My council owes fuck all, the neighbouring  ones have borrowed shit loads.  Why the fuck would I want a piece of that? Rate rises to pay for some other pinko councils borrow and spend bullshit, Reap what they sow I say if they’ve fucked it they can pay I shouldn’t have to…..

  • Stroker08

    A face only Jim Henson could have concieved.

  • pidge

    It’s Mad-Eye Moony!

  • Roger

     At last my council will hopefully have to stop producing endless reports that no one actually ever reads planning for ten years in the future! We get NO services for our rates-only a poorly maintained gravel road-no sewage, no water and no rubbish collection….. oh yes -the mayor says we get democracy!

  • kehua

    The face of man made climate change. Fuck him.

    • johnbronkhorst

      touchy touchy…what did date your sister in previous life or something???..IDIOT!!!

  • parorchestia

    I would have been more impressed if Smith had addressed the unfairness of the rating system for raising revenue.   Sharing GST revenue is far better and much fairer. But governments don’t like giving away revenue or power. 

  • johnbronkhorst

    The face that launched a thousand…quips…sorry nick, couldn’t resist!! Keep putting preasure on the councils, mine bought 4 decorative “pin wheel” wind mills at the south end of Avalon park, and still put the rates up!!!….I’m mad as hell about that kind of rediculous spending of MY rates!! Who do they think they are Helen Clarke or something????

    • Cricklewood

      That’s not the half of it…. if you knew how much they pay for some of there contracting work compared to other places your eyes would water… I’ve seen accepted quotes where they have been paying as much as $175m3 of topsoil… Trade price$50-60…
       That and one of their paid ‘consultants’ is an employee of one of the companies providing services…

  • Positan

    Some of the comments here are so irrelevantly vacuous I can only assume that Red Blert and Standard have lost valued contributors.  Mental derangement is one thing – but nasty, overblown vacuity never provides an alternative to reasoned debate.  If there’s a problem – spell it out!

    Lay off Smith – he’s one of the most up-front, capable and accomplishing ministers we’ve got.  So he doesn’t get it right every time – who does. Consider what alternative contrasts to his performance actually lie on the other side of the House.

    • Gazzaw

      Have to agree Positan. I am totally at odds with him on global warming but his presence keeps the ‘green’ Nats happy and supporting the cause which is essential with MMP. He’s one shrewd polly although the jury is out on the ACC issue. He’s popular with his electorate and has bagged Nelson for the Nats eight times in a row. Not bad for a 47 year old. He’s got a real PhD from Cantab, in Civil Engineering so one can assume that he’s a bright bastard. I have seen him in action twice at Nelson airport while waiting for delayed flights – no Koru lounge for Smith, he’s out in the cafe talking to the locals. He’s a bit of an enigma but I reckon he’s doing an OK job for the Nats.   

  • Roland S

    Just read his letter to support Bronwyn Pullar what a foolish thing to do, he should never have sent any letter but if he had to he should have ended it after the second paragraph.  Sad, bad judgement. He was surely suckered… and it’s going to get a lot worse.

  • hoha

    “I did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinski”

  • Roccoco

    Back in the day 1990-94  when he was running for local MP in nelson people used to de face his signs with a clever english word play:
    Nick Smith became “Nick’s Myth”

    • Positan

      Does it really need to be asked?  Surely the “defacers” weren’t Labour’s cretinous examples of bumbleheaded humanity?

    • johnbronkhorst

      All this “Cleverness”……Didn’t change a thing…he is still their MP and they are still unknown fools, who’s only skill appears to be the half arsed attempt at humour and the use of a paint brush!