Face of the Day

Michelle Boag told David Fisher that:

“I am a supporter of this Government and I also call [former ACC minister] Nick Smith a friend. I don’t want him embarrassed. I have friends on the ACC board. I do not want them embarrassed.”

Nick Smith has now had to resign in disgrace. Was this the type of embarrassment she was referring to?

If this is what friends and supporters do then I don’t think eiother Nick Smith or the National Party want a bar of her:


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  • davewin

    One wouldn’t need an enemy!

  • Nelsonhardy

    The greatest thing about the far right, is that they always eventually eat their own!

  • Troy

    She’s of the same ilk as Fenton, only difference is she is more of a snake in the grass – i’d trust Boag about as much as I trust the intelligence of our court judges.

  • ConwayCaptain

    as popular as a pok chop in a synagogue or a pork pie in a mosque.

    They will be saying “Out Black Spot, out I say in Nat Party circles.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Was she the subject of the news article on the patient unhappy with the facelfit?

    Theres the answer to your “Let Us Decide” post WO.

  • Deep blue

    Nasty Nasty Nasty woman. Her new business partners Cedric Allen and Andrew Pirie must be absolutely spewing about having just launched their new PR company and being completely fucked over by one of their business partners. 

    Just imaging rocking up to Parliament with a client and saying you’re from Boag, Allen, Pirie. Yeah like that’s going to open doors and have a warm welcome.

    Well done Michelle, you’ve fucked on the Party and its Ministers in such an enormous way that you won’t be forgotten.


    • Whoopsy

      Nobody trusts the woman anyway, she is well known and will now be even more avoided.  Poor Cedric and Andrew should have researched the market a little more carefully one thinks – before launching a business venture with her at the helm..

  • Roscoe

    I am surprised that Michelle Boag has managed to get away
    with her antics and appallingly deceptive behaviour for so long – surely all politicians
    know to avoid her like the plague?  Even
    the media ridicule her there days – this is not a very complimentary photograph
    but it does depict the “type” very well – add Felicity Price in there
    as well. . Hard arsed, aged and lined, tight grimaced mouth and definitely
    very, very dangerous with a “Mess with me at your own risk” attitude!.

  • Gazzaw

    It’s over to Boag now to do her new business partners a big favour & RESIGN from the business with immediate effect. That business’ integrity is totally fucked while she is still there.

    • Roland S

      She will not resign because she will be convinced that she has done no wrong – they will need to wait until they are facing ruin until they bundle her up and biff her out!

  • Felicity

    She looks more like Silvio Berlusconi by the day.

    • mihalku

      Sorry, no. Berlusconi actually looks human and smiles.

  • Evan Johnson

    Oh, and she says she has “FRIENDS” on the ACC Board  –  did Michelle Boag also have a conflict of interest in being a suport person for Bronwyn?

  • Evan Johnson

    Michelle Boag has a face that could sink a thousand ships, for sure!

    BTW Browyn Pullar pursuing ACC for a decade – yet do we read in the NZ Herald today of lots of marketing roles with gold chip companies, right up to the present?  

    ”  She now works in branding and marketing and has previously been a brand manager at Zespri, a brand consultant at Frucor Beverages and a consultant at Carter Holt Harvey.  “Does this femme fatale have a great case for the ACC? Or is she someone a bit like Nick Smith, inclined to be obsessive?http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10793724

  • Mihalku

    What’s that saying about a bulldog that has swallowed a wasp………?

    • Richard B.

      Did you mean the other saying…
      ‘Looks like a bulldog eating custard”

      Oh no, thats right, that refers to another part of the anatomy.

  • God has she aged – 1976 is long ago now – for all of us Michelle.

  • Ghostofsirrob

    needs panelbeating

  • davcav

    I think even Helen’s make-up artist would have problems here…

  • jay cee

    thats right, at least helen had some firm facial skin to work with