Face of the Day

I’m pretty sure that the ATM scamster is Trevor Mallard based on this photo released by the Police:


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  • Allanspear

    LOL. that was my first thought too!

  • Apolonia

    He does have “form” with Trade-me.

  • Taxpayer

    Ha ha so true…….

  • AzaleaB

    OMG – I said the same thing to Mr B last night when I saw this on the news. My comment was ” Trevor has moved from spammer(Red Alert), to scammer ( Trade-me) to skimmer.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      He’s not that tallented is he? He does belong to the Labour Party remember…

      • AzaleaB

        Good point.

  • Joes

    Has Trev been reported to the police yet? Might have to call their tip line.

  • Funny how our libel laws work isn’t it….?

    • Fergus

      No neil…..you just need to tell the truth….A mystery to most labour supporters and ALL of their caucus!!!

  • Rbob201

    Classic. That was the very first thing I thought when I saw the pic also.