Fact checking Helen Kelly

Helen Kelly likes to lie and threaten, she did it with the Hobbit and now she has done with the Ports strike.

Last night Helen Kelly went after Port of Tauranga on Close Up claiming it was an unsafe place to work. MUNZ are trouble making to try and discredit POT so that they don’t end up with POT taking the lion’s share of the work after this big fight is over. They know RMTU is the strong union in POT not MUNZ and they would lose control.

However Helen “cry me a river” Kelly is claiming 3 people have died at POT recently. Let me put the record straight. People have also died at other ports around the country during the same period and on rail and she is not mentioning those ports or the rail industry.

One wants to be most sensitive here because lives were lost and families horribly affected by these accidents. But let’s look at these 3 deaths:

  1. About 10 years ago a man was killed on POT Sulphur Point Wharf when he was struck and crushed by a hoist with a container on. Both people involved were NZL staff and were not part of Port of Tauranga’s own container terminal operations.
  2. The second death which happened in the last couple of years was a very experienced stevedore who was struck by a hoist carrying breakbulk cargo on Mount Maunganui wharf – not at the Port’s container terminal at Sulphur Point. The investigation into this death concluded that all safety measures had been taken by all concerned. It was a terrible and tragic circumstance of someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  3. And the most recent death last year, was a Fulton Hogan worker who was struck and crushed by a Fulton Hogan machine whilst doing work at the port. This man was not a port employee doing stevedoring or straddle driving, and neither MUNZ nor Helen Kelly got involved in the incident.

None of this makes any of these death’s any less important but Ms Kelly is using these people who have living family members to try to promote the MUNZ cause just as she uses children.

Helen Kelly – do you even know what a fact is?

Here’s the dictionary definition:

Fact [fakt] noun

Something that actually exists; reality; truth: Your fears have no basis in fact.


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  • Sarrs

    The amount of spin in this saga is making me giddy. 

  • jonno1

    I watched that interview and was horrified that Helen Kelly could be so unbelievably insensitive in a desperate attempt to score a point. Talk about nasty! I was gratified that Phil O’Reilly didn’t respond. My second thought was to wonder how relevant her claim was, so thank you WO for clearing that up.

  • politically unstable

    Incident 1… the poor guy was on a cellphone at the time, and a forklift came and picked up a container and continued to drive forwards (the guy on cell[hone was in front of the container).  A witness who was driving a stradle crane at the time (so rather high up in the air etc) was unable to alert either of the people involved and still has nightmares.

    Incident 2. Two companies (in spite of the findings) were fined for the event, and POT was not one of the companies.

    I was not around for the third incident.

    None of the incidents has anything to do with casualisation.

  • PeterS

    Yup, MUNZ will be going hard out to discredit Port of Tauranga now.  This is the second signal they’ve given with the first being the front page news in the Bay of Plenty Times, and the secondary coverage by NZ Herald that one anonymous MUNZ worker was afraid to speak out that his work place was unsafe.  Perhaps he was worried he might sprain his wrist trying to prise his wallet open to pay his MUNZ fees. 

    Did you know MUNZ doesn’t charge a flat weekly rate to its members?  It takes a percentage of their wage.  So the more you earn, the more they earn.  I’m surprised it’s members don’t quit to give themselves an extra $30 a week in the hand.  Still, $30 is probably pittance if you earn $91K.  On my $45K annual wage I still think of myself as being flush if I’ve got $30 in my wallet.

  • Jess

    Helen, Helen
    Besmirch thy name
    Cover yourself in factless shame

  • politically unstable

    Helen Kelly would be one of the more articulate liars I have listened to. When she is finished with CTU she can go sell ice blocks to the Eskimo’s.

  • Rockyr

    No doubt the walrus will set the record straight tonight.

  • Hakim of phut

    So NZL which is a contractor   for portside operations at Tauranga isnt  counted ( crushed by a hoist ) ?
    And the next one is a port worker but not at the container terminal, is not counted either

    Pesky facts  trying to be airbrushed out

    • Euan Rt

      What a “dumb phut” you are. Yes these are facts, no they have been raised here and are not being airbrushed. No POT is not a more unsafe workplace although there have been three tragedies over the past 10 years. To use those 3 deaths to paint a picture of a non safe work place is diabolical and pathetic.

    • politically unstable


      Second one was not a port worker either….and nor was the third…

      No-one is hiding the facts…..

      You are just showing a poor understanding of how the port was structured in those days.

      In terms of labour, its staff force only worked on the boats at the Container Terminal. They (POT)  were never involved in conventional stevedoring -(I presume you understand the difference).

      They do now have a shareholding in a companies that provide conventional stevedoring (and other services) in a number of ports around NZ.

      But of course you know all this.

    • politically unstable

       And by the way, those Contracting Companies are NOT contracted to POT. But of course, you know all that as well….

    • Biker

       No.  Join Helen Kelly in taking facts from the air in your head.

      NZL ran it’s own terminal operations with it’s own machinery and labour on Sulphur Point at the time of the accident.  The only connection they had to the Port was that they leased the land from from them.  They were an independent operation, working their own ships with their own stevedores and their own drivers.

      • Hakim of phut

        So they are port workers !

      • Biker

        Phut or should I say Phool,

        I’ll get this reply in quickly before they take you away to process your brain for cottage cheese….

        Are you so stupid as to believe that different companies who all work in the same area or building all have the same Health and Safety standards?  That they all manage their staff and resources the same way? 

  • Blokeintakapuna

    For MUNZ / Unions / Labour Party to continue wiht deliberate lies and exploit innocent children to push their agenda is beyond dispicable.

    Is there some legal type out there that bring press charges of “exploitation of a minor in a workplace” or something similar?

    Low is low – but these renta-thugs really do give parasites a bad name! 

  • David

    I know it’s a dumb question but why the hell isn’t Kelly called out by the MSM on using the tragic circumstances for her own ends when she is not even right about the circumstances.
    Let’s face it that joker from the employers group lost his job over periods and time off, Henry was run out of town over facial hair, Moore is supposed to resign for going to a function with tobacco sponsorship….the list goes on and on but it’s fine for Kelly to use someone’s unfortunate death because they happened to work close to a non unionized port.

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    Good call Whale – she should get fact

  • ConwayCaptain


    Having been 12 years as Mate of a ship and intinmately involved with the planning of loading and handling of cargo covering:

    Break Bulk Loading




    Bulk ie Grain, Pencil Pitch, Alumina etc

    When you are on a wharf you have ears and eyes for EVERYTHING.  Anyone that wanders rounmd with ear phones in their lugs or anything else that blocks the senses needs thier heads read.

    Tghere is a saying from the old seafarers “one hand for yourself and one for the ship” and that holds good today and that also means eyes and ears.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

       Captain, I thought the wharfies motto was “one for yourself and one for the ship”.

  • Phar Lap

    She is part of the gang of Five”.Loosey” Lawless,”Sniffling”Bradford”,Raunchy” Malcolm .”Froggy”
    Turei, and herself “Hellfire” Kelly, all known as manifest liars.The so called independent media panders to them, like a bunch of well trained sycophant seals.They work on the logic of not letting the truth get in the way of a good lay, or is it a good lie.

    • Hakim of phut

      O RLY