Factions battle in China

A friend of mine with and eye for Foreign affairs comments on the fall from grace of Bo Xlai:

The mystery of China baffles everybody. The analysis that Bo Xlai is running a Maoist resurgence could not be further from the truth. Yet every analyst appears to have bought into it. It clearly suits the Chinese politburo to proliferate that belief as if they’re holding the line against a new Mao. In fact, Bo Xlai is far too Western friendly and has a track record, particularly in Dalian city of progressing, liberalising and opening up to foreign investment. He was deliberately placed in Chongqing in the hope his liberalising tendencies would be buried by the challenges of cleaning up China’s largest city. The Communists wanted to neutralise him, but he showed his talent by being far too successful. The spotlight he thrust on corruption proved a huge embarrassment to the Chinese leadership and a manufactured corruption crisis was used to bring him down. Make no mistake, the real Maoists maintain power.

You won’t see much of this reported in NZ, it is far too complicated for media more concerned with whether or not John Key took a helicopter ride.

For context though you need to understand that that there is an internal wrestling match for power in China, which in now widely understood. Hu Jintao last week made an unprecedented statement which was a shot across the bows of Bo. They never speak publicly so they see this as a massive threat. Bo clearly didn;t take the hint and so they have moved against him.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    China is no more communist now that the USA.  It is a one party state and the party wants to hold on to power and anyone who rocks the boat is out.

    Look at the number of Little Princelings who are mega wealthy because their father was in tyhe Politburo before them

    Eventually the whole edifice wikk crumble.  The PRC spends more money on INTERNAL security than it does on Defence.

    Eventually the people will demand more freedom etc especially as the growth is falling.  China has a HUGE housing bubble and also a rapidly ageing population and the one child sytem means that there are no uncles, aunties,cousins as a support network and this in a race that prides itself on family

  • Gazzaw

    Cameron, name me a journalist in NZ who has anything more than a very basic understanding of Asian politics never mind Chinese politics. It really is a sad reflection on the state of NZ journalism and its descent into lightweight tabloid frippery. 

  • Finally someone else out there trawling international media around the world to draw their own analysis of what is going on – you can’t rely on dumb media to help these days you have to do your own digging and hopefully get some consensus from comparing the many to gain a whole – it’s hard work but obviously your friend – and certainly I do enjoy the challenge. Gazzaw love your choice of words – regrettably it’s not limited to NZ journalism.

    • Gazzaw

      Neil, about eight years ago I spent my first lengthy business stay in the US (about 4 weeks) and it was there that I developed an interest in actively pursuing news & current affairs on line. Prior to that I had spent long periods in Asia and regularly read some of their excellent newspapers such as the Singapore Straits Times & the South China Post. The first time that I experienced CNN was in Hong Kong in 1991 – the first Gulf War had just started & there I was in Hong Kong watching footage that was truly amazing for its time.

      I only read and watch NZ media for local coverage which is a shame as it would be great to have some intelligent local analysis of international events.      

  • Whafe

    One would think that journalists in NZ would begin to gain an understanding in the big China, hey it is said that they are going to be the next big thing for NZ…..

    To complicated, easier to fill the population with diatribe and bullshit…