Feel like eating beaver?


The Finns eat Bear…but what about eating a bit of beaver?

On our last hunt in Wisconsin, Steve and Wildlife Biologist Karl Malcolm threw down some traps and pulled a beaver out of a local stream.  We ate the hams in the field and the hide will be made into a pillow, but the tail had a date with some serious cooking.  Chefs-in-training at the International Culinary Center in New York City have been looking to get their hands on a beaver tail for a while, and we were happy to supply one.  Here are some pics of the beaver in the field, in the pan, and on the table. –Dan Doty


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  • sthnjeff

    mmmmmmm Beaver !!!

  • Kosh103

    Not too sure about the tail. Be a bit tough I would say. The meat would be ok thou.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Beaver tail.. what a catch!

  • Scanner

    Aha Beaver one of my favorite snacks, especially the Brazilian Beaver, as the famous Frosty Boy ad says “Often Licked – Never Beaten”


    Hunters 1,tampon ad beaver, zero.Eat that beaver.

  • Richard B.

    Classic scene from the movie ‘Flying High’
    “Nice Beaver”

  • Macca

    What are the other two animals? They look like big rats to me

    • Joe bloggs

      Muskrat…mmmm good!