Fenton intimidating Port staff

Darien Fenton is very active commenting on the Facebook wall of the “Support Ports of Auckland Workers“.

She has now taken to publicly outing staff members and linking to their Facebook pages and ridiculing them:

via the tipline

Dave Phillips is one of the commenters too. He is a full-time union organiser employed by MUNZ. He as trespassed off Ports of Auckland on 1 December 2011 for threatening and intimidating a non-union stevedore in the company mess room.

Phillips loudly proclaimed in the hearing of the employee “Those fucking scabs aren’t to be allowed in the building. You need to use force to stop them coming in. knock the scabs out and take their swipe cards, those cunts don’t need them“.

Nice to see Darien Fenton is not only supporting bullies, but also encouraging them to victimise staff members and female staff members at that. Is this the sort of Labour party that David Shearer is proud to hand his hat on?

Once again social media has shown Labour to be the Nasty Party and prove that while they say one thing publicly, they will say quite another thing if they think no one is looking or watching.


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  • rouppe

    I don’t get why the Police just stood by and allowed the strikers to interfere with people going about their lawful business.

    What confidence does that give the general population that when thugs of a different sort (thieves, burglars, rapists…) arrives at a persons home that the homeowner will receive protection from Police.

  • Dave

    This needs all the evidence gathered, and then handed to Shearer and Brown, and asked, is this okay, is this example okay for other kids to follow and then bully your kids in the same fashion.   

    Just a yes or no mr Shearer /Brown…….   SO, what are you going to do about it mr Shearer / Brown.

    Maybe its time for POA to set up all the social media interfaces and make every move public, so the MUNZ cannot hide.

  • In Vino Veritas

    If there was a protest in Wellington preventing MPs from getting in to parliament, the police would move the protesters on like a shot. They will be under instruction from the council not to inflame the situation.

    • Bafacu

      Not sure that the Police would be taking instructions from the Council.  IMO the “protesters” need to be advised to keep the roadway and footpaths clear or be moved on/arrested for breach of the peace. Any of them attacking a person or property of another person needs to be immediately arrested.

  • MBP

    WO – it is worth doing a Meet the Wharfies – Dave Phillips.  This guy has had a huge bullying presence on the wharf for DECADES.  And he is a man who has failed to learn some pretty big life lessons.  Two of his children have committed suicide and he still advocates bullying and intimidation.

  • BJ

    A lot of  MUNZ members will never understand that they are being manipulated and abused to serve the purposes of a few thugs with some serious social and mental issues. It is in the interests of the union bosses to make this standoff continue and milk it for all its worth – they keep getting paid, they get to drain all the union funds and they’ve got nothing to lose because no-one will ever employ them again.

    As for Labour – I shudder at the thought of them ever running the country again because with the lowly level of integrity and general lack of virtues, they would surely ruin us.If any MUNZ members read this blog – start using your head and look after yourself before those thugs take you all down with the sinking ship.

  • AMP

    Hi this was my Facebook page that was displayed. On a note though, no matter how upset we are with others comments lets not stoop to their level. The comment on Dave Phillips’ sons was out of line and I’m sorry to call you out on it – I just think there should be some things that are just left alone . :-)

    • Dave

      @AMP   Agree with your sentiments: lets not stoop to their level, 

      But disagree, with comments re leaving the comments on Dave Philips sons out.   The MUNZ and their members are putting all sorts of comments out there, they need to be put into perspective, but perhaps they could have been stated with more care.

      • MBP

        Also agree, and am feeling somewhat shamefaced to have stooped to that. Yet MUNZ are using their own children in their advertising and taking them to their protests, and beating protesters in front of them.

        The bullying that has happened over the last couple of days has made me sick. 
        It’s a mistake to have done the post on Dave but now that it’s there I can’t take it back and have to step up and say I crossed the line.

        My apologies to you Dave, I know it was a traumatic time for you and your family. 

      •  Generally, I would agree that people’s children and families should be left out of arguments such as these. However MUNZ has embarked on a pull-at-the-heartstrings publicity campaign, with wives and children being photographed and quoted, and families have been used on the picket lines. It’s a very delicate balance, but when MUNZ uses families to try and curry favour, its members should expect some response.

    • Well said.

  • Fenton represents everything that is bad about the Labour Party. She and her ilk are one of the reasons why I blog anonymously; one of my businesses has contact with a couple of government departments, and when Labour governed, I was not prepared to put my staff’s livelihoods in jeopardy if I expressed an anti-government sentimet. One only has to look at Madeleine Setchell and Erin Leigh to understand how vindictive these bullies are.

    David Shearer needs to tell the likes of Darien Fenton to pull her head in if Labour is to have ANY chance of winning back the middle ground it has lost.

    • AnonWgtn

      Shearer has no control over Fenton and her ilk – but this will assist in bringing Robertson to the fore when Shearer goes.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      please no – Shearer needs to keep encouraging Fenton – for the sake of our country. NZ needs National for another term – imagine the huge backward step NZ would be forced into with Labour trying to run the country…

      It kinda brings a bit of sick to the back of ya throat eh…  

  • Stupid woman – whoops that sounded like anti-woman…. Silly thing to do on something as open as Facebook shit even teenagers are realising you gotta be careful what you put on it. Can we ask what National are doing to solve this – instead of all the wrong shit that’s being done by others? This gossip and name calling stuff is a distraction only.

    • Euan Rt

      What is it you want National to solve?

      • Exactly my point actually – they – both parties should stay the hell away.  We have enough operational ports in this country (too many) to deal with the landing and transport of goods – let Auckland port stand or fall on the egos of the two parties involved, and we might end up with an entirely better operation – or not.  The port is too crammed and restricted in its present location for the future needs of a city this size.

    • ConwayCaptain


      Good piece of advice I was given was before you sent something which may be contentious, you sleep on it before you send it.

      In the morning you may decide to not send it.

      Unfortunately with Facebook etc write,send, OH SHIT wish I hadnt.

      • Vlad

        So right ConwayCaptain, very good advice from the skipper. If I knew how to work the delete function I would have pulled a couple of my top of the head comments..   Oh well, in vino both veritas and foolishness…..

      • Blokeintakapuna

        Yep – don’t drink and face book…