Finland Facts, Ctd

As I posted earlier, I’m genuinely pleased that some in Finland have demonstrated a sense of humour after the noise generated by Gerry Brownlee’s over-egged comments about the place.

As Kiwis we’re used to being on the receiving end of sheep jokes, and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of mutual piss-taking.

But if the Finns were upset by Brownlee’s comments, they must have been absolutely apoplectic about this item on 60 Minutes, where the Finns were described as the “shyest people in the world”, “depressed and proud of it”.

Here’s the first bit of the clip, just the sort of country that David Shearer wants us to emulate.

The first comment on the original YouTube clip reads:

 “Start war agaist us, and you see how united and shy are we.

Dont fu*c with finns.”


Anyway, Gerry Brownlee has famous company.

Monty Python took the piss out of Finland too.

Humour and perspective are wonderful things.


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  • Greg Henderson

    They gave the Russians a very hard time in WW2 so can’t be all bad then.

  • Blam

    umm… did you shoot this yourself ?, I can only assume so, because it has Whaleoil plastered all over it.

    Would hate to have thought you stole it from some TV station and then claimed it as your own, regardless if it were on youtube or not.


  • coge

    Shearer wants NZ to be like Finland? What’s wrong with just being like NZ? Not the Kiwi way, Mr Shearer.