Finland Facts, Ctd

David Shearer wants New Zealand to be more like Finland.

He could be right, there are similarities and opportunities.

It turns out that Finland is the home of ‘wife carrying’.

This sport is punctuated by copious consumption of beer.

Carmel could have won west Auckland with this one…


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  • titanuranus

    Personally , I would not be too worried if we were more like the whole of Scandinavia, but that `aint gonna happen.
    With nobody prepared to do the hard yards ( politically or personally)this country is fucked beyond redemption.

    • Gazzaw

      I don’t want to know about their socialism and their taxes though Titan. Norway is no economic miracle – without North Sea oil they would be toast (herrings on toast maybe). The other major upside for Norway was not joining the EU & retaining their currency. They are so wealthy that even their long serving socilaist government hasnt been able to fuck up their economy although the Norwegians like all Scandinavians are taxed until their eyes water. Sweden, Denmark & Finland have terrible tax regimes.

      • titanuranus

        Yeah, it`s a hard road to find the perfect country.
        Maybe I`ll just go sailing. LoL

  • BG

    All the Finns I know have cronic alcohol issues, perhaps we’re halfway there already.

  • AnonWgtn

    The Finns are a dreadfully boring people like the Norwegians – no humour whatsoever unless paralitic.

  • Waiuku

    The only good thing coming out of Scandinavia is their hot chicks, the socialism doesn’t work unless you are sitting on billions of dollars worth or resources aka Finland. Oh wait – that’s right NZ is one of the richest countries per capita in terms of untapped mineral wealth. Now if only the rabid greens & communist Labour party could see past the ends of their wart infested noses, we could get on with doing what Oz does so well & mining where it is feasible, I wonder why the standard of living is higher & pay rates are so much better across the ditch….