For the Sabbath


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  • Well said Cam; and put slightly differently, God doesn’t care about your ability; He cares about your AVAILABILITY

  • Killjoy

    Definately agree with this to a point. Gods grace is amazing.
    But, it does frustrate me when people use the fact that we’re human- and therefore going to sin at times- as an excuse to intentionally do what we know God would prefer we didnt and abuse the grace he’s so freely given.
    We have to account for our actions at some point (the use of the talents he’s given us, etc).

    Sorry, don’t mean to sound preachy.

    Hope you have a great sabbath (whatever day that is for you)

    • Ciaron_A

      I could not agree more, Killjoy.

    • Dad4justice

      amen to that bro. do have a good one.

    • Whalehunter

      The Bible says, “You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your book!” [Psalm 139:16] so he knows your abilities and availability too by default.

      So bad things that happen do so by the grace of God or according to his schedule for all of us that he has already written…

      Ok, so therefore he planned the days of your life in advance, choosing the exact time of your birth and death. But if God has a divine plan for each of us, then he had a divine plan for Hitler too. This is when the contradictions hit you. By the grace of god Hitler must be blameless because Hitler had no free will but was simply an actor forced to play his role in God’s plan. So God planned for millions of people to die in the Holocaust and Hitler had to kill those people as Gods puppet making sure that those millions of deaths happened according to Gods plan for the victims lives.

      So Killjoy, God knows and has planned all the sins that people commit down to the smallest detail according to the bible so how can you accuse people of abusing his grace when the are simply following the script his grace has written for them??

      • DrCP

        “so how can you accuse people of abusing his grace when the are simply following the script his grace has written for them??”
        Because every single assertion in your post is wrong.

        Free will…go study it. PROPERLY

        Predestination isn’t the truth.

        And the Sabbath is Sunday.

      • Peter Wilson

        Of course, like every written word, it is subject to interpretation.

        “Scheduled” in this sense clearly(!) refers to the fact that each day in your life will exist and be completed – however long your life might be. And, of the events and activities that occur, some will be controlled by yourself, some by others, and some will be completely random. Note that quote says “every day” will be recorded in your book. A bit like next years calender with no entries.

        It’s really about making an interpretation that suits your own belief system and enables you to make sense of life. Sometimes I think athiests have the easiest path, base your ideas on the things you dont’t believe in rather than things you do.

      • Blair Mulholland

        The Bible is pretty supportive of the idea of predestination – without it, people could be masters of their own salvation, and God’s grace as a saving force  could not exist.

        Yes, God planned Hitler.  Deal with it.  It is pointless to complain about what a supreme being does, or accuse Him of malevolence, firstly because there is nothing you can do about it, and secondly because it is not true – God makes the offer of grace to all mankind, and some are predestined to accept it, and some are predestined to reject it.  The choices we think we make in favour of God are actually God calling us towards him.

  • leata

    hehe, I have spent many years studying many different religions, faiths and beliefs. Traveled the world and met different races and cultures, the one thing i had to accept was that We all believed in the same god, and as imperfect as we all were we were all striving for HIS acceptance.

    • phronesis

      Christianity is unique in that there is nothing we can do for God to gain our salvation. We can only accept His gift of grace to us.

      • Peter Wilson

        We all have our own belief systems.

        In my case, if I substitute “Life” for references to God, it make sense for me.

        “Christianity is unique in that there is nothing we can do in LIFE to gain our salvation. We can only accept LIFE’S gift of grace to us.”

        But that doesn’t mean I don’t beleive in an after life, or even a supreme being, it’s just my logic for believing and the form it would take is different to others.

      • Alex

         Christianity isn’t unique in that sense.  Most schools of Hinduism also believe in the indispensability Grace for liberation.  I suppose you could say the same with Islam, and the Mahayana schools of Buddhism (with their doctrine of the Bodhisattva).

        For myself, the debate over “sin” and what God did or didn’t intend present in this thread is why I left Christianity (specifically the Anglican Church).  I don’t believe God is the Big Guy up there in the sky watching us and going to  give us a big hiding if we don’t do as “He” says.  That’s just limiting God by reference to human concepts.  

        The Hindu school I subscribe to makes the point that “good”, “bad”, “sin” and “karma” have NOTHING to do with God.  They are instead human made concepts and reflect our ignorance or delusion.  Our goal as human beings is to merge with God, and that may take many lifetimes. That means we have to stop defining ourselves by reference to people, places and possessions, and realise that deep down we are God.  The problem is that our delusion presents us from recognising  that we are God, and equally importantly, that all people are God also, and acting in a way that befits our and their divine status.  Until we merge with God, we are just going to come back and suffer time and time after.

        I should say, lest this be misconstrued, that this is not licence to do anything one jolly wants to.  If you want to steal, pillage, rape, cheat etc, you will suffer in this life and the next by being born in a life form that reflects your consciousness.  Again, this is not God who does this, but rather ourselves

        To me Hinduism also has a better answer to why some people are born “lucky” and “unlucky” like the Biblical characters in WO’s post.  Your status in this life depends on your behaviour in your previous life, and your status in this life teaches the lessons you need to need to learn in order to come closer to God.  I agree with WO’s post that, just because you have an “unlucky” status, doesn’t mean God hates you or loves you less than someone with a “lucky” status.  A person with a severe disability may be able to come closer to God, by virtue of him or her being better able not to identify with his or her physical body. On the other hand, a person born rich and beautiful may have a wonderful life, but his or her attachment to his or her wealth and beauty may pull them further and further from God.

        But who knows which set of beliefs about God is correct!  Ultimately we need to think for ourselves and follow what we believe to be true.  

    • Ken Perrot

      Really? I can’t remember the teachings of christianity demanding the executions of those who don’t believe. If you really did study the faiths you’d see there’s a very big difference between allah & Jehovah. I reality allah is a stone idol, and the fruits of his teachings are plain for all to see every day on the news.

  • Guestosterone

    love these circle jerk break-from-reality posts

    this blog works better when it sticks to facts rather than fairy stories

    • Ciaron_A

      and you sound like a good guy when you’re not berating people for having a different world view to you.

      • Bunswalla

        Ciaron, who did he “berate”? I detected no berating, but if he did, it means he has a differnet “world view” (whatever that is) from you. So why are you berating him for it?

  • LesleyNZ

    Christianity is unique – all other religions require good works and at the end of their life the follower of that religion hopes that they have made it to heaven. In Christianity God requires faith in Jesus Christ, plus nothing.

  • Kegrah128

    God readjusts his plan for us every time we make a bad choice.  So instead of having a straight line walk with God, it turns into a zigzag.

  • LesleyNZ

    Adam and Eve were the only ones who had free will. They had the choice to do good or evil – they chose evil and because of that future generations had the choice made for them. Do we have to teach a baby to be naughty? No we have to teach a baby to be a good baby.