Fragment or turn people off the church?

The Telegraph

It looks like the Anglican Church is facing the some issues. It could be argued that the Labour party is a pretty good example of what happens when you fragment.

However a Church is a little different in you are dealing with matters of faith not public policy. nd so in opposing “fragmentation” you are actually turn your cheek to providing spiritual succour to the masses.

A fixation with gay rights, feminism and separate racial identities is threatening to “fragment” British society, the Archbishop of Canterbury has claimed.

Dr Rowan Williams warned that identity had become a “slippery” word and that, while much had been achieved for minority groups, it was time to focus on the common good.

He also attacked a culture of dependence on welfare handouts, which he said was harmful to society, in an address to members of the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

Addressing a group of teenagers during the visit, he also spoke about the possibility that Britain could break apart as Scottish and Welsh nationalism grows in importance.

Dr Williams, who is stepping down as leader of the Anglican Communion later this year, has made a series of outspoken interventions since announcing his resignation.

He signalled last week that he plans to use his final months in office to speak out forcefully on issues which on which he feels passionate.


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  • Whalehunter

    I had know idea an Anglican bishop could make such a coherent statement. This guy is on the pulse. Won’t affect us though we are years behind the british in term of realising the mistakes of pandering to minority rights. Hopefully not too far behind though. Europe is getting prety clued up fast in regards to addressing these issues of pandering. Lets hope the message gets through to the majority here and we regain our common sense before the feminists completely indoctrinate our kids with the men are bad women good brainwash or the maori activists manage to get there hands on everything not tied down!

  • It’s the leftovers that are fragmenting.  The smart people are jumping ship, taking the lifeline offered by by the mothership.

  • dad4justice

    Now let me think, Labour and the Anglican church, now I watched poofter tim barnett and dyke helen clark talk shit inside the church’s these people own, so I ordered God to smash them down with a big quake.
    Job WELL  done. Hi Tim and HELLun.

    • Kosh103

      What the hell are you blathering about now you fool?

      • dad4justice

        THE truth kosh, you know the fate of St Luke’s and the cathedral.

    • Peter WIlson

      Dad4Justice   As with a lot of faiths, the Anglican Church struggles with a lot of modern issues. feminism, gay adoptions rights and welfarism, to name just three.

  • thor42

    A “man of the cloth” attacking welfare dependence and welfare handouts – amazing! I’m sure you’d never see that here.  

    • Troy

      The church, or religion as a whole, has had a long history of either beginning wars or brainwashing followers to think its ok to fight for the faith – I gave up on the concept of religion years ago, indeed it’s a fallacy – who wrote the bible,qu’ran,torah? Man – that most falliable being on the planet – I still find it perplexing that one would be so reliant on the unevidenced writings of belief of the past.  I tell all the religo types to go to hell – but it would defeat my argument, instead, i’ll say wake up, smell the coffee and spend the rest of your carbon-based lives enjoying it!

  • Gazzaw

    ‘A fixation with gay rights, feminism and separate racial identities is threatening British society’.

    Precisely the issues that have already stuffed the Anglican church in NZ.

  • titanuranus

    Rowan Williams is the dumb cunt also calling for sharia law in the UK.
    Maybe he would like to be the first to be stoned, 1/2 time entertainment  at Wembley  perhaps?