Garner’s cheap deal with Labour

Garner did one of his classic cheap deals with Labour tonight, securing exclusive video supplied by the PSA. He even dressed up in a fetching red table cloth and tie.

UPDATE: Duncan Garner rang me this morning and after he stopped yelling, swearing and ranting like wharfie at me and spinning like a top he calmed down enough to answer some questions. Apparently, for what it is worth the decision to review Key’s speech was a stunning revelation yesterday morning between him and Pedro Gower, and not a patsy seeded story from Labour’s research unit. Anyway there is some clarity for readers.

I note that David Shearer’s promise of not engaging in gotcha politics is right out the window, with Garner dutifully stating that this is indeed a “gotcha”. Shearer was into this boots and all, so the end to “gotcha” politics is ended itself.

The speech which he so passionately reported, is hardly a revelation, being published since 2008. It included the following highlights that were relevant to the story he ran tonight (but which he excluded in order to repeat a nice cut scene about state service cuts 5 times).

John Key confirms public service change on a scale of those undertaken by Labour and cautions about the tight economic times. He also refers to a first term.

There’s no way Garner should be arguing this speech four years ago is a demonstration of broken promises. Read it.

The true highlights from that speech 4 long years ago:

In this context, it is not an ideological statement to say that restraint will be required. So National won’t be spending up large, which would simply have the effect of increasing deficits even further.

Just as Labour has done, we will take opportunities to make changes to some agencies as part of the usual business of government.

A National Government will ensure that resources are focused on the provision of frontline services rather than continuing to boost the numbers of people in Wellington head offices.

This allocation of resources towards central government administration has real effects. It uses significant resources which could have been used in providing frontline services or could have been used in the private sector.

So let me reiterate National’s position. We are in no way going to reduce the number of frontline staff. Let me make this absolutely clear – under National the numbers of doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, police and other frontline staff will grow.

What we are going to do is halt the runaway growth in government administration.

Therefore, my commitment to New Zealanders is this – in the first term of a National Government we will not grow the size of the core bureaucracy. We are going to make do with the resource we have, and work to get more value out of it.

I need to be able to look them in the eye and assure them that the money they pay in tax is being spent wisely, and as much of it as possible is going to frontline services from which they will directly benefit.

The next point I want to make is that a National Government is going to uphold the professionalism of the public service.

I believe that over the next few years the public service will benefit from a focus on results over process, on decisions over discussion, and on professionalism over politics.


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  • Quintin Hogg

    Garners mum will now know where her tablecloth disappeared to.

    •  well it’s about time key was called on his historical serial-bullshit..

      ..has garner just realised/woken up….?

      [email protected]

      •  and i must admit amusement at yr dismay at a mainstream media person (maybe) removing their lips/tongue from keys’ arse..

        ..from where those lips/tongue have been so long embedded…

        ..i wonder when the other ones will wake-up/get their heads out of keys’ arse…?

        [email protected]

      • Peter Wilson

        All valid points of view Phillip. People are right to be worried about National “selling our assets.” All 3% of them.

      • Callum

        See now Phil, I thought the majority of Keys comments were pre fixed with in the first term. As it is now the second term then he has a new mandate for what was campained on pre that election, asset sales and public sector changes were clearly spelt out and supported by voters.

      • Arnold

        you must get a totally different television reception from me…TV3 is so far in the pay of the Labour/green and wInny brigade I am sure their pay is direct credited from this crowd. as for TV1, well they are just lazy……just realised thouse. base don your other comments – you would not know reality if it came and bit you on the arse

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Thanks Mr. WO

    Saw this piece on TV3 – and it was almost like a piece of propaganda paid for by the Labour Party. It was so one-eyed and biased – it must have been produced by Labour trolls (who also support Canterbury rugby?)

    How about balanced reporting of facts TV3? Instead of allowing reporters to taint your professional integrity to further their political bias?

    Shameless propaganda from TV3.

    Maybe some more complaints to the appropriate authorities are needed again?


    • guest

      Blokeintakapuna = oxymoron. you would be an avid herald reader and flatulent consumer of red wine and blue cheese. all media is biased. only neoclassic liberals like you who ask for freedom yet manacle the service class to keep you in white shoes. i suggest your ideal job would be monica lewinski’s = presidential pipecleaner

  • Pete George

    As a direct result of this item last night: Breaking news, Key resigns

    • is pete george the only one allowed to link to his site..?

      ..(and gee words in a sentence for yr link…why don’t you let readers know they will be linking to yr site..and let them make that decision..?.. use the same bullshit trick on other forums

      [email protected]

      • Peter Wilson

        Have you tried the same thing Phillip? Just use the HTML tags, you’ll soon find out if it’s not allowed. I would have thought linking to anywhere is ok, as long as the link adds some value to the discussion…”I have written about this more fully here…”

        I do agree it’s not on to simply link the words, without warning. I followed that link and what annoyed me is it took me away from the WO site, rather than opening a new window.

  • Macca

    This just seems to typify the left wing media!  They will clutch at any straw in the hope of making National look bad and often spin it so as the original message is totally misconstrued!

    As Sam from Cheers once said,  ‘I would rather chew tinfoil whilst combing my hair with a potato peeler’ than bother watching TV3 news!  Specially this twat!  And sadly, TV1 isn’t far behind them!

    I reckon reporters should have to be performance tested like referees!  Labour seem to be continually off side,  knocking on or dropping the ball yet they keep getting away with it!  It just gets a bit tedious when your team keeps getting penalised and the ref turns a blind eye to the opposition!

    •  reply to pete wilson..

      no..i have been told that any linking is verboten..

      “..”I have written about this more fully here…”..” in i have done a review of shearers’ linkey allowed…

      (i asked mr oil why no general debate thread..(like most have..)

      ..he said his readers told him ‘they are gay’…)

      [email protected]

      • Guestosterone

        well fuck off to your own site and link it up like its 1999!

      • Mully

         Where were you told that all linking was verboten? I’ve linked (relevant) stuff before, and so have other people.
        It’s just the stuff you link to is bullshit.

  • Phar Lap

    Saw and heard Garner last night,thought what a buffoon ,then today i heard his mate “Dormouse “Shearer,and thought it it not often we get two buffoons,talking through a hole in their heads and saying nothing other than self promotion.Garners TV3 who not so long ago were bailed out by the taxpayer should know better,dump him in a cost cutting campaign,and use the savings to pay back debt.

  • Peter Wilson

    I wouldn’t hold too much against TV3, just trying to create a story, and what better than something against the evil National Party.

    Sadly, it does look like Shearer’s play the policy not the man is right out the window. To imply that Key is a liar is not a great look. Job cuts are hardly the same as job losses, and selling 3% or thereabouts of assets is not selling NZer’s birthright.

    In the meantime, he’s backing a Capital Gains Tax, which will eventually tax all or part of the family home.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Comments taken out of context from 4 years ago,  from a politically biased reporter not only screams volumes about ethics and professionalism – but it also makes the public question what the real agenda is from TV3?

    Surely mis-representing all the facts to spin political propaganda must be cause for TV3 to start disciplinary action against Garner for hijacking their TV station for political thetoric and propaganda. Where are the ethics and accountability for professionalism??

    C’mon – comments taken out of context from 4 years ago…. Next they’ll be saying MUNZ are innocent victims in the PoAL stoush they’re trying to politicise.

    TV3 – your credibility, ethics and professionalism have just been bog-washed in the ratings toilet because of Garners hijacking. Save your credibility before it’s too late.

  • BJ

    What a tablecloth. A not so subtle, glaringly obvious Labour bias with his red gingham shirt and tie.
    Quite the checkered reporter.

  • johnjack

    “We are in no way going to reduce the number of front-line staff”….. So how do we regard the people who represent us around the world? I notice that the anti-MFAT hysteria seems to have abated, and with that, McCully will feel free to sack John Allen who is light years from his front-line, as is MFAT’s HR department (the ones encouraging pussy-stroking in lieu of employment.

    • Peter Wilson

      Everyone knows that “front line staff” means nurses, police officers and others working in areas that make a difference in ordinary peoples lives.

      Not fat cat MFAT people that are on 500k pa.

      It’s just plain silly to crawl over a politician’s every word and try to imply lying is involved. What about Shearer bragging he’s saved 50 million lives? Names, dates?

      • johnjack

        Nonsense, boy. Let me give you an example of someone whose anonymity must be respected – a member of my family. He has three degrees, is fluent in three languages, and is just finishing an overseas posting. He has not had a salary review for three years, in spite of being a member of NZ’s negotiating teams charged with free-trade agreements. It is usual for him to work twelve-hour days, ‘supported’ by a ‘half-person’ in Wellington. In spite of being regarded as very good at what he does, (and the target of a multitude of job offers from private industry), he is dedicated to serving his country. For all this, he is still earning less than $80K pa (cf our gallant wharfies).

        And you dumb prick, if you don’t think that free-trade agreements make a difference to ‘ordinary peoples lives’ (sic), you need a better education.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Wee hoo John…sounds like some serious bull shitting going on here. If your son was genuinely a instrimental part of these proceedings….we would know his name? As for private sector offers, for what with those quals? As for the wharfies…Gallantry was NEVER and is not part of their code! Bullying, intimidation (of the public and even thei own members) is however. On that I have seen for myself!!

      • Scanner

         Well JJ, if he’s that clever, why is it that he hasn’t found a six figure position in the the big wide world ???

      • MrV


        The issue I have with so called ‘free’ trade agreements, is that they are not free. They are more like negotiated corporate interest agreements.

  • Mickrodge

    Look I can understand Duncan Garner (or Pedro Gower for that matter) wanting to make a story out of nothing (tea tapes anyone) but…

    Lead fucking story on the news last night. You’ve gotta be shitting me. If the repetitious showing on John Key’s pretty inane comment wasn’t bad enough the pathetic attempts at indignation from David “Gray Man” Shearer nearly sent me into a dark depression.

    And cue DG with his rich red shirt/tie combo smug & smarmy as always as if he’s just caught John Key in the back of a crown limo with a transgender prostitute.

    Lead fucking story. Are TV3 that fucking delusional?

    • Bafacu


  • Bob

    Said it once, will say it again… Garner and Gower are so pathetic and useless it is astounding that TV 3 gives them air time, I barely watch TV 3 news anymore… such rubbish, skip most of it with the fast forward button. Why an advertiser would pay for spots during their ‘news’ hour is laughable.

    • Peter Wilson

       such rubbish, …………Why an advertiser would pay for spots during their ‘news’ hour is laughable.

      Asked…and answered…..!

  • Michael Ward

    I have moved well beyond ‘barely watching’ to ‘never watching’!! I can’t stand any of them now (possible exception for Dobbo’s plays of the week).

  • Peter Wilson

    BTW whatever happened with Espioner? I thought he was getting to grips with interviewing, and then puff…gone….sorry if a little off topic.

    •  espiners’ time as acceptable-gatekeeper is done..

      ..he has been rewarded well..

      ..and retired to the back paddock…

      ..or is it kicked-upstairs..?

      [email protected]

  • Peter Wilson

     Apparently, for what it is worth the decision to review Key’s speech was a stunning revelation yesterday morning between him and Pedro Gower

    So, out of the blue, in a vision almost, it came to them….aha, lets review one of Key’s speeches from 2008, but which one. “Yes, the one where he misleads the nation.” Hello…yeah right.

  • MrV

    I must admit Pedro has grown on me so long as he is equally cynical with all politicians, not just the ones in government.

  • Cactus Kate

    Let me pose the question – without TVNZ or TV3 would anyone know who Duncan Garner even was? Whaleoil doesn’t have nightly news and an international multinational to wrap himself round, Garner does. And Whaleoil’s audience/page views are?

    Garner thinks all those people watching TV3 are doing so because he’s on it.


  • Phar Lap

    Listened all day here and there on the great Garner stuff up and how he interviewed his own type writer.Around the traps it appears he and the pathetic wee channel TV3 are the laughing stock of the nation.Maybe Garner is just just like the wharfies ,asking to be made redundant,why would any self respecting media outlet employ such a self serving train wreck.

  • Balanced View

    Pull your head in Whale. I didn’t hear you talking about long years ago during the asset sales debate when you were pointing the finger at Labour for being hypocritical.
    Perhaps one day you’ll realize that with every double standard you create you lose more and more credibility, which is a shame because a lot of what you say is interesting.

  • Sooty

    That’s not the table cloth. That’s his lovely red gingham dress!!

  • jay cee

    did i get that wrong but i thought that duncan garner was related to or an in-law to rodney hide? and has been accused of being soft on act.
    as for the shirt in case you people aren’t aware gingam and or small check shirts are the fashion these days. as for the colour? deary me does everyone have to look for a politically neutral tone to be acceptable? i suppose all tv presenters could wear boring beige if that would suit your sensibilities.

    • Cactus Kate

      Bullshit. Rodney doesn’t drink and hasn’t for years so you can’t even accuse them of drinking together. Garner and tea tapes…yeah that was soft on ACT.