About time a trougher went broke losing a campaign. It will make them stop spending our money.

Rick Santorum told voters at a school here that he’s spent down his savings running for president, and walked away from the money he was making in the private sector.

“I walked away from all of the jobs that I had and all the money,” Santorum said at the Dayton Christian School. He and his wife Karen have been “spending down our savings,” he said.

“That’s not necessarily the best thing to do when you have three kids entering college in the next three years, but our country is worth it,” he said.

The admission adds to Santorum’s underdog appeal, but it also underscores a reality that will bear on him more intensely if he fails to win Ohio on Super Tuesday and his path to victory narrows to almost nothing.

Santorum, who has denied lobbying but worked for companies doing business with the government, reported earning nearly $1 million in 2010.


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  • Super_Guest

    Is Rick right to do this? I’d say yes. It also brings up the valid point of why taxpayer money is wasted on election campaigns in this country. If the unions can’t stump up the cash for Labour, boo-frickety-hoo, the less Labour the better.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Despite my disdain for Frothy at the start of his campaign, he’s done very well for himself.  He’s campaigned smartly, batted away attacks based on his past statements well, and displayed the sort of dogged determination and principled Christian morality that appeals to many Americans.  He has earned my respect, and hopefully as long as he doesn’t do any more of the stupid moral majority dogwhistling he is known for, he will keep it.

    I think if he is the nominee Obama will pwn him on moral issues and he may struggle to get traction.  But I give him a shot if he continues to do well in his campaign.  He would have won Michigan if he hadn’t had such an awful debate in the few days before.