Good faith bargaining?

More evidence of union intransigence:

“We were told the stop-work meeting was for staff to discuss the new offer from the company. Instead, unions have used this time to rally outside our offices,” to communicate improved company offer

The unions wonder why the general populace doesn’t have a truck anymore with their ideology. It is when they act in bad faith that they destroy any moral position they may have had.


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  • Johnsmith

    slater you’re a weak balled fat turd doing the nat parties hachet work with yr closet partner david farrar

    • Morgy

      So the picket is over is it?

      • Travdog

        if you picket, it might bleed.

    • Bunswalla

      Sorry John, I don’t quite take your meaning? Please be clearer.

    • Euan Rt

      so now it is nationals’ fault you don’t have a job? 

    • Salacious T Crumb

       The same John Smith who founded a north american cult?

    • Rightoverlabour

      Slater and Farrar may be  as you describe, but when all this is over, they’ll have jobs, while you, well, who is going to employ you…. ? No job, No money,  No future, … nothing… 

      • Guest

        Well they’ll get NINE FUCKING MILLION in redundancy from the ratepayers & taxpayers —- not to mention almost as much as they were “earning” for only slightly less work ON THE FUCKING BENEFIT

        They deserve nothing. They should get nothing.

        Key should just stop ’em getting any benefits whatsoever (including ACC, hospitals schools etc) and any redundancy.

        They deserve nothing

    • Ronnie Chow

       Actually Cameron is honest and hard working , as evidenced by the content on this blog . Have you ever heard the phrase “Too stupid to know you are stupid” ?

         It applies to YOU!

  • Sponge

    @Johnsmith – What a well thought out and cogently argued contribution you have made.

  • Paddles83

    Johnsmith  fuck off and get a real job

    • Jassen

      You wasted a whole extra word on him. You could have left out “real”.

      • Agent BallSack

        I would have accepted “Johnsmith, Fuck Off”

  • Super_Guest

    At the start of all this, union goons didn’t bother wading into WO’s posts. Probably symptomatic of their own arrogance, their misguided belief that the public would support their pointless cause. Now that it is becoming increasingly apparent that MUNZ are cockroaches, and have lost, out they come. It must be horrible being a union thug, with no free will of your own, reliant on militant hacks from the 70s to feather a contract that requires you to do the least work possible for the most money imaginable. Not bad for a skill less nobody.

  • SJ00

    Brilliant, but you may want to start using capitalization and punctuation, when you start typing up your CV employers tend to like things like that. Don’t use crayon either. And the time lost between being sacked by POAL and getting a job, pretend you are on holiday overseas, don’t say you have been looking for work for months on end, because the employer may start wondering why no one has hired you. I hope your kids don’t starve, would hate to see that. Its not there fault dad is is hopeless and can’t get more work. At least now you will have heaps of time to spend with the kids and missus and the bruvas. And don’t worry, the phone won’t ring all hours of the night. You won’t be able to afford a phone.

    • GaryC

      “there” as in: over there.
      “their” as in: not their fault…….

      • Euan Rt

        Gary, that is very clever. Ever  made a spelling mistake?

  • johnbronkhorst

    So ..considering this 2 hours was supposed to be for a union meeting to discuss the companies offer and they all went outside to protest. Is this theft of company time, are they due a written warning? Instant dismissal??

    • Salacious T Crumb

       No JBK you have it wrong. Two hours in union speak is around 5 minutes. A bit like “we work 40 plus hours” (actually 26 hours)


    Every employer in this country needs photos of these idiots protesting,then they can make an informed,and valid judgement of the future applicants asking for new jobs.Saves having a repeat of this debacle.

  • Its da truth

    So Whale Blubber, you’ve sunk to a new low publishing personal information in your pathetic fight against justice. God I hope you eat so much you blow!! Oh and Ronnie – you are too stupid…in fact so stupid you’ll never see it. Ignorance is bliss, bask in it baby!

    • Super_Guest

      The level of lightening wit from these union hacks is astonishing. As is their sudden emergence from the puddles of sleaze and megalomania where they formed. “Fight against justice” what the hell does that mean? Where’s the justice in a bunch of fat, lazy, underworked, overpaid, unskilled, uneducated idiots trying to hold up the port of our largest city all because the Board didn’t bend over and take it from union cardboard cut-outs still stuck in the 1970s?

      • Travdog

        Not only is it astonishing, it’s bloody amusing. Now that all the cockroaches are jobless they have plenty of time to visit Whale Oil Beef Hooked and comment. The site meter will be looking good this month.

      • Greg M

         He’s been out in the hot sun on the “pick it” line with his tinfoil hat on. Clearly his brain cell is having a siesta.

    • Stevo

      ‘Its da truth’ calls someone else stupid.
      Ha ha ha.

    • newbe

      go back to your crayons and dont forget your helmet as well

  • titanuranus

    But, you can`t sack me I`m part of the union?????????

    Lol, oh the good ol` days.

  • Arnold

    I heard the japs have invented a camera that is so sophisticated that i can actually catch one of the MUNZ workers …doing work .

    I was trialed on dung beetles but they moved to fast….bit like most of the strikers at a free buffet table

  • Its da truth

    OMG Super_Git ‘the puddles of sleaze and megalomania’. Hahahahahaha. The lightening wit.  Ohhhh so funny, hahahahaha. So all you pricks think publishing personal info is OK. Well you are scum and not worth the strike of keyboard. Adios losers. And Travdog I am not a union member or unemployed so keep on jumping to conclusions and you might make the cliff edge.


      See ya,wont be miised

    • Grumpy

      I think you’ve got us all confused with people who give a fuck.

    • Stevo

      You are way too stupid even for union use.

    • Travdog

      this is an adults blog, go back to bebo with all the rest of the teens.

    • newbe

      oh its ok for the union to publish bs about families, but no one else can comment on them.

    • SHA

       I’m union member ,some of these gits have valid points and some of them need to get a life.I have been locked out and replaced by a winz reject.So what ,who gives a fuck!!!..who gives a shit about our kids I’ve looked after my own ever since they where born FUCK the Talleys Family after all its their money let them do what they want.Keys has a portfolio who gives a shit if Talleys is licking his arse its just business.Hey why dosn’t some one dig up shit on the companies …come on GROW SOME BALLS!!!!!! Auckland ports,motorway,water…. fuck sake’s Why the  fuck should my taxes pay for your shit….yes I still work, not a dumb-fuck I have always had two jobs .I better get the fuck off I might have to Sack myself and the wife will lock me out…