Good on ya Boris

The Telegraph

Boris Johnson is smacking down on rude yoof:

London Mayor Boris Johnson will today promise to withdraw the right to free public transport travel from young people who fail to give up their seats for the elderly, pregnant or disabled.

Mr Johnson, who is standing for re-election this year, will unveil his transport manifesto, in which he is expected to announce a tougher code for behaviour on buses, trains and the London Underground.

It follows a similar move to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour on Transport for London services by banning passengers from drinking alcohol.

Mr Johnson will announce that young people who do not give up their seats, who are offensive or use threatening language, or who fail to be courteous and polite to travellers and staff will lose their free travel passes.

A spokesman for Mr Johnson’s re-election campaign said the plan would be “self-enforcing” and would bring about a change in attitudes towards impolite behaviour.

He added 3,000 young people had already had to take part in the “Earn your travel back” scheme after their travel photocard had been taken away for breaching its code.

Under the initiative, young people who lose their free travel can have the privilege restored by carrying out voluntary work.

Speaking before today’s launch, Mr Johnson told the Daily Mail: “When I was a boy, I was taught to stand up for those less able to.

“Youngsters enjoy the privilege of free travel, which is paid for by Londoners, but they have to understand that with that privilege comes responsibility. Anyone who abuses this privilege will have it taken away, and will have to earn that right back.”


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  • Tristanb

    Why do they get “free” travel in the first place?

    • Internet search I found  “There are currently 400,000 young people aged 11 to 15 who have free travel
      cards in London.” Assume it’s like we used to have when I was growing up – sorry to give away my age group. Under 11 you had to travel with a parent or guardian unless it was on a designated school bus.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Could NZ do something similar with all the beneficiaries? After all, with the privilidge of various different monies paid out from the tax payer – surely there’s a responsibility to give back to the community in some manner?

  • BJ

    On the topic of rude yoof – I agree that the adult at Victoria Park Skate Park on Sunday looked to be over reactive to that young skateboarder but in earlier days if the boys had been previously asked to stop interfering with a Comp and yet they continued to annoy and give lip, they would have been clipped around the ear and sent home. Where is any [self] respect these days.

    • Mike Smith

       so you approve fo the attacks on those kids?

      • BJ

        NO! But I read on a skateboarders blog that a group did not want that event to take place so perhaps the full picture on video for the public to see would show what lead up to that incident in the way of sabotaging the event.

  • starboard

    oohh take their free travel off them..that’ll learn ’em. Maybe give ’em a verbal toungue lashing as well. Smart arse punks who dont give up their seat for the elderly etc just need to be hurled off the fuckin train..while its moving. They just need some sort of enforcer type dude ah la Charles Bronson workin the train circuit.

  • Mike Smith

    The myth of ‘bad youth’ being bandied about again. Without any evidence as usual.

    • starboard

      Not all all. But there are SOME smartarse youth who just dont respond to a verbal..they only learn by ..well , being thrown off a moving train.

      • Mike Smith

        some being 2%? 1.5%? 0.00003%?