Good story placement

Gotta love the Herald and their content maangement system.

On the Herald’s online front page, there is a story about an “Obese man makes plea on Youtube” Directly below there is “50 things you must eat before you die”:


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  • Orange

    Aha I saw that and almost died laughing. Almost crazy enough to be deliberate.

  • i do so like it when the mainstream print media and tv news..

    ..are running stories 24 hrs after i have run them..

    ..(they should really have me on r.s.s…eh..?..that mainstream-media…)

    [email protected]

    • when i watch breakfast tv i am amazed they find/feature so little..

      …when every morning there is/i find so much out there..

      ..much of it significant..but not all..there is also the funny/trivial/whimsical..

      ..and i have nothing against a good aww!!-animal-story/vid..

      ..anyone wanna put up the money for a cheap-as-chips but v’good online breakfast show..?

      [email protected]

      •  in-depth politician/political-interviews..


        ..a feisty-panel..


        [email protected]

      • Agent BallSack

        Breakfast TV isnt about news though, Phil. Its about entertainment and selling stuff to housewives. As for money, put together a proposal, take it to a business mentor and you may be surprised at the outcome.

      • Boss Hogg

        Phil, you Munter, most Tax payers are at or heading to work when Breakfast TV is on.  Think about the target audience.  Breakfast TV is just fluff to fill the gap between adds.

      • Greg M

         Most people I know are in the office / on the job before breakfast TV starts.
        I don’t think many people actually watch it, it’s just background noise while you’re packing up the kids for school.

    •  ( bad..!..i viewed it 24 hrs ago..and dismissed it as not worthy of inclusion.. was just a ‘look at the fat guy-thing..

      ..the herald obviously thought different…

      [email protected]

  • Dr Wang

    Did he try all 50 things in one sitting?

  • Tookinator

    Is that Parekura Horomia?

    • jay cee

      or a young gerry brownlee?

  • Motherof2boys

    We use breakfast TV to keep an eye on the time if we can be bothered turning the TV on.

    AgentBallSack.. are there any housewives left?  And what exactly is a housewife?  What a weird term.