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Brisbane Times

The Liberals in Queensland are sticking it to the civil servants who don’t like it up them:

Treasurer Andrew Fraser has labelled the LNP’s costings as “a direct attack’’ on the public sector workers of Queensland.

He argued that with population growth, the 3% cap on annual increases in employee costs meant wage rises would have to be less than inflation.

Mr Fraser also condemned planned cuts to state-based carbon schemes, saying it was a taste of the approach to the environment taken by an LNP government with “unfettered power’’. Daniel Hurst’s report on the costings is here.


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  • Gazzaw

    Labor is gone for all money and by tomorrow Aussie’s four biggest states will all be in LNP hands. Good luck Julia, life is about to get just a little bit harder.

  • Fergus

    So, they are saying, inflation is more than 3% in Quensland? But I thought Labour over here wasa saying that it was SOO much better than here. Have the Aussires finally found out what we learned 6 years ago, Labour are useless idiots and liars.