Hastings is still the Clap Capital

The latest STI statistics are out and Hastings can still claim the title of New Zealand’s Clap Capital (full report pdf).

In the fourth quarter (October to December) 2011, SHCs reported 20 099 clinic visits. A total of 1176 cases of chlamydia, 157 cases of gonorrhoea, 206 cases of genital herpes,  567 cases of genital warts, 17 cases of syphilis and 165 cases of NSU (males only) were  reported in this quarter.

For Chlamydia infection rates for the top three were:

Hastings – 16.1%
Kaikohe – 14%
Invercargill/Gore and Wyndham  – 12.9%

Rate = total no. cases/total no. clinic visits, expressed as a percentage.



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  • Vlad

    Maybe Hastings should put up an appropriate statue in the main street.  Sort of like the giant kiwifruit in Te Puke, the kiwifruit capital. 

  • Grandstream

    Sad day fro Nelson – first Nick Smith, and now losing their long standing record of Clap capital of NZ…..what ever next ?

  • As the stats are on reported cases – it could well be they have a better education programme in Hastings so more are going for check ups – just sayin’. There’s still social stigma associated with these conditions…..

    • davewin

       Wow – Really???

  • Dr Wang

    …that deserves a round of applause.

  • Whalehunter

    Maybe they getting the most action over there??

  • Mr_Blobby

    Who do we know spreading the joy around Kaikohe.

  • Real Harpoon

    That report is embarrassing- the authors seem not to understand what a rate (in epidemiology) is.  Going by their numbers Hamilton is probably the clap (=gonnorhoea) capital (rate = number of new cases / 100,000 of population  year.).

    Pity I cannot reveal the names of current  political luminaries who attended the VD clinic in Hospital  Rd when I was a medical student in the real clap capital of NZ.  lulz