Heard it all before

I thought I’d heard David Shearer talk about a New New a New Zealand before.

A quick hunt through my archives reveals this was the slogan he dreamed up on the hoof during his campaign to be leader.

What I also discovered, is that Shearer’s new plan to review the tax giveaways that Labour was proposing at the last election was something that David Cunliffe announced during that same Leadership campaign.

And of course David Parker confirmed earlier this week that Labour was sticking with its Mickey Mouse Capital Gains Tax so neither of these big announcements from Shearer are ‘new at all’.

Then comes Shearer’s claim that farming is a sunset industry and we should have a ‘clever’ economy. Well it turns out this rhetoric isn’t new either, I found a clip from Trevor Mallard in 1996 talking about exactly the same stuff. Labour had nine years in office to deliver – and utterly failed.

Dismal reheated rubbish, after a bungled policy launch that saw Shearer propose stripping environmental protections from land sales legislation, this has not been a good week for the Labour Leader.

He should go back to being Invisible.


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  • johnbronkhorst
  • In Vino Veritas

    A sunset industry indeed. Then they won’t be concerned about any Chinese consortiums purchasing farmland then. Brilliant.

    No, thats right, nobody needs meat, milk, cheese, hides, wool, barley, wheat, peas, or oats. Being a sunset industry, farmland will drop in value steeply in due course as productivity falls due to lack of demand, making the sunset industry unsustainable. Quite brilliant.

    • johnbronkhorst

      So refering to a sunset industry…did they realise they are quoting “Margret Thatcher” (she was refering to coal mining). Scary thought for them, labour chanelling probably the biggest right wing tory in a century.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    After month’s and month’s of in-depth hard thinking, lots of brain-storming the core Labour Party members, asking their ardent supporters on the picket line what they wanted from Labour ….they have come up with a new logo .. .bwahahaha!

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Contrast Shearer’s damp squib with John Key’s speech to the Auckland Chamber of Comics and you can see why Labour ain’t goin’ nowhere any time soon.  Or any time later, for that matter.

  • JC

    Sunset industry was also all the rage with the 1984-87 Labour Govt too.. we were going to become the “Switzerland of the Sth Pacific” that time.


  • Bunswalla

    More like Greece of the South Pacific if they were running the show

  • BJ

    When your  catchphrase is ‘A New NZ’ you don’t go round using words like Smart er, Clean er, Green er and Bright er (John Keys word) and talk about making more of …something – 
    because that is not being new at all – that is being more of the same.

    Lets not underestimate David Shearer – I do believe he is expecting to take the leadership of this country – and he will do it by manipulation or by stealth.  He very cleverly (I now realize) avoided commitment words today at all, although those that support CGT (labour current support base) will think he did because he alluded to it but using phrases like  “the way I see it”  “I can see a role for CGT” alongside the only policy statement he made – “I won’t be setting out our fiscal policy today” and further “Let me be clear: these are policy matters that won’t be confirmed until much nearer the election”. All of this unclearness about his position is to make the rest of us curious enough to notice him.

    And later during media questions “Today I’ve set out the lens I’ll be looking at policies through” – what the f..k does that mean? 

    He wants to be in John Key’s shoes however he gets there and I’m pretty sure he’s apolitical –  he doesn’t strike me as a Labour man. 

  • And David Shearer hangs his hat on a policy which was rejected by 73% of those who voted in November 2011; the Capital Gains Tax. Surely, he’s a temporary leader.

  • Euan Rt

    What is a sunset industry? – and don’t say farming!
    To me it brings up connotations of twilight years, coming to an end. To say this about our flourishing dairy industry, logging industry, sheep and wool, beef, and of course to some extent out tourism industry (tourists come to see our green land – much of that farmland)….
    Surely he means farming is our grassroots industry – the county’s bread and butter industry?
    I agree that more processing could be encouraged, and manufacturing; but really to call farming a sunset industry…it just doesn’t sound very positive towards those who are the backbone of our economy does it?
    But then again primary industry are not generally labour supporters are they, whereas those on factory floors are. Is this his motivation?

    • euan…the growing evidence of the health implications/shortened-lives from consuming animal-bits..and the bye-products…

      ..going with the development of factory/lab-grown super-meats..with no animals involved..no animal rights issues…

      ..and able to be grown in country of consumption..

      ..(the implications here are more serious than from britain joining the e.u..and telling us to piss-off….)

      ..this all means our whole export economic base is now more of a sunset industry than ever before…

      ..given those two facts…

      ..how can it not be..?

      ..(and our ‘time’ is fast running out…eh..?

      ..better rattle the dags…eh..?..)

      [email protected]


  • rouppe

    Interesting that today Shearer is saying that a CGT will drive investment towards “the productive sector”. Not sure what that is, but lets assume it is listed company shares, since they “produce something”.

    However in the Dom Post today we have David Parker saying that buying shares in SOE’s will do nothing for making them more productive. well the same argument applies to buying shares in any other company then.

    So how is driving investment into “the productive sector” (i.e. the sharemarket) as proposed by Shearer going to help NZ Inc since Parker says it’s not increasing productivity?

  • Markm

    Farming a “Sunset Industry” ? 
    Does Shearer and his Labour party think people are going to stop eating and that technology will develop food substitutes.

    Ah yes genetic modification , but I thought Helen was against that

    • Euan Rt

      Yes fancy the chinese wanting to buy up our sunset industies. If they aren’t going to be of much value in the future, then we should be selling off all our farmland to the chinese now while the price is good. Wow what suckers the chinese are wanting to buy our sunset industries.

    •  no..it was helen who was for genetic-engineering..

      ..and it was that ripper of a demo/march that stopped her in her tracks…

      ..and guess who’s idea it was to have that march..?

      ..and the timing of it..?


      ..and..funny story..those i had to argue hardest against…

      ..were russel norman…delahunty..lock….

      ..(they wanted rolling-actions outside supermarkets..and their usual 5.30 pm march on a fri-nite…)

      ..i won those arguments resoundingly…

      ..(confirmed by an applause-vote…)..

      ..in a room full of a who’s who of activists etc…

      ..(this was the emergency meeting called at the green party office in anzac ave..

      ..a general call out to all activist-groups to gather and plan the response…

      ..(and the outcome wasn’t all down to me..it was a remarkably unified/effective marshalling of all the forces..

      ..but i must confess to a warm glow when i saw that huge march..

      ..at high-noon..(my clincher timing argument..that one..)

      ..on that saturday afternoon..

      ..that glow only amplified by clarks’ consequent..u-turn on that policy…

      ..it confirmed for me the power of the feet…


      [email protected]

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    For sheer unadulterated comedy go and have a look at all the good little boys clicking their heels and seig heiling ‘ihr neuer Führer.’

    You’d think he had promised to stop the oceans rising.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    sheer unadulterated comedy go and have a look at all the good little
    boys at the Standard, clicking their heels and seig heiling ‘ihr neuer Führer.’

    You’d think he had promised to stop the oceans rising.


  • Agent BallSack

    Come on guys Labour supporters are one step above Brian Tamakis Brethren. You can feed them any shit and as long as it drops from the lips of the ‘anointed one’ they’ll accept it. Sunset Industry? Perhaps he means the Labour Party.


      So we should address him as Bishop Shearer.