Helen Kelly Lies, Ctd

As I blogged yesterday.

Helen Kelly is lying when she said MUNZ were not preventing people going about their lawful business.

TVNZ also has footage of the picket turning away a truck.


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  • Petal

    Why does she continue to hold that position?  Everything she touches goes sceptic!

    • Blokeintakapuna

      sceptic… or septic? Probably both actually!

      • Petal

        DOH!!!!!!!!!!  :)


  • Grandstream

    Recent evidance shows that Helen Clark, oops Kelly only lies when she opens her mouth to speak.  I cant recall in recnt times her making a truthful coment or observation based on facts – any left wingers please feel free to provide any that have slipped past WO or the media ? Kosh ? Phuckwit ? Phil O’Shit ? anyone ?

  • hoha

    She couldnt lie straight in bed

  • johnbronkhorst

    Still holding to their favourigte quote…”A lie told often enough, becomes the truth”…Lenin. A more modern translation I used hear a lot from the 70’s onward. “Perception is reality”..heard that a Labour party meeting…Pays to keep an eye on these guys!

  • The truckie was obviously lost – he was supposed to be heading to Tauranga…..

  • Fidosoup

    I’m really enjoying watching the slow death of the unions in NZ.