Helen Kelly Lies

Helen Kelly told Sean Plunket today that the union picket at the Ports Of Auckland never stopped people going about their lawful business.

It’s simply not true… and there’s video evidence to prove it. Stuff says “truck drivers were refused entry” and they have pictures…


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  • pdm

    I think your heading is a bit misleading. A better heading would be – Helen Kelly Lies Again!!!

    • Travdog

      “again” is a given ;)

      •  More noteworthy would be a headline along the lines of “Newsflash: Helen Kelly tells the truth!”

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Is that communism I can smell on your breath?

    • Super_Guest

      Communists? Involved in unions? No, surely not…

  • Scanner

    Yes but at least her and Gary were paid for the day, unlike poor old Cecil.


    ” Kelly was not telling porkies”Yeah right.Hey tui new billboard for ya.


    Has anyone heard the bullshit TV1 news had re Helen,and cecils hard done by rubbish.Biased,and getting some jumped up lawyer saying comments on this blog should help with his case for being ridiculed in a public forum.What a load of bullshit.TV1 needs to research their subject matter better.Wankers the lot of them

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Yeah it was a crock. Great ad for WOBH though and at least Jack Tame looked pretty doing his fluff piece from Hollywood.

    • AnnonE

      Being ‘Ridiculed in a public forum’ should never applied to the internet, otherwise someone is going to make A LOT of money out of youtube comments.

  • Really cant believe the lies

    Just saw Helen Kelly and Cecil on 3 NEWS, OMG she blinks all the way through her lies. Cecil made it public when he told the first lie. Thank you WO ……Sock it too them! 

  • Refused Entry

    What did she say “They were letting through anyone that was going through except other union members”
    Well, I am NOT a union member, and THEY STOPPED ME FROM GOING THROUGH!!!
    She doesn’t know what the picketers are doing out there, or the picketers are just so dumb that they didn’t understand when i said TWICE “I AM NOT A UNION MEMBER, YOU HAVE TO LET ME THROUGH”
    I had to go to another entrance where they had slightly more intelligent people on the picket line there as they let me through. That is not an experience I want to have again, although my case was not the worst of it – those that had their cars shaken or surrounded I feel would have felt more fear.

    • Beenthere

       “They were letting through anyone that was going through except other union members”
      So they admit they have got deserters in the ranks..

  • Steve P

    Actually I think she does quite well considering she is both deaf and blind.

    • starboard

      “tee hee”..good one Steveo


      forgot dumb

  • Guest

    Shes a MONG

    • Chris

      MONG: Adj. Lacking in physical and cerebal ability. General retardation. Generally: a total spastic

  • Guest

    Why the fuck aren’t the truckers allowed to be armed and just shoot their way through?

    That would solve this whole mess double-quick?

  • James

    Love to see one truckie just plant the foot and mash some of the bastards….

  • newbe

    Are they not still employed by poal even when striking. surely bullying, harassment and intimidation of other staff results in instant dismissal and loss of redundency.

  • jay cee

    but there again we all know who she is and where to find her.so why don’t you big brave guys go and confront her face to face? dare ya!

    • Work for a living

      Confrontation is the domain of thugs. Might be natural behaviour for you jay cee, rational thought and dicussion is the norm in society.

  • Peter Wilson

    As a matter of interest, what does the law say about pickets and associated activities, if anything? If there is an issue, why are the police not involved?

    A serious answer please.

  • Purile

    Of course she lied, she opened her mouth. HK, the gift that keeps giving.

  • Dr Wang

    Helen Kelly’s not “lying” – she’s suspending reality/in a state of denial.

    She doesn’t hear what comes out of her mouth, in her mind she’s telling the “truth”.

  • toby_toby

    I think Helen Kelly is an essentially terrible human being.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    When your “business model” stems from a parasitic-type of existence from the hard work of others and to watch as that parasitic infested model implodes upon itself in a heap of outdated philosophies belonging to last Century – no wonder she’s reverting to type and lambasting anyone and everyone she can point her fingers at.
    Kelly / Parsloe need to hold onto their failed union philosophies for their very existence – as they know in 2012 their relevance belonged to the previous century when things like electricity was still “new technology” To admit otherwise would be to admit their working life has all been in vein and irrelevant.
    Part1 … continues…