Helen Kelly threatens Radio Rhema

I was in at Radio Rhema today doing my regular Thursday slot with Pat Brittenden.

When I arrived I was talking to the producer of his show and she played me an audio file of a voicemail message left by Helen Kelly.

In the audio she threatens Radio Rhema with legal action and questions why they continue to use me on their show.

At the end of the message she says if Radio Rhema fails to withdraw their interview with me from yesterday then they would serve papers on the station.

We discussed it in the panel.

So Helen Kelly doesn’t like me telling the truth about the wharfies and so she threatens a christian radio station. That’s like going down to the SPCA and kicking a kitten.

Pat Brittenden isn’t one to be cowed by union bullies, in the show I offered to do a head to head debate with Helen Kelly and called her a coward because I doubted she would accept.

Pat and his producer called Helen Kelly and she refused to a debate with me on Pat’s show.

Bullies and now cowards….no wonder the union wants time off to go shopping with the missus.

UPDATE: Pat Brittenden has posted part of the audio of Helen Kelly’s threats. At the end of the message she clearly said that she would be sending legal letters unless her requests were met.

And Helen Kelly has whinged on Pat’s Facebook page:

Dear Mr Brittenden

I don’t expect to be used by your station in the way you seem intent on doing. I have had a respectful relationship with Rhema and have done many interviews etc. I have asked you to correct a very serious statement made on your Programme about a person who is involved in the Port dispute and to date this has not been done. I would expect you would want to do this if my concern is valid. I have also asked to talk to you about the dispute. I note Mr Slater is saying I have threatened you with suing if you keep using him. You know this is not true. Any liable action will be regarding an uncorrected statement. My offer is still open and I am happy to talk about it with you. I am on 021XXXXXX.

Yours Sincerely
Helen Kelly.


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  • Adolf Fiinkensein

     Slightly O/T but it looks as though Kelly and her MUNZter mates are realyl fucked.  Stuff reports the lefties on Auckland City Council have been soundly trounced by Len Brown and told to leave the dispute alone.  Northey has gone west, so to speak.

    •  If Northey had any integrity, he would resign. He challenged and tried to undermine his boss, and lost.


      • Gazzaw

        I saw Northey the other day. Fortunately I had my crucifix and garlic with me. Living as I do in Maungakiekie Northey is a real anathema here particularly after he was caught riffling thru Sam Lotu liga’s appointment diary. What I want to know is why Northey is driving around in an official Labour Party car with his name plastered all over it. He’s only a City Vision petty politico these days after all. More union members funds are obviously being poured into the party trough so that Northey can live in the style to which he has become accustomed..

      •  Cheers for the reminder of Northey’s extra-curricular activities at the function at Sam’s office Gazzaw; it had slipped my mind.

      • HSV325

        I heard Nothey being interviewed by the Hosk this morning and Northey was at his pathetic oxygen thief best as usual. I was waiting for the Hosk to give him a right kicking but he went soft.

  • Mully

    Of course she doesn’t have the guts. They have “scream and hurl abuse” as the primary setting, moving onto “thuggery and assault” as the fallback.

    • Troy

      Yeah, seem bitches like this thrive on the attention that is paid towards her by virtue of the actions and words she seems to excrete (and all too often).  Why is there are so many bitches like her and Fenton around in NZ that have supposedly become successful?  Time to stop them for good.

  • politically unstable

    She will completely ballistic when they lose the court case (on the 26th?). They will eventually run out of people to hate. A majority of the wharfies will go back to their work with a new employer and life will go on…albiet a little differently for a small percentage who have been outed as bullies and liars.


      Have got a great team of non union labour working at the ports now.Why should any of these union loosers get a job with the new contractors.That will end this shit for good.

      • politically unstable

         From what I understand, they are not all shit stirrers. Some of them will be decent enough blokes, but MUNZ dont let them out in public..


        Yeah guess some might be,but hell they need to drop these Union clowns,or the tar will go everywhere(+feathers)

      • politically unstable

         Agreed….but it is hard to know how safe tey are feeling with all the bullying etc and god knows what else they are threatened with. I would imagine they will be doing their job applications “in cognito” for their own safety.


        Guess in the end,they may be able to raise up,and run while the coast is clear.

  • EpochNZ


    Is there anyone left in the country for her to alienate?

    • tony

      She really does not seem to understand how screwed she has made the union movement


    Hear the Union scored a point in court today.Just staving off the final outcome.See you all at a WINZ office real soon.

  • Leata

    I wouldn’t worry too much it will be as effective as the threat that there would be no ships coming into Ferguson. hahahahahhahahahaahah, where are we now 9. Ohhh im so scared. 

    • Travdog

      Hows work Leata? more enjoyable? hope you’ve secured or at least applied with a contractor? do keep us informed, interested to know how things are working out for you.

      • Leata

        Thanks Travdog, Work is great, so much laughter and many smiles all around. Tomorrow we are having a big pot luck lunch together. Our department will not be contracted yet however we will be downsized and will find out on the 2 of April who is in and who is out.  Dooms day . But it doesnt stop the joy we all feel around the office or the continuous jokes played on each other….We will take what is coming with our heads held high that we played our part to save the PORT.

      • Travdog

        good stuff Leata, hope it all works out for you personally.

      • Refused Entry

        For me I’ve been pretty down this week, mostly after what happened Monday, and the mood amongst some of the office staff has been a bit down, so yes we are ending the week on a HIGH with the pot luck lunch, my baking is in the oven now :-)

      • EpochNZ

         Good stuff guys, sounds a great way to spend a Friday.

        Any chance you could hold it outside where the picketers can see you??  In fact, why not invite Cam and his video again?  Heaven forbid that video should ever leak out of “scab labour” enjoying themselves!

  • Brett Dale

    The Unions don’t change their spots.

  • BD

    Your lucky Gazzaw, his bach is just down from mine, have to endure him over my holidays.

  • wolfman jackoff

    hey whale, reckon you’ve done more to raise the profile of radio rhema then if they’d secured the services of willie & jt.

    hope they recognise and appreciate what you’re doing for their ratings!

    • Boss Hogg

      Are you saying Willie Wonker would improve ratings?  The only skill I see that Willie has is to turn any topic or discussion into a race or treaty issue – or am I all wrong here?

  • toby_toby

    The Facebook link in the article seems to be awol. What was the gist?

  • Travdog

    Bloody hell, how low can they go.

  • Orange

    She attacked the little Hobbits, she attacked the fuzzy wuzzy Christians, what cute innocent creature is left unscared by her venom? Oh wait, she keeps losing.

  • EpochNZ

     “I don’t expect to be used by your station in the way you seem intent on doing.”

    I would respectfully suggest that up until now you have been receiving a pretty much free ride from the mainstream media who you have been using towards your own ends.  All Radio Rhema are trying to do is offer an opposing viewpoint to your own in much the same way that debate is held in Parliament, Councils, Boards of Trustee and Playcentre Committees across New Zealand.

    ” I have asked you to correct a very serious statement made on your
    Programme about a person who is involved in the Port dispute and to date
    this has not been done.”

    However, you have been invited back onto the show (that you have been interviewed on several times) to do this yourself, and to this date you have not done that.  The fact that someone else who holds a contrary viewpoint may also be in the studio should be immaterial if you are well prepared and sure of your arguments and facts.

    I am picking I am personally more to the left on the New Zealand political spectrum than most of the commenters on this blog (and thats fine) but I am embarrassed and ashamed of the Unions actions in this debacle.  How dare you say your conditions are intolerable when for some New Zealanders living in real poverty they most certainly are??

    I will personally support the Rest Home workers and the Firefighters (who could risk there lives whenever the bell goes) but the Auckland Union Wharfies?  No, and you’ve only got yourselves to blame.

  • Jester

    Increased tone at the start indicates forced dramatic effect or emotional tension. Rapid speech with major pauses is also a major indicator of someone who is nervous due to the act of carrying out deception.

    • Jester

      I was also going to mention that a dollar to a knob of goat shit she was reading off a bullet point list of “must says”

      My contract negotiators would eat her alive.

  • Gold

    Notice she says “unfettered”. THAT is indicative of the left’s view of free speech, which is basically: “you can say what you want so long as we approve of it”. 

    • tspoon

      Clearly MUNZ want to be in the ring, but only if any opponent first has their hands tied behind their back. Taken further, that analogy accurately describes the tactics of the left in any sphere. Their ideas can only stand when all dissenting views are shouted down, often with the threat of implied violence, occasionally with violence itself.

  • Leata

    Brilliant idea ENZ , if i had the power i would invite all of you but no harm in calling reception and letting them know your outside with a trailer load of food to join in the celebrations…and yes Refused Entry the start of the week was really hard but after that great work out in the Gym this morning i decided that as long as im there and i currently have a job then I WIN ! I cant bake so i guess its gonna be store bought but i will get the good muffins i promise.

    • EpochNZ

       Being at the other end of the country makes that a bit difficult….but all the best for your lunch.

      You’ve all earned the right to sit back, relax and reflect on your achievements over the last few weeks.

    • Drea

       Why to go Leata… Kia Kaha… stay strong and don’t let those dicks beat you.  You will be there long sfter they are gone.  Enjoy your celebration tomorrow

    • Leata

      HEHE, was just thinking we could have Helen Kellys interview playing in the back ground and the One news showing the trucks been stopped on the big screen…..oh the laughter will be LOUD. Oh dear I have started laughing already.

    • Refused Entry

      See you in the gym again tomorrow? It’s nice having it to ourselves!

      • Greg M

         Leata, hoha, refused entry, and others.
        I’m not into speeches but here goes:
        I personally want to thank you all for keeping our port operating.
        There is so much support out here for you but the media as usual only focuses on the negative.Your work ethic has been noticed and is a clear difference to the ingrate union hardcore.
        I just want to wish you all the very best and to say THANK YOU.

        Kind regards, Greg Moore.

  • LesleyNZ

    Pat should challenge Helen Kelly about telling lies and quote a few Bible verses to her. That would do her good. Who does she think she is? This is a free country and free speech. And Helen Kelly criticizes what is happening in Fiji. Hypocrite!

  • Bunswalla

    Not wanting to blow smoke up your date WO but I would like tio nominate the following as Comment of the Day – it’s brilliant:

    “So Helen Kelly doesn’t like me telling the truth about the wharfies and so she threatens a christian radio station. That’s like going down to the SPCA and kicking a kitten.”

    Anyone that agrees click Like – mpre than 20 and I say we have a winner.

    • Greg M

      Yup, good choice Buns.
      Hard to pick todays best , there has been some epic posts!

  • Tookinator

    Who has a phone number of ‘ 021XXXXXX’ Is this like personalised plates? I want one!

    • Peter Wilson

      I am guessing the xxx’s are to protect the privacy of Helen Kelly?

      • Greg M

         Noo Peter, it’s lots of kisses for hottie Helen.

  • Bunswalla

    Thanks Greg, I was just a little bit sick in my mouth

  • Brian Smaller

    I didn’t hear the part about papers in the mail. 

    • Cactus Kate

      Any liable action will be regarding an uncorrected statement. My offer is still open and I am happy to talk about it with you.

      = threat.

  • Sooty

    POAL won, you lost, piss off.

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  • Jonno995

    So . .  in the current economic times when many companies are fighting for survival the council wants a 12 percent increase in profitability?  The only way to acheive that is to cut wages.  this is the aim of the Ports of Auckland.  So CEOs can get their multimillion dollar bonuses for doing what?  Financial institutions are ripping off old peoples life savings.  Banks are making bigger profits than ever.  while we are being told we need to tighten our belts.  The gap between the rich and the workers is growing.  It will not continue for ever.  No gated community will be secure enough for the greedy few who are leeching off the people who actually produce.  Judgement day is coming!