Help make Joseph Kony famous…in a bad way

Watch this video. I know it is 27 minutes long, but you need to watch it…


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  • Brian Smaller

    The Yanks get arseholes for being the world’s policeman and when they don’t, they get arseholes for not being the world’s policemen.  When the LRA attacks New York, they will get dealt with. Until then, is it too much to expect African countries to deal with their own shit? It is not like they don’t spend a fortune on their military.

  • this one is a bit suss..

    ‘the boy’ viewed it last night..

    ..and he told me he thinks it is a scam

    1)..they ask for money..

    2)..they are advocating international money/support for the totally corrupt ugandan army/administration..

    3)it’s known kony isn’t even in uganda anymore..

    ..and 4)..many think he/kony is already dead…

    ..looks like a scam…one playing on peoples emotions in a very sick way….


    • redeye

       “they ask for money” – So do you from memory.

      “it’s known kony isn’t even in uganda anymore..” – as he said in the video.

    • Doug_S

      For once Phil I think I agree with you. The message certainly gets across and has raised my awareness but it does smell a bit scammy..

    • Save the Children asks for money…are they suss?

      If he isn’t in Uganda then that is precisely why you publish everything there is to know about him.

      Why am I not surprised that you would defend a mass murdering scumbag

      •  where exactly have i ‘defend(ed) a mass murdering scumbag..’..?

        ..i am alerting people to the warning from eagle-eyed be careful of what may be a scam.. that if they support..

        ..could well be helping/supporting other real ‘mass murdering scumbag'(s)..

        ..namely the ugandan military/dictatorship..

        ..that’s quite a leap to equate/read that as supporting kony..

        ..don’tyathink..? me it reads like another version of those .nigerian scamming-letters..

        ..but ..y’know..!..believe what you of us will be wrong..

        [email protected]

      • Doug_S

        I get it Cam and honestly the first thing I did after watching that video was go directly to their website, register and then proceeded to fill out my CC details with a minimum $15 per month donation to secure the pack that included the bracelets. I then paused before sending and thought I would check them out with the usual Google search. I read the same I info M3N posted and thought twice. If proved wrong I will donate but so
        Thing smells and I think there is more to come

  • Cobolt

    Corporal Apiata. Gotta job for you, bring your mates…

  • Simo

    You have to go after this motherf^^&&&r with RPG’s and mega violence, human biomass without motivation and weapons will fail. They must have the intestinal fortitude to tolerate 40 degree heat, rampant AIDS and disease. With Kony’s superior local knowledge he will be extremely difficult to find. His Army must be infiltrated by his own with an agenda to dob him in.

    I suspect 100% of Facebook combatants can drive a keyboard but only 1% has fired a weapon. Power comes from a barrel of a gun – MAO TSE TUNG, not from a keyboard. However 1% of 750million people should get the job done!

  • Euan Rt

    Best way would be to put a ransom on his live arrest. Would get him real quick.

  • sthn.jeff

    Have been some interesting revelations about this “Charity”.

    Invisible Children has come under criticism from some however, being accused of manipulating facts, ignoring alleged abuses committed by the Ugandan People’s Defence Force (which has been fighting Kony’s group for over two decades) and refusing to have its accounts independently audited.
    The group’s financial statements show only 31 percent of the money it receives is actually spent on helping people in Uganda – the rest goes towards travel expenses, filmmaking costs and paying the salaries of the charity’s three founders – Ben Keesey, Laren Poole and Kony 2012 director, Jason Russell.
    Invisible Children’s founders have also posed for photographs (whilst holding what appear to be AK-47 machine guns) with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, which along with the Ugandan People’s Defence Force, has been accused of killing and raping civilians.
    US President Barack Obama has also already sent US troops to Africa with the express purpose of capturing Kony, who hasn’t been active in Uganda since 2006. The Lord’s Resistance Army has been listed as a terrorist group by the US government since the September 11, 2001 attacks.
    Read more:

  • Allanspear

    The chances are that if Kony is eliminated, there will be another to take his place. This does not mean that he should not be eliminated, but we need to face the facts. Removing him will nor solve all Ugandas problems. Just a cursory look at the history of Africa in general will show that there are much deeper rooted problems there than those created by any individual dictator, terrorist, rebel, whatever guise in which they may come.

    Some may want to crucify me for my views, but it seems to me that Democracy has never worked in Africa and probably never will. The only countries where Democracy appears to be working, are countries with large mineral or fossil fuel resources, being exploited by large corporations (such as Shell, with the largest private army in the world) who call the shots. 

    The west needs to butt out of African Politics and let them solve their own problems in their own way. The rest od the world will not like the way they are likely to go about solving their problems, but it will work for Africa and Africans. Africans are different from the rest of the world. They think differently, have significantly different cultures and values.

    No, I am not racist. The west needs to do all they can to help these people, but insisting on their adopting western values and styles of government, is not helping.

  • M3N78L

    Guys you should check out this link – horrifying as it sounds, i’m afraid Phil may be right (just this once) sorry about the link out Whale

  • James

    Yeah…its a scam…they are being tracked on the net and their bubbles bursting…

  • Jman

    The irony is these same activist types trying to get American military intervention here would be the ones who were protesting against the Iraq war , nevermind that the atrocities Saddam committed against his own people were just as bad or worse.

    The message seems to be that American military intervention is ok so long as it’s not in Americas national interest.

    •  wow..! get the ideological-pretzel award.. managed to turn that into a let’s sledge the lefties who opposed the iraq invasion…?

      ..well done there..!


      [email protected]

  • Brett Dale

    I dont think its a scam because its just so so public, scammers like to go under the rader.

    •  psst..!..brett..!

      ..wanna buy a bridge…?

      ..hardly used..?

      ..and it’s ‘so public’

      ..nothing ‘under the table’ at all.. you know it’s not a scam…eh..?

      wd you like the address to send the chq to…?

      [email protected]

  • TM

    Kony is a despicable piece of crap, but there are atrocities on all sides.

    There have been a few stories about “Invisible Children” who made the video.  They are not a scam as such, but they are not as altruistic as they would have you believe.  They seem to be taking sides in a power struggle and are getting kick backs from the corrupt Ugandan regime who are also responsible for the rape and murder of women and children.  This video is part of a social media campaign to raise funds and galvanise international political will to stamp out the LRA (who are being supported by the corrupt Sudanese regime).

    It’s always nice to be manipulated by a slick bit of marketing.

  • Mike

    Seems Bomber is against taking Kony out, because it violates his human rights.