Helping Grant out

Grant Robertson is seeking some help. He wants suggestions on how to improve Wellington.

It is an interesting site. It carries an authorisation statement, but not a single logo of the Labour party, nor a parliamentary crest so he must be paying for it himself which would be a first for a socialist.

It also asks for contact details. Grant has done this before. There is no privacy statement about what he plans to do with people’s emails?  Is this another of Grant’s email harvesting exercises?

If you sign up to give Grant suggestions for Wellington then expect to be spammed with begging letters from Chris Flatt and Labour.

As for ideas, here are some of mine:

  1. Do something about Wellington’s shithouse location
  2. Same for the shithouse weather
  3. Remove 50% of the bureaucrats to improve the general populace
  4. Shift the government departments to Palmerston North to improve rent rates for the productive sector businesses
  5. Make all politicians who promote public transport catch the airport bus instead of taxis ir crown limos

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  • MrV

    Free swissballs?

  • peterwn

    Winston will be delighted to know that you can use the Super Gold Card on the Wellington Airport bus except before 9am and between 3-6pm weekdays. And it runs past Parliament.

    • Gazzaw

      He could use his Gold Card at the Auckland end too. Regular bus services from Ponsonby to connect with the airport bus in Newmarket. He might even qualify for a free coffee at the airport Maccas so there’s also a possibility that Parliamentary Services could save on a Koru Club subscription. Mrs T could even give him a packed lunch.

  • Simon Arnold

    No idea about business 

  • Steve (North Shore)

    What’s with the balck and white with big RED bits?

    Or has my computer gone funny?

  • titanuranus

    Shifting Parliament and its inhabitants to a rock south of The Auckland Isles or even further  would improve the place no end.
    Preferably somewhere south of Antarctica would suffice.

  • Johnboy

    Shift all the poofters to north of the Bombay hill would do it for me.

    • Macca

      Ha ha I thought they all were.

      • Johnboy

         Still a few left at the beehive Macca!