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NZ Herald

After a good start on the Pullar fiasco Adam Bennett is now having a shocker:

In an emotional letter, she said ACC was “rotten to the core” and said she had numerous examples of ACC claimants’ rights being trampled on that would “seriously embarrass you”.

The letter was sent in October 2010 as part of Ms Pullar’s battle to get funding for treatment for her injuries. She also sent it to the Herald which was investigating the high number of injury claims turned down by ACC on the basis of a pre-existing degenerative condition.

“This is NOT a mistake as you are making out Nick,” Ms Pullar wrote. “You are just covering up corruption that is alive and well within ACC. ACC is rotten to the core and I have numerous examples that could seriously embarrass you, over and above this.”

She wrote that the “abusive processes” had to stop. “Good luck fighting it Nick in the media. You are going to need big PR help on this one. It is everywhere!”

The letter emerged yesterday as Labour continued to demand an independent inquiry into the scandal that brought down Dr Smith.

Actually the actually letter emerged on March 18, after I published it in correspondence Bronwyn Pullar had with me.

The reason I published it was to show that Bronwyn Pullar, despite now crying crocodile tears, had threatened Nick Smith and ACC before. I quess we know what she meant by this “could seriously embarrass you”.

One thing we know now, when Bronwyn Pullar says she will unleash a PR disaster on ACC and Nick Smith she is telling the truth about that at least.


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  • Evan Johnson

    Very sinister stuff I must say.  I see more and more grounds for a full enquiry – Lord knows what more it might expose!

  • John-maurice

    very trivial close the dor and move on. there are faults on both sides

  • Peter Wilson

    Absolute scandal. But you missed out the big one:

    You are going to need big PR help on this one

    Was this a veiled threat to use Boag’s PR firm to handle the fallout from the ensuing mess?

    Seriously, everyone needs to pull their head in on this one. This is a woman with definite psychological problems as a result of a head injury, and the call is for an independent enquiry? From a retired judge maybe – who probably won’t even be able to understand her rambling and incoherent writings. Far better to investigate the ACC directly.

  • BJ

    Head injuries  more often than not result in some degree of personality change – especially when it comes to being suspicious and distrusting of people and organizations.

    • Absolutely right BJ. My family had to put up with a completely different me for eighteen months while I recovered from a six metre fall smashing my head. I was totally unaware of my change – but got picked up often by my lovely wife and children for being snappy and paranoid. Thankfully had understanding staff around me (I was the boss and warned them via Med Professionals to PLEASE tell me if they noticed any change in personality – they came and spoke to my staff at my request)

  • Evan Johnson

    Peter Wilson is absolutely right.  There needs to be an investigation of the ACC – how it manages private information, how it establishes appropriate forums to discuss particular cases.  

  • Peter Wilson

    “The reason I published it was….”

    Creates a bit of an unfortunate precedent?

  • jay cee

    in law  this woman , pullar would be declared a vexatious litigant and a judge would be asked to dismiss her claims as such.