Here comes the Bruvvers from the MUA

via the tipline

On the flight from Sydney last night was the union heavies of the MUA, coming to support their bruvvers in the Maritime Union.

They were full of bravado about how they were going to shut down the wharf. We’ll see.

I hope they will share the duty free with the fellas on the picket.


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  • Guest

    Gin soaked picketers threaten safe working environment at Ports of Auckland….

  • In breaking news: The CEO of New Zealand – Premier Ruth Richardson announced today at the Board of Free People’s and Unfettered Enterprises (Parliament) that MUNZ was de-registered as a union and flipped all the employees onto contracts at the requirements of IFNZ (Infrastructure New Zealand) and Associates Port of Auckland. Richardson said to the Free Press of Truthful and Actual Journalism Paper (the former NZ Herald) that she had a guts full of the perpetuated bollocks from MUNZ in holding the Free City of Auckland to ransom. She further stated that with the freedom of choice that her Neo National Party gave New Zealand, there is also responsibilities to bear from one’s choices and in this case MUNZ bore the ultimate responsibility when she de-registered MUNZ this morning.


    Now if that were to truly happen – as they say in the Tui ads – YEAH RIGHT

    Oh well – one’s dreams are free – until the ultra left decide to regulate that too

  • BJ

    I note that that the shoulder bag says ORGANISE 

    • Vij

      No, UNITE is in liquidation

  • thor42

    These guys are wasting their time.
    Let’s see how they go against the police and a busfull of strike-breakers. 
    The strikebreakers are ***breaking no laws.***
    They are fully entitled to work. “Freedom of association” and all that. Freedom to not be a union member if you so choose.   

    Most New Zealanders have had an absolute gutsful of unions. “Union” is synonymous with “strike” in their books.
    If you want a textbook example of how unions can bring a company to its knees, look no further than the history of Bethlehem Steel in the U.S.

  • Petal

    These boys are shitting themselves that the idea of them becoming irrelevant in Australia also will find fertile ground.  So they’re here to try and stop the rot before it is beyond their control.

    • thor42

      Agreed, Petal. 
      I think these guys will be pissing in the wind (hopefully blowing it back into their faces).
      Too little, too late, I’d say. The non-union workers seem to have done a bloody great job with the ship the other day. They put the lazy bloody unionists to shame. 

    • BJ

      It would be great to dismantle the maritime union in Australia because they stop small ship owners that can do their own loading and unloading on some NZ wharves at ports and around the South Pacific from doing the same in Australia. They are the bully’s.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Does anyone remember the Painters and Dockers in Melbourne????  Man dead in the bottom of a dry dock and amazing how many people had the sun in their eyes.

    Nasty Bastards they were

    • thor42

       What happened to the Painters and Dockers, CC?

  • Prov

    No alcohol allowed on the picket line. No need to make up stuff just because you are enraged by disciplined, class conscious workers. 

    • Mark C

      You’re calling the BBQ pissers disciplined? Hahaha!

    • Biker

      Dragging out the lie detector test machine here:
      Attaching the electrodes….. 

      MUNZ were seen drinking on the picket line by members of the public
      MUNZ drink when they vote
      MUNZ have chased cars down the road when people have shouted at them to go back to work but have no problem throwing their placards onto other port staff’s cars when they go to work to damage their paintwork.
      During previous strikes the Port has sent women home because MUNZ were slashing other port workers tyres
      MUNZ do bully others as evidenced by CCTV coverage of bullying occuring between MUNZ on the picket line and Non-union staff.
      Dave Phillips the MUNZ walking delegate copped a 2 year ban for inciting violence against non-union staff
      MUNZ are racist as evidenced by Angus and McKean court case documents
      MUNZ are sexist as evidenced by the McKean case documents
      MUNZ have tried to get Angus and McKean their jobs back after dismissal,a  sign they see no problem with their behaviour
      MUNZ like to associate themselves with racist and sexist people as evidenced by both McKean and Angus being on the picket line
      MUNZ do not have safe work place practices as evidenced by CCTV footage of MUNZ members recklessly jeopardising non-union members lives by throwing things in front of straddles driven by non-union staff.
      MUNZ do not practice basic hygeine as evidenced by testimonials from those who have been spat on by MUNZ members and those whose lockers were urinated in.

      Checking the machine ……

      Okay here we go attaching electrodes again:

      MUNZ are disciplined class conscious workers


      Oh well, there you go then

    • Jellyfish

      Prov, you are not with the programme. While striking last year, they were indeed drinking on the picket line. A little too early in the morning since at 7:30am they ten trudged up to vote drunkenly for another strike. Hmm, actions like this really do highlight the intelligent levels of most wharfies. There is also a picture of them on the munz website drinking at the meeting with a nice show of hands. Not quite 300 odd members packed in there either, about a third!

  • niggly

    Jeez, one of them doesn’t look as though he’s done a day’s physical work in years judging by his belly, must be too busy troughing it up thanks to their mafia like grip on Union membership fees …

    • TinkerBell

      Hahaha good one niggly, I was thinking the same thing myself when I saw that picture!

  • Scanner

    So what are these rocket scientists going to do, a big fat nothing would be my guess, these fat wankers have come over to show the brothers how they should handle this “problem”,
    It should take less than 48 hrs before these fat fucks disappear with their tails jammed fair up their arses, just after they realise that the MUNZ is rooted and if they are not careful this “problem” will spread like gorse to their happy little playground.

    • politically unstable

       Is their league team playing in NZ this week?

      • Biker

        Hahaha. Yes, no doubt there will be a bevvy of other perks that they’ve come here for.

  • Clopper

    My word three weeks overdue with triplets – the man needs to work on his own health rather than poke his nose into problems in other countries.  If only Customs had turned them away

  • Clopper

    Good work to the Tip Off person and thanks for sending it through.

  • Phar Lap

    I now see the Aussie underbelly poison from the Bruwers directive,has now spread to Wellington and Tauranga with pickets now in place. What a web we weave when we set out to deceive.Parsloes lies are now bearing fruit.Why would he worry about getting paid,when others are on strike.He has a nice little earner    going , gouging the rank and file wharfies of union dues,or is it protection money to pay the AUSSIE HEAVIES.

    • Biker

      Here’s the transcript from 3 News:

      Sat, 03 Mar 2012 2:31p.m.

      The Maritime Union has organised pickets against ships worked by non-union labour at Ports of Auckland, which are now at Wellington’s CentrePort and Port of Tauranga. The union is targeting container ships Maersk Aberdeen in Wellington and Irene’s Remedy, due to arrive at Tauranga.”The owners of other ports should be extremely concerned their ports are now being affected by the contracting out and casualisation attack at Ports of Auckland,” says Maritime Union general secretary Joe Fleetwood.Port of Tauranga chief executive Mark Cains said the Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU), which has members at Port of Tauranga, has instructed its members not to cross the picket line and go to work.Port of Tauranga has given notice that if the situation persists it will seek an injunction against the RMTU.”This dispute has nothing to do with our port or our workers,” Mr Cairns said.Prime Minister John Key says the government would like to see the parties compromise and resolve the dispute as soon as possible.”This is the largest port in the country, operating in the biggest city in the country and that has an impact, both on costs and efficiency for Auckland and the businesses around Auckland that are supported by the port,” My Key said on Radio New Zealand……..Ports Of Auckland has lost $30 million of business since January.Maritime Union national president Garry Parsloe says until port management drop their plan to outsource jobs, industrial action will continue.The union has offered to continue mediation next week, he said.
      Read more:

      • Biker

        The RMTU needs to be VERY clear about what it’s doing.  Not crossing the picket line might be one thing, but going and standing with your Bruvvers on the picket line could be considered an illegal strike.

        The RMTU has also been far more progressive than MUNZ opting to work together through cooperation and negotiation rather than strikes.  They have appeared to actually understand that taking a business down will mean that their members will lose their jobs.  Now is the litmus test … have they a collective brain or not?

  • Biker

    So the three of them are going to stand in a line with each of their beer guts touching the guy in front’s back and that will make them wide enough to stop trucks entering the ports.

    The trucks are secondary what they will be trying to stop is MUNZ members breaking the line.

    So Parsloe will be crowing like a prize cock.  Wait for him to get tanked and ring the Herald with some more threats. 

    These arseholes will try to target the RMTU next to drag the rail network down and then cripple our nation.  Why the fuck do we need Aussie trouble makers here destroying our economy.  Wankers go back to your desert and Pauline Hansen and take your crim mentatlity with you.

    • Tellerofthetruth

      Fallen off your bike lately? It’s easy to tell who you are by you lack of intelligence. See you in court!

      • Biker

        You have no idea who I am and you’re barking up the wrong tree.  But if you did know, you’d be shocked.  I could bother to work out who you are, however it would be so dull as you’re only a clone trooper and one really wants to get to the wrinkled, evil, power hungry emperor or to destroy the death star so that others can find peace from mafia like bullies seeking port domination.  Go away lackey

  • Vikingonmars

    Oh yea and your favourite PM this morning wanted the POAL to appease these bastards.

    They will have enjoyed their picket in Wellinton today. Great place on a sunny day.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I was mate of a roro running from NZ to PNG then down to Bris and back to NZ.  The union said that we had to have a bloke on the ramp with a stop/go sign and he had to be changed wvery half hour because of fatigue.

    Well one day there was a delay and no truck were moving and what had happed was that the sign man had fallen asleep at the bottom of the ramp.

    One of the BRUVVERS was driving the gantry and he was so FAT he could hardly get up the ladder through the safety hoops/.

    The rate of exhange on this ship in Lae and Port Moresby was twice that of the Bris wharfies.

    • Greg M

       I just snorted my sav blanc out my my nose laughing.
      I can just see it Captain, how the hell did you put up with it ?

      • ConwayCaptain

        We had to Greg.

        Working the trucks in PNG was like watching a Formula 1 race the were great.  In Aus it was a sedate drive by a couple of pensioners in a Morrie Minor

  • doshi

    As a watersider of 36 years and an official (not in Auckland)i am extremely proud of the wages and conditions we have negotiated in our port and know a lot of the idiots who write to this would love a job on the wharf and probably have all applied at one stage.I doubt if any of them have a job as some of the shite written is from people extremely jealous of the wages and conditions on the waterfront and most not true. All the Auckland members are doing is trying to hold on to what they have much the same as some of you would do if any of you actually worked.In 1989 our numbers were decimated by 2 thirds and we had to make changes and we did,which saw  productivity rise and that was when we lost our rosters and were virtually living on the phone to know what we were doing and this had an obvious effect on family life.and our health.
    I have also since 1989 seen people killed on the waterfront and many seriously injured in what is a dangerous place to work.
    I will always be proud to have worked on the waterfront and to read a lot of the crap written by people of little knowledge of our industry and in effect extremely jealous of what we have achieved over the years and by Auckland making the stand they in an attempt to hold on to what they have  good on them.

    • Bunswalla

      I think you’re on the wrong blog, pal. You seem to have us mistaken for labour-voting dole bludgers without work.

      You’ve also grossly (and probably deliberately, but perhaps you’re just stupid) misrepresented what this industrial action is about. According to MorUNZ, they first took action out of petulance because POAL dared to pay non-unionscum workers the same money and terms that MorUNZ members were getting, and in some cases more.

      Only goes to show how piss-poor your negotiators have been, doesn’t it?

      Are you still proiud of all they’ve achieved, when individuals negotiating separately can get a better deal?

      And best of all, they don’t have to pay rapidly increasing union “fees” to support your dear leaders on the piss in Kings Cross, illegally threatening shipping companies and trying (unsuccessfully) to divert them from PoA.

      Not only that, they can decide whether to withdraw or supply their labour by themselves, without being stood over by thugs and goons, half-pissed by lunchtime, ensuring they “do the right thing”.

      And to address your statement that wharfies are “living on the phone to know what we’re doing” – utter bullshit. Not only does the Port publish well in advance when each ship is coming, what they’re carrying and when they need to leave by, they have for a long time published a roster of work. POAL has also offered to give people the chance to pick and choose their own hours to suit themselves, for a month in advance! Fuck me, for an industry that relies on customers deciding when they’re going to use the services, that’s about as good as you can get.

      You can’t have it both ways – our wages and conditions are really good and you’re just jealous – and then turn around and say that the stories of how good they are aren’t even true. What a tosser. Ernst and Young have verified that the average wharfie grosses $91,000 a year, and they only work 26 out of every 40 hours they get paid.

      I’m not surprised you want to hold on to that, but trying to destroy your employer’s business is an unbelievably stupid way to go about it.

      • doshi

        good to see tony Gibson contributing to the debate under the name of bunswalla
        To say ships arrive and sail on time is utter bullshit
        how does $27 dollars an hour for a 40 hour week equate to 91k i hope even you can work that out

      • Biker

        You know there are night shift loadings, twin lift loadings, lash leading hand loadings and other penal rates that make it add up to 91K.  You also know that the MUNZ members choose to work extra shifts – that they are not compulsory and that they squeal like stuck pigs if they think they are going to be taken away from them.  The port could put everyone on a 40 hour week and make heaps of the casuals permanent if MUNZ didn’t greedily hog the extra shifts and cut the casuals out. 

        And is Bunswalla is Tony Gibson then you’re Patsy Stone

      • Tellerofthetruth

        Quite right doshi and don’t take any notice of biker either IT hasn’t written one bit of truth in this entire post the right wing Nazi is pushing POAL propagander and only a moron could fail to see that so leave this lot to it they deserve the POAL’s crap if they believe it . Watch this site soon you will see all the goose stepping NAZI’s run for cover when John Key’s NAzi party starts attacking their jobs as well.

      • Biker

        telleroftruth:  I feel sorry for ye of little brain.  Go back to your facebook page and your postcard.  They’ll keep you warm at night

    • Light

      A lot of the people who are writing here are directly involved in the Ports of Auckland dispute with MUNZ and the strikes.  Either working/worked at the Port either as MUNZ members or as Non-union staff (and there are two hundred POA staff who are not members of MUNZ who are also affected by MUNZ actions) or they are working/worked at Port of Tauranga or are in the transport industry or other industries that are directly affected.

      You have written off their opinions as jealousy.  Have you taken the time to stop and think ….what if they are right?  What is the other side of this argument?  Is there a meeting point between them?

      If people who have as much experience as you do and work at Ports and know the industry inside and out don’t agree with you – is your answer “it doesn’t exist, it’s just jealousy”.  Because that is a blinkered outlook.

      Please don’t also forget that MUNZ keeps grabbing onto new things that it’s trying to hold onto.  It has changed the reason for the strikes 6 times since they started in late 2011.

      I have worked in the shipping industry for 17 years and have worked at the Ports of Auckland in the stevedoring department and have family and friends still working there and what was evident during my years at the port was:

      A group of men trying to stay in a 1950’s time machine


      Nepotism and favouritism

      Sexism and racism

      Laziness to the extreme – guys working out a system where they would
      take turns to not show up to work and their mates would cover for them
      so they could claim a full days pay.

      People going to work with the intention of sleeping under their desk or sleeping in the smoko room instead of manning up where they were rostered to.
      Guys walking off after signing on and then not being able to be found for the rest of their shift.
      Crane drivers working double turns instead of taking their breaks which were supposed to be for Health and Safety and then buggering off after 2-3 hours work and getting paid $38 an hour for 8 hours work.  Blatant ignoring of Health and Safety standards.
      Crane drivers keeping little books on who got off early on which shift so they could know when it was their turn then complaining loudly to anyone within air shot that it was their turn not someone else’s if they felt they got jipped.
      Guys that had long ago lost interest in their jobs and should have left to try something new but couldn’t let go of the money knowing they would get less elsewhere.  So instead they stayed in the job and became bitter and blamed the company for everything.
      The Cop Job – the shift everyone wanted, where you showed up for an 8 hour shift but only worked 1-2 hours because it was the last bit of work for a vessel and then you went home and got paid for 8.

      There are good people there and there’s dead wood.  The deadwood is generally those who have been there the longest and it’s almost always the same guys raking in big bucks and doing very little but full of bravado and entitlement about how much they deserve.

      MUNZ has taken a battle stance on something that should have been handled at the negotiations table and they’ve escalated the matter to the extreme of risking their members jobs and turning the public against them.  They haven’t acted in good faith for their members, the casuals who work at the port and the rest of the city and country.  Now that we are down to Custer’s last stand I for one hope they fall.  I never want this country to be held to ransom like that again.

      • Boohoo

        Sounds like you are still stuck in the fifties you need to catch up with the play or stop lying which ever one you are doing.

      • Biker

        Mirror Mirror on the wall ….

  • doshi

    you say that those negotiating as individuals are getting more than those covered by the collective and that may have happened but when these individuals further on ask the boss to have their rate increased he will tell them no and if you want to take industrial action go ahead as 1 person on strike will have nil effect on the company.
    Individual agreements are very enticing until you have to negotiate a new agreement and the company can say take it or leave or take industrial action against us an individual is of no great concern  when taking industrial action to an employer much the same as making drivers owner drivers.they are offered  very lucrative contracts initially and once the company has them as owner drivers the screw the life out of them.
    So these silly people who believe they better off with an individual contract ned to wait and see when they need to renegotiate i guarantee things will not be so rosy.

    • Terrafirma

       Doshi,  the guys on IEA’s can form their own collective and hire an external party to negotiate on their behalf which would be a cheaper option for them than to pay union fees for two years.  They wouldn’t have to go into negotiations, they would be able to vote for their preference and they would be kept constantly informed of developments by the negotiator. 

      There’s about 50 guys working down the port at the moment, either IEA’s or casuals.  If you took the standard union deduction to be $30 a week from each guy then:

      50 guys x $30 x 52 weeks = $78,000 x negotiations every 2 years = $156,000

      That’s what the union would get from them.  I imagine any newly formed collective could pay less than a quarter of that and be able to afford the best in the country to represent them.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I am going to make Greg M spray his Sav Blanc again

    Loading coils of extruded wire for Japan and Korea in Newcastle NSW.  The BRUVVERS were SLOW like Marine Fuel Oil being poured,  3000 on the Redwood Scale.

    So that the Bruvvers did not exert themselve between having to pass a few slings through the centre of the coil and attach to the cargo hook several PARK BENCHES were placed alonside every hold so that they could take their ease.


  • Tellerofthetruth

    Plenty of slanderous stuff here especially from Biker could be some nice expensive court cases coming up. As usual whaleoil hasn’t even bothered getting the truth so all articles have to be taken with a grain of salt and regarded as nothing but nasty humour. The men in the photo’sare not even MUA they are NZ seafarers. As for bikers comments I looked carefully and could not find one grain of truth so doesn’t give Biker (or Ports Of Auckland who Biker obviously works for) any credibility at all. I very much doubt Biker or whaleoil or a few other people commenting on this site could even lay straight in bed. Anyone reading this SHIT and believing it should really seek help! As for whaleoil it could have been a excellent site if only it would stick to the truth and not wander off with idiotic comments and outright lies!

    • Biker

      Boohoo, it is bad for your health to get so worked up.  Your physical functioning will become impaired and you’ll only be able to lie on the picket line like a twitching parsnip.  Whale Oil is a great site and voted number one because it allows freedom of speech and opinion.  Unlike the Standard which is a sorry joke.  Threatening and bullying other port workers on a blog site is typical of a MUNZ member.  Especially as you have NO idea how much I know and what I have yet to do.  In fact, you inspire me. 

  • Tellerofthetruth

    Biker you have too much info you are obviously working for the port and lying through you teeth because you would then know other than public holidays there are no penal rates or 91,000. If you cannot speak truthfully or constructively then crawl back to your bully boys hole and shut up!

    • Biker

      I’ll let the court documents speak for themselves.  Perhaps you’d like to confirm the identity of this man on your picket line?