Hipkins rates the Leaders speeches

Chris Hipkins has rated the two leader speeches.

On David Shearer’s speech he wrote 228 words and 4 paragraphs…including a cut paste from Shearer’s speech of 125 words. So in reality he wrote 3 paragraphs and 103 words on Shearers speech.

On John Key’s speech he has written 9 paragraphs and 448 words.

On the simple metrics of paragraphs and words in blog posts Chris Hipkins hands the victory to John Key.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Haven’t read his discertation. But if it’s anything like any other, he has written. It will be way off the mark, misinterpreted and misunderstood. The reason for this, you nust understand, that Chris Hipkins is the walking definition of a medical/ biological miracle. How anyone with this little brain function, is still breathing!…and yes I am serious he really is that stupid!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Ok Ok I’ve read it now, and yes I was right!!! “About the only ‘progress’ they can point to so far is more people out of work. “…Really Mr Hipkins…So the massive reduction in hospital waiting list and times, Lower crime rate, One of the lowest unemployment rates (6.3%) in the world and FALLING. Aussie are worried theirs is rising (esp outside the mining sector), the UK is bragging that they held theirs at 8.3% ahead of Europe on about 8.8%, USA bragging about 8.5%, Canada too. The truth Mr Hipkins???or is that a mystery to you along with your whole party!

  • Peter Wilson

    Hipkins deflects criticism that there are no detailed policies by quoting his leader:

    I want to arrive in government on Day One with a detailed plan that will
    actually achieve…

    Apparently they’ll be campaigning on no policy and asking the public to trust them. mmm

    • johnbronkhorst

      Personally I think he transposed 2 words…..”Day one” should read “one day”

    • BJ

      Labour will be campaigning from the flank of National hoping to leap right on their back come next election. Just watch Shearer keep “listening to all ideas” as John Key’s government actually carries them out.
      He’s up to something manipulative and he’s not showing his hand yet as he casts his net wide. He’s not going to commit to CGT until they see how National are fairing when they hope to get some of National’s supporters.
      Shearer’s detailed plan on Day One in office would be having stolen all National’s policies, tweaked a bit. That is the cheats way to not be the underdog in opposition.
      Although he seems inept I don’t think Shearer should be underestimated – I think this ‘nice guy’ is rather a bit tricky.

  • Sooty

    David who? and from what party?

  • AnonWgtn

    Who is this “Hipkins ?”
    Not a patch on Ingrid Hipcriss.

  • Pete George

    It’s not just Red Alert that is failing their leader, here’s another example of Shearer being Stranded in no man’s land. Key 5, Shearer 0. The troops aren’t listening David.