How the union deals with dissent

This comment was left on the NZ Herald site. Given the use of extreme violence by the Maritime Union this guy is brave to leave his name.

The Maritime Union tried the soft sell and emotional viral videos, yesterday though, with the roughing up of counter-protesters and today with the bullying and intimidation underway at Port gates they have shown their true colours.

The are cowards and bullies, their time is up.


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  • Doodlebug

    This guy needs police protection now.  You’re not allowed to have a voice in MUNZ.  Unless you adopt their voice you’re a MUNZ punching bag – that’s right, isn’t it Kenny Boy??

  • Dave

    I have experienced the exact UNION led thuggery previous.   Unions in Australia took action to get parity with a completely unrelated firm, and incomparable work.  When their heavy handed tactics did not produce the instant 17% increase, they called a strike.   The first in the companies 120 year history.   Intimidation then started, verballing anyone trying to come on site, blocking trucks, vandalizing and threatening anyone who came on site.   We continued in business with strike breakers, and the management team.

    One day I managed to get to them.   As the GM, I left the site in a van, one of the union leaders yelled out, “it’s was full of parts” just as I cleared the pickets, and they followed me.   I managed to lead them on a wild goose chase – all the way to the post office.  The workers concerned, who i knew personally, saw the funny side, and I shouted them for a coffee and had a chat.   The union didn’t like that at all, talking to their members and trying to break their power.   That very night, my home was vandalized, and someone stopped me and asked how safe my children were.   That is how the unions work, so i say to Auckland and to NZ.  Enough of the Strikers, enough of the unions concerned – hold firm.  please don’t give in to violence, thuggery and what could be in this case – Treason.  

    I encourage the police to ensure the unionists and picketers do not break any laws, ZERO tolerance.   Lets not pander to a complete minority.

    Final point, time for the Labour Pollies to come out in favor of POAL.  

    • Doodlebug

      Ghastly stuff. 

    • Guest

      Time to call in the “specials” and finish MUNZ and any other unions in NZ!

      Key should just announce all union contracts, all unionists are fired, may never be rehired, get no benefits. Forever.  Same to Labour

      • Patriot

        Unionists need to be shown that we do not approve of their strong arm tactics .

        Maybe its time to do some pushing back on the Unionists — i’m all for walking thru their line / picket with a few hundred  freedom marchers — straight thru their lines to show them that we aint intimidated by their attempted intimidation —

        Name a time and place — i will be there — sunglasses as well — ready to repeatedly BUST their picket line , just for the hell of it

      • Dave

        To Patriot   I agree….. But lets keep it sensible, they would love the negative publicity spreading round the world….. NZ in crisis.   

        Suggest a very strong silent protest, non confrontational.  They need a message,   also call on all unemployed who would like to earn say 60% of what the wharfs got to attend and register for the new jobs, run a sausage sizzle etc…… leave the protesters hungry and out in the cold

        Name the time and place.

    • Dion

      And the likes of David Cunliffe and Darien Fenton militantly support these guys.

      Says it all really. 

  • Question – Has Mr Dempsey taken the matter to the police? If he has can we know what is happening please?

    • Kthxbai

      If he goes to the cops he’s likely to get really done over.

  • Guest

    Owning a reasonably large construction firm with numerous employees I and my staff have followed this with interest. All my staff have the option to join the Amalgamated union but have chosen not to of their own volition.
    Anyway as is the norm i went to one of my sites to have lunch and chew the fat with the staff. We spoke about the intimidation of employees and one of the lads, piped up and said something to the tune of “fucking unions, if any of them rocked our cars we would burn their fucking houses down”

    And do you know, I think he bloody well meant it.

    • Guest

      Yeah well now’s the time, boys, now’s the time!

      Explain to ’em just what MUNZ is doing them them with their $191,000 strike action!

      Then give ’em a lift down to the wharfs…

  • LesleyNZ

    Alan Dempsey – you are very brave to speak out like this. MUNZ sounds more like a thuggish Mafia type organisation. No doubt the showerhead type of activity has gone on for many, many years – this will not be the first time. Striking union workers are acting like lemmings. They are falling over the cliff because Gary Parsloe, Helen Kelly and their lot say so. And guess who is going to come out the worst and not survive? Certainly not Gary Parsloe, Helen Kelly and their lot. Oh no – they still get paid!

    • Chiefsfan73

      they never do.

  • Guest

    The odds of Mr Dempsey befalling a “work-place accident” just went up considerably.  That’s how it works, right?

  • did you hear about all the intimidation-incidents from today/this morning..?

    ..shame the cops spoiled saying they have been there all the time..

    ..and there has been ‘no incidentts of intimidation’..
    .so..who is doing the lying…?

    ..port management..or the cops.?

    [email protected]

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Defending the indefensible again eh Phil?

      Why dont you meet up with Hoha and tell him his wife was lying as well. I’m sure it would be a pleasant discussion.

      •  i’m just telling you what the police said..

        if you believed the rightwing/port was intimidation-central..

        ..yet the police said there was none..

        ..which/what ‘indefensible’ an i ‘defending’..?


        [email protected]

    • leata

      Of course the cops didn’t see anything, the intimidation started at 4am the cops didn’t turn up until 7. Once it was daylight MUNZ took off their balaclavas and pretended to be having a peaceful protest. What i can tell you however is that no one will ever intimidate me or get away with bullying me. I have a family to support that they are my only priority. I don’t give a flying shit what you try to do to me I will not be scared off!!! And i really wish you gutless fuck were the one standing in front of my car because i would not have hesitated to run you over. 


      You shit stirring again Phil (man)ure

      •’s called fact-checking..

        steve or monique..(?)

        [email protected]

      • Matt Neilson

        Hey Phil, Monique thinks you’re dumb

      • Patriot

        At some stage with Ports customers bailingout , it seems the more damage /disruption/Blacklisting Union + pickets do, the less business, Ports will attract & the harder it will be to hold existing customers
        So it looks like a spiralling shinking inefficent Port requiring less & less workers to unload less & less ships – as Tauranga and Whangarei grab the lost Akld Ports share of work .

        So with an inefficent Akld Port costing more to operate & serving fewer ships – and Akld public wanting to get back the waterfront space for ourselves for recreation and waterfront cafes, shops and colorful activity — like Wynyard & Viaduct  —  wharfies may be picketting & striking  themselves into making Akld a smaller regional botique port employing a small bunch of contractors .

        Unions look like to be begining to kill their golden goose as calls for retail space in the place of  ship/wharf activities are made

        Shipping business maybe – can be replaced by retail waterfront RENTALS

        Sad if Unions lose their jobs — No  , they did it to themselves

      • Euan Rt

         @ Matt. very good !

    • johnbronkhorst

      No phil it’s the usual liars….THE UNION!!!

    • I seem to remember you slating the Police for lying the last time they shot someone…what is Phil, police as the font of all honest commentary or inveterate liars?

  • Doodlebug


  • Doodlebug

    That snore is for you PAW


    At least now we are seeing them all for the mongrels/cowards they are.So they resort to bully boy tatics when they loose.Guess what you retards,no one now gives a shit about you now.Resorting to playground tactics shines a light for all to see what a bunch of complete fucking twats you are.Best thing that could come form this all this is the demise of the unions as we know them.Hey guys want a pay rise,then reclaim your union fees,and end your membership. 

  • Propane

    Many of those union boys have remained members out of fear…not pride or anything about what they stand for or represent, but sheer fear. The fact this cult…oops I meant union have manipulated their way through the staff at this company and intimidated their members with verbal threats and bully tactics has resulted in the ultimate of punishments, not to their leaders but alas! the members…Alan’s story is one of many…hopefully this decision has ended this twisted mentality of some unions….we hope.

    •  you lot are really in denial over the resolve of the union movement on

      [email protected]

      • starboard

        yeah man ” toke toke “..youre all in denial..” toke toke toke “..yeah right wing loons..” toke toke..”..”aw good shit..err what was the question”..

      • Propane

        Denial??? Hmmm right choice of words there? The only ones who are in denial are the two hundred and something odd people who had the wool pulled over their eyes and were too naieve to see it. Over 65% of the city have voted support for Ports of Auckland’s decision….denial?? Really??

      • Vij

        You Moron, they have lost.  They have no jobs, just like you

  • johnbronkhorst

    I was in the UK for the miners strike (in the 80’s), flag stones were thrown from motorway bridges on to taxi’s carrying the wrokers to work, killing some and their taxi drivers too, workers houses were burned down…all in the name of the union. No vote ever happened and no other unions supported them. Don’t think that can’t happen here!!! Just look at these thugs intimidating workers at the port entrance, taking photos, licence plate No.s etc.

    • ConwayCaptain

      John B

      Lord Prescott was a member of tghe UK SEamens Union and took them out on a LONG strike in 67.

      That was the beginning of the end for the UK MN.

      He is now known for screwing his Secretary on the Admiralty Boardroom table.  He had an apartment in Admiralty House in Whitehall.

    • Qplah

      It is the ugliest of behaviours and nothing for them to be proud of. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Ausrtralian and US waterfront unions have a long history of being tied up with the crimibnal fraternity.

    I can remember when I was an apprentice on a Port Line ship in Newark NJ and there was a problem with the labour and an BIG chaffeur driven car arrived along sied and a LARGE well dressed “gentleman” got out and “Had a word” with thhe labour.

    Pas de probleme after that.

    •  was it gerry brownlee there..cap’n..?

      [email protected]whoar.

      • ConwayCaptain

        No Phil but these gentlemen had a long term contract with suppliers of cement!!!!

        Know what happened to  Jimmy Hoffa???  Buried in a motorway somewhere.

        This is how unions keep memebers in line!!!

  • ConwayCaptain

    I remember when I was Master in SCONZ the ship came in from the Cook Is and there was a dispute on board as the othe Master wanted to sack a member of the crew.  Ship sat there for a week as the dispute went on and as usual the company backed down.

    USS Co had a ship the Wainui, running to Spore and India.  Master wanted to sack a motorman and USSCo wouldnt do the decent thing.  Officers refused to sail with the motorman and the ship sat in the Akl stream for 2 months,. 1969.  In the end USSCo ( a P&O subsidiary in those days) sold the ship to BI (another P&O subsidiary) and sailed.  USSCo went off the run.

    SCONZ wanted to put a ship on the Trans Tasman and the Cooks and Stewards wanted an extra man.  SCONZ said no.  Ship sat in Taiwan for months before she went on the trade.

    SCONZ wanted to put a ship on the Brisabne/Akl/Tahiti trade.  NSZU wanted x men and the co said no.  Oh well if you cut out the 3rd mate, in otherwords drop the deck officers by a 1/3rd, we will dro[ a seamen.  The officers said NO as it would mean the watch keepers doing 12 hrs per day +.  Whereas th seanen would do about 5-6 hrs per day.  Officers said no so the ship never went on the run.

    • Greg M


      My late grandfather was a master on the rail ferries for years. When I asked him as a kid, why are they always striking at the holidays, on one occasion his answer was this:
      The cooks and stewards were too lazy to wash plates / cutlery etc when it came back to the galley, so they simply tossed it all overboard and re stocked on return to wellington.
      When they were caught out, rather than man up, they went on strike for 3 weeks until the company allowed the union to put two more stewards on board to do the washing up!

      This was in the 70’s, the world has moved on, MUNZ clearly hasn’t.


  • Vikingonmars

    According to JT munz have cash and assets of $15 million.
    Whats going to happen to all that dosh that has beenextorted (in a friendly way mind you) from the members. No wonder Parsloe has now got the craps. Their will be an almighty scrap over the carcass