Hugely talented?

Brisbane Times

Julia Gillard thinks Anna Bligh is hugely talented:

“Anna Bligh is a hugely talented leader who has worked hard each and every day to deliver Labor reforms for her state,” Ms Gillard said.

Yes Julia, going from 51 seats to 7 is a huge talent.

Labor in Queensland now doesn’t even qualify for status as a political party (the threshold is 10 seats) and their funding will be cut hugely. This was a rinsing of mega proportions.


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  • Adybombs

    Such a joy to see it stuffed up the lefties anywhere in the world.  NZ’s pinko media not surprisingly seem to be either completely ignoring or relegating the story.

    • Gazzaw

      No mention anyway in online Pravda the last time I looked. Sky News of course has had brilliant coverage since last night so no need to watch TV One News tonight although they could put an interesting creative spin on it I suppose.

  • Rivoniaboy

    Labour destroyed in Queensland.Three cheers.

    • Adybombs

      Just the three????

  • Simo

    Why oh why is the left getting their arses kicked in Australiasia…….

  • In fairness, I think she was as good as you could expect from a Labor premier. I do mean that as something of a compliment. As a watcher from a distance, I think she did a good job handling the disasters that beset her state, and unlike Labour here, had some plans to grow the economy (like encouraging the mining industry). Labor though was well past it’s use-by. Now, bring on Federal Election 2013!

  • Joel, you’re a mainstream media brainwashed idiot. Get a fucking life.

    Bligh was a smug socialist bitch who capitilised on the disasters to get her ugly commie mug on the TV screens, helped by the always in attendance politically corrupt mainstream media.

    And she did it just becasue silly mug punters like you Joel would be impressed.

    Fuck Bligh, fuck the commie media and fuck all totalitarian socialist slime.

    What a shame Newman doesn’t have the balls to finish the scum off forever.

    •  I’m not a leftie either Redbaiter (what a modest non de plume that is!!) I agree with Joel and Dave.  Bligh has done exceedingly well and used her media skills to her advantage when facing natural disasters. Not unlike our own Prime Minister and the Mayor of Christchurch. Hardly think it has anything to do with left of right – it’s simply opportunistic.

      • “Hardly think it has anything to do with left of right”

        Neil, you’re obviously a nice fourteen year old kid, and I wouldn’t want to stifle any young person’s interest in politics, but when you grow up you will learn that its always a question of left or right.

        Or rather left wing totalitarians trying to subjugate individuals.

        Fair enough that you don’t know that fact at your tender years, but try and do some research before you get to the voting age.

    • Salacious T Crumb

       Do you kiss you mother (right cheek of course) with that mouth?

    • I’m not a mainstream media brainwashed idiot. I admit I don’t live there, so I can’t pass very accurate judgement – but from what I could see she did a fairly reasonable job. You’re the brainwashed idiot if you think that every government is a failure or a success by it’s party colours. Red governments can achieve some worthy things too. 

      In the grand scheme, political parties in Australia/New Zealand are not that far seperated on the left-right spectrum anyway. I’m not saying I’d have voted for Bligh (I’d never vote Labo[u]r), but that doesn’t mean she was completely bad.

    • Super_Guest

      Have you  ever, y’know, read a book? Especially one that wasn’t written by Pat Robertson? I say this because you seem like you take politics way, way, way too seriously and are in need of a fistful of chill-pills. Perhaps you could pick up a copy of Johnathan Franzen’s “Freedom” in between being a dog-catcher or whatever it is you do.

      •  You boring mincing little fuckwit. If you don’t have an opinion on the issue why not just STFU.

        Who cares about your opinion of Redbaiter?

  • Dave

    I am definitely NOT a leftie, but having lived there for many years, she and her handling of a crippled state, DID a good job.  But was besieged with natural disasters for the last 3 years, and I feel was punished for this.   

    The real shame, is Newman comes in to a reasonable state of affairs, thanks largely to Anna, and can build on it.   As to the Federal election, look at history, it tells us whatever party is in NSW, the federal government is the opposite.   

    A message to Anna, stay there, rebuild – remember, Newman is following, not leading.

    • Kiwidon

      Mate, you are blind!

      • Dave

        To KiwiDon Mate, simply saying “are you blind” without any qualification simply shows your ignorance and apathetic ways.

        So, are you merely an armchair critic living in a crib in Southland, or like me, are you an Australian citizen who spent many years in QLD and have experienced many parties and premiers come and go and really understand the differences some made.

        At least grow a set if balls and be able to qualify your statements.

  • And here’s a message for those who are (In my humble opinion) the deceitful lying commie pricks who run the TV One newsroom.

    Don’t forget to tell the NZ public that your good friends the Marxist Communist Watermelon Greens did not get a seat in Queensland.

  • Michael

    Given there are only seven of them, one is new and four look like Darien Fenton type talent free zones so she is comparatively the most talented Qld Labor MP.

    This could be the biggest part of the win for the Coalition in Queensland – the decapation of the Labor party. The only Ministers returned are Annastacia Palaszczuk and Bligh.  It’s going to take several terms to rebuild a talented front bench that will be a credible alternate to the Coalition State Government.

    The only problem for the Coalition is the 1990 problem for National – there will be state MPs who were selected in what were thought to be unwinnable seats now in the Parliament who know that they will be wiped out in a rebound, some will see going rogue as the only option to survive.

  • “To KiwiDon Mate, simply saying “are you blind” without any qualification simply shows your ignorance and apathetic ways.”

    I don’t think it shows that at all. He thinks you’re blind, and no matter what he says, he will not make you see. I think he’s write, and his minimal choice of words was perfect.

    There is just no point in interminable arguments with blinkered, indoctrinated, politically one dimensional, mainstream media duped jerks.

    There is just no time to do that.

  • Correction- right, not write.

    • Dave

      Sigh…… Once again, unqualified statements from another of the unwashed brigade

      It would be very simple to say, I lived there, or having followed QLD politics for zx years, or whatever. But just a bald argument without any point scores no points, another faceless comment!

      •  Dave, you’re missing the point.

        In your very first comment, you identified yourself as one who would clearly not understand an alternative political view. You made it plain you live in la la land, some place detached from reality where fantasy reigns. (IOW, you get your news and views from Fairfax and the rest of the violently left wing mainstream media)

        There is only so much time, and we on the right have to choose carefully where we spend it. We cannot afford the time to argue with chickenshit leftist morons.

        (PS: I’ve tried to help you here. Do you have an address I can send the account to?)

    • Rollo

      Too late, shouldnt you be back on the picket line? Left write, left write leffffft….

  • Dave

    To Neil & Joel I wouldn’t worry about RedBaiters comments, his views on what happened in the QLD election are not completely without some merit.

    However, she attacks anyone with an opposing view and without any qualification of who she is, and what she stands for

    You both had some explanation behind your comments and the Red (under the bed) Baiter chose to attack, Instead of justifying her statements

    So mrs RedBaiters come clean state your leanings and background on the issue not attack anyone with an alternate view!

    •  I’m just old school Conservative.

      In commie NZ, that makes me so far to the right I make Vlad the Impaler look like Jimmie Carter.