Humourless fool

NZ Herald

Some humourless fool Finn has decided he isn;t going to sell Kiwi beer he has already paid for:

A Finnish bar has removed New Zealand beers from its shelves as the backlash continues over comments made by Minister Gerry Brownlee last week.

Eikan Pub, in the town of Jarvenpaa near Helsinki, has removed more than 50 bottles of two Kiwi beers, including Steinlager Pure, from its selection of foreign beers on offer.

Publican Eino Lehtinen told Helsingin Sanomat the action was a protest against Mr Brownlee’s “grossly insulting” comments.

Those Kiwi breweries have already been paid for the beer, the only person he is hurting is himself.


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  • The world is full of people who do themselves out of potentionally great business on principal…. A better idea would have been to advertise the fact he had it….

  • In Vino Veritas

    jarvenpaa, town of 35,000 odd. NZ heralds Paul Harper (1) clearly has nothing to do, (2) must be pretty low in the food chain to be given this scoop to work on (3) surely must be challenged intellectually to have his name put to that article.

    Its sort of like “in Cust today, an old lady had her handbag stolen”.

  • Kiwi Kev

    It seems a strange response but it could have been distorted by media etc. I emailed him on [email protected] to suggest that he took offence unnecessarily and that he needs to understand NZ humour. Perhaps some of you could do the same and help repair Finnish relations.

  • kaykaybee

    First thing that’s wrong with this post is the expectation a  Finn might have a sense of  humour, or one that we’d relate to anyway 

  • Gazzaw

    Obviously there are as many smallminded Finns as there are Kiwis. There’s bound to be some twat in NZ who will never buy a Nokia again as retaliation.

    Was this ever a story of substance FFS?

  • Dr Wang

    Right that’s it – I’m burning all my Neil Finn and Tim Finn CD’s. That’ll show the bastards.

  • Notrotsky

    Talking of humourless fools… the stranded has reached a new low.

    They really are fucking scum.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Reminds me of a few years ago the French let off a nuclear test in the Pacific and Tindall from The Warehouse announced very publicly that The Warehouse would remove all French made products from there shelves in protest. Very good I thought at the time, but I struggled to find what French products they stocked. Several weeks later the Chinese did the same thing and we did not hear a word on the subject from Tindall or The Warehouse.
    But then we have sheeple.

  • thor42

    I think the Finns will have been done a service here – Steinlager is bloody awful if you ask me…..

  • Sarahkoman

    It is of course possible that the humourless fool is the blogger who didn’t realise that the Finnish bar tender was taking the piss (so to speak).

  • @BoJangles