I feel the earth falling off its axis

Beware, calamity is about to befall us all and not from Global Warming either….

Cactus Kate and Darien Fenton agree on something:


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  • Richard McGrath

    No apostrophe needed in the title

    • Bunswalla

      Full stop missing from your pedantic comment.

      • Moderationitself

        It may be pedantic but he’s right. And good on him for taking the time to teach us. Why not get it right?

        In this case the word “its” doesn’t have an apostrophe because it’s not a case of possession or contraction.

        In this case “its” is a personal pronoun so it doesn’t have one.  We don’t have apostrophes in words like your’s, her’s, their’s, either.http://www.eng-lang.co.uk/apostrophe_rules.htm 

      • Peter Wilson

        I notice it’s been fixed, but I’m sure the font is now inconsistent.

      • Bunswalla

        I didn’t say he wasn’t right; I pointed out that he was being pedantic, and that in his haste to correct another’s error he made one himself.

        Sort of like “he who is without sin shall cast the first stone.”

        Your long-winded analysis of a point already made, while undoubtedly correct, is completely redundant.

      • Bunswalla

        @7c294ff9f4121e360e2c97cc48f1004e:disqus The font has not changed in any way.

        Perhaps you mean the pitch?

    • Peter Wilson

      The consensus is that the earth could never “fall off” it’s axis anyway. The only way this could realistically happen is if the moon left it’s orbit, which will happen eventually, but not for millions of years.

      So, not only is the apostrophe redundant, the title is misleading this blog, inadvertedly or not.

      (Interjections such as this should be rare, and if possible, witty…)

      • Peter Wilson

        …because it’s not a case of possession or contraction.

        I always smile when grammar heroes give us this type of information. If we understood terms like possession or contraction, not to forget “personal pronoun,” we probably wouldn’t make these minor grammatical errors in the first place.

      • Bunswalla

        I assume that by “inadvertedly” you mean “inadvertently” and that by “misleading this blog” you perhaps mean “misleading the readers of this blog”?

      •  Hey Peter – the answer to that is yes its happening but we won’t feel the effects in our lifetime – the moon has been moving further away from the earth since – “Adam was a ‘lil boy”…..

  • ConwayCaptain

    I worked for a company called Port Line and they had a personnel dept which now would be called HR.  This dept did all the manning and appointments to some 30 ships.  It merged with Blue Start Line and became Blue Star Port Line Management and had 60-70 ships trading worldwide,

    There would have been about 300 deck and about 700 engineer officers in this group and remember all they had was Phone, Letter,Telex and Telegrams.  No emails no sat phone or mobile phones etc.

    This was run by a ladt called Maggie Waugh and maybe half a dozen staff in London.

    Now there would be 50 or more and they wouldnt know what they were doing.

  • AnonWgtn

    HR has crept upon us over the last 25 years evolving from the Personnel Department which was considered PC incorrect. They have crept up on senior management to be considered by themselves that they are senior management, which they are not. They have done well making themselves indispensible, as they think.
    Most HR Departments are run by women many of them coming from the so called Employment Agencies  which have grown parrallel with HR. The HR Departments and the fellow Employment Agencies are hand in glove coming from the same product, often having been a failure at an Agency.
    The Employment Agencies will “so called” vet the applicants for a job then send only those who fit their own requirements for an interview, with their recommendation, to their friends at HR.
    I have seen where after perhaps a year the Employment Agency will approach the person selected and ensured that they get another job, at more money etc.
    They then going to the HR Department with their new selection.
    This has been self perpetuation for many years now.
    Try the Public Service or Local Government and see who gets the jobs. Friends of friends get selected.

  • Waiuku

    Fenton will always be against HR departments, anyone with a face like a dropped pie is going to be screened by a half decent HR department & I bet Fenton was at the butt end many times before she sought refuge in the union – a place for social misfits, the downtrodden, gay rights activists &  any other woe is me sad sack

  • Vlad

    Why Personnel was considered PC incorrect while Human Resources (kind of categorising people as raw material) is better I could never fathom.  I do agree that they are an absolute blight.  Outsource payroll management; let the bloody managers manage the rest and let HR all go off to become “counsellors” .  

  • ConwayCaptain

    Reading the sit vac pages in the papers it is amazing how many of the HR companies thefre are and what they charge is 3 month + salary.  They are just pigs in a trough.

    When SCONZ went to the wall I applied for a job at NZ Steel and the interview was run by the two head people in transport.  They really knew how to interview and I got the job.

    At the same time I went for two i terviews at Govt Depts.  One at the MoT as ERxaminer of Masters and Mates.  It was like a court martial with about 10 people facing me at a single desk.  All it needed was the sword on the table and the JAG and Prisoners Friend and we could have done the Court Martial from the Cain Mutiny.

    The other was at MFAT as 2i/c at the sea training school that the NZ Govt ran in conjunction with the German Govt.  Held in a room used as storage, tiles missing from the ceiling and the only person who knew what he was on a bout was the young German Bloke who ran the school.

    Didnt get either of the 2 Govt jobs.

    • Bunswalla

      Captain you should get down on your knees and give thanks to Neptune or whomever you worship every day, that you did not fall into the employ of MFAT!

      • ConwayCaptain

        This was 20 years ago and it was Min of Foreign Affairs.  The job was for two years in Kiribati working for the Marine School there and paid by Welly. 

  • Arnold

    totally agree, with my recent dealing over the last few weeks with HR departments from my org and two others….they let “their” rules get in the way of pure logic…even to the extent of hindering the moving forward…..kick the lot of them out and let managers hire directly, just give them some good templates to use…worked for years

  • ConwayCaptain

    Went for another job at one of these HR Cos and it was at one of the International HR firms and was for the job of Marine Supt for a fishing fleet.

    I had to explain to the person what a Masters FG cert involved, what a Mate;s job was on a ship and what various surveys were.  He knew Nuffink as Sgt Shultz would say.

  • Gazzaw

    Having been GM & a director of a company employing 200+ staff when I sold out & semi-retired five years ago I have watched with a mixture of amazement & horror as companies, SOEs & government departments have allowed themselves to become hostages to the pseudo-science of HR. Five years on and that company still functions wonderfully well in an industry almost entirely dependent on its service levels with heads of department responsible for recruitment, an executive PA & an employment lawyer on a consultancy basis in the rare instances that her services are needed or to check over a contract. It isn’t easy as employment law becomes more complex but its a challenging function that needs to be handled by any middle manager worth his or her salt. HR departments are a self perpetuating waste of valuable resource and as for HR agencies, well, there’s bugger all concern that appears to be shown by tehm when things turn to custard as is often the case.     

  • Blair Mulholland

    HR people are scum.  I don’t know how any of them sleep at night.  They are basically private sector bureaucrats.

    As CK correctly suggests, any decent MD should make dismantling that department their first task on assuming the position.

    • Gazzaw

      Blair, I watched a competitor company very nearly go to the wall because the long time owner appointed an HR company to look after management recruitment. Within months several key positions had been filled by people with the ‘right’ qualifications who pissed off the existing management team so much that many left and their positions taken by yet more incompetents with the ‘right’ qualifications.

      My colleague’s hugely successful business teetered for a while until he came back and personally restored the situation at huge expense. Needless to say he no longer uses an HR agency.

  • Fergus

    Well cactus kate…If the idiot darien fenton agrees with you, i believe you should review your possition on this to determine whether you are right of she was lucky!!!

  • Fergus

    As for my assertion, since all these PC rules that effectively amount to affirmative action, came about it has been very difficult to find the genuine best person for the job… I was however, to change it up alittle, told that the most useless dept. in any company/ organixsation,, was the public relations dept…..as this should be part of EVERY employees job. When you have a public relations dept., the rest of the work force defer all such problems to them, leaving the impression that the front line staff don’t care!!

    • Gazzaw

      At the risk of getting carried away earlier Fergus I was going to say exactly the same thing as you. If you have a happy & motivated staff they will do your PR for you. Sure you have to have a company protocol about writing press releases & making statements to the media but you don’t need a PR department to do it for you.
      Just another department or agency that can be dispensed with.