I go chop your dollar, Ctd

Terry Serepisos is off to Los Angeles to try and rustel up some cash:

Terry Serepisos departed Wellington for Los Angeles this week in a continuation of his long-running quest to secure offshore financing, Business Day understands.

John Fisk of PricewaterhouseCoopers, who is receiver and liquidator of more than a dozen of the bankrupt property developer’s companies, said he had heard about the LA trip but was unaware of the details.

A spokesman for the Official Assignee, who has to approve a bankrupt’s travel overseas, said Serepisos was given consent to travel abroad between March 2 and 13.

Serepisos recently told an Auckland gossip columnist that he wanted to relocate to Auckland because “Wellington is too much of a fishbowl”. The Official Assignee’s office confirmed the bankrupt would not need permission to make a move within New Zealand.

Wrong way Terry – your funds from Mr Ahsan Ali Syed of Western Gulf Advisory are in Dubai.

Though I note another self-important wanker is also in LA…perhaps Terry is now securing a loan from Phil Jones the Founder and CEO (snigger) of BlueBanc Capital.



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  • In Vino Veritas

    Well, next time I meet him, he won’t be able to drag me out of a bar, delicate little lace cuffs showing beneath suit jacket, to point out all the buildings he owns.

  • Gazzaw

    I wonder if he flew to LAX down the back or are funds not quite that desparate?

  • Guest

    These are very interesting people at BlueBanc. 


    And that is truly a spectacular shirt than Phil Jones is wearing. Don’t wear that shirt near a bee’s nest phil – you might start a swarming!

    • politically unstable

       Is it just me, or do they all look very very dodgy….

      • maninblack

        its not just you! they look so bloody slimey.. i would not give my dosh to greasy creeps like phil jones.

      • Gazzaw

        There’s a couple of ‘Directors’ there that I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley with outstanding loan payments.

  • BJ

    Maybe not the time and place but I gotta  ask what does CTD after the title of this post stand for?

    • Vlad

      Continued, like this has been posted about before & this is the next chapter. 

      • BJ

        Thanks Vlad 

      • Travdog

        Computer Transmitted Diseases.

  • j. baez

    when will they ever learn? when will they e v v v e r learn?

  • Vlad

    I’m swimming against the tide here, but I don’t think Terry is the worst of the lot who have gone belly-up in the developer/finance co shambles.  He is a bit of a lair, but he is trying to raise the money to pay back the banks, and unlike others he didn’t destroy the life savings of widows & old folks when he went under.  He did, however, make the foolish error of trying to harpoon a whale with a toothpick….. 

    • Guest

      Well actually Vlad, Serepisos’ failure meant South Canterbury Finance had bad loans on their books, which meant that he (and other developers) helped bring down SCF.

      Ditto Equitable Mortgages. 

      Given that both those firms were under the crown guarantee, the old biddies got their money back, but taxpayers are now bailing out their losses.

    • Gazzaw

      His subbies might disagree Vlad.

  • Rockyr

    He might be able to get a loan from the  mafia, no questions asked., If he misses a payment though they have their own liquidators.

  • D_parker

    Mr Jones won’t last long over there . He will be brought to account for his hyperbole pretty quickly . He has a number of enemies over there and they will be after him.

  • Hakim of phut

    Everything here , but the shirt on his back, has been sold. Dont expect him back.
    The Official Assignee. ? That will scare him …much

  • The story I could tell about Phil Jones and how he got together with Corinna would be turned down for a soap as too implausible…

    • Guest

      I’m more interested in the tale of how they broke apart.

      Google Phil Jones Corrina to see what I mean.

    • Nope it wouldn’t because I could back you up…it is fascinating, though I understanding he has given her the flick…or she bolted…probably got sick of having him watch all the time.

      • James

        He was a true shit. Not long after she joined SRT security Her hubby topped himself with a Ramset gun one Sunday and Jones was all over her and her kids before he was even cold. Jones would stay over at Corinnas place in Conifer Grove Takanini and the patrol airwaves would buzz with comments like ” The golfers playing the hole”or”the gardeners trimming the bush”….

        Crazy times…

    • Especially the climbing of the tree and the perving through the windows…oh the fun in telling that story.

      • James

        Oh you know that one too…? Eating his pie while outside employee Roses window in Takanini?

  • motorizer

    Fish bowl? he’s the one who made every one look! he makes a train wreck and then complains because people want to watch. 

  • Hey Whale, nice work you found the Photo I couldn’t find earlier.
    This was the photo of Terry in LA at the playboy mansion party that Terry asked Phil to delete.

    I don’t think he’s so protective of his rep anymore.