Inbred and complaining about free food

You really have to wonder about wisdom in having a bunch of inbred Lords waffling on about anything:

First it was MPs who grumbled that their chips were not served in towers. Now Peers have claimed the quality of food at the House of Lords is an expensive “disgrace” and they are embarrassed to dine there in front of their friends.

Some have demanded refunds on their “awful” food – despite each being given a £300-a-day subsistence allowance and the restaurants receiving £1.44m in subsidies a year.
One peer told Lord Brabazon of Tara, the Lords’ Chairman of Committees, he wanted a refund after the food served in one of Parliament’s finest restaurants had left him humiliated in front of a eminent friend.

He wrote: “My wife and I were so embarrassed last night. We took a distinguished Italian guest to dine in the Barry Room.
“We all ordered the pork escallop [sic]. It was uneatable [sic]. Tough and dry and clearly cooked for hours before. It really was a disgrace. No one should be chef of the Barry Room who allows food like that to be served.”

He went on: “We did not of course complain at the time for the obvious reason of not damaging the image our guest would have had of the occasion.

“I do not know what your policy is but I think it would be appropriate for me to receive a refund for three uneatable pork scallops.”

Another wrote: “I am aware that one noble Lord was served ‘gone off’ smoked salmon in the Bishops’ bar the other day. The S salmon in my sandwich today was awful. I hope something can be done.”
Lord Naseby, the chairman of the London wine society Cofradia del Vino Chileno, wrote: “I was disappointed to discover when I had a guest from Chile the Peers’ Dining Room does not offer any Chilean Red.

“I can assure you that there are a number of Chilean Reds that are exceptionally good value at every price level. Perhaps the omission could be corrected by inviting the Director of Wines to of Chile to hold a tasting or whatever.”

Most peers do not receive a salary but are paid a ‘no questions asked’ tax-free allowance of £300 a day to cover the cost of attending the Lords. The system was introduced in 2010 to replaced the scandal-hit expenses regime.


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  • Troy

    Well it’s always been know that those in the HofL are a pack of snobs who have mostly got there only thru hereditary means.  One can only imagine the uproar if there was a fly found in one’s soup.  Egads!

    • nzd.gbp

      1999 House of Lords act ended hereditary peerages.

  • ConwayCaptain


    Since the so called reform of the HoL by that arch liar Blair, the majority of members are Life Peers and they were stacked by Blair.

    GYI the Duke of Westminster the richest man in the UK was the head of the Terriorial Army and worked in that posn 4 days a week without pay.

    The late Earl Balfour who sailed on the Pamir and was a member of the NZSU!!!!  was severly dyslexic and he read akl the bills withj a fine tooth comb.  He was the abne of the Law Drafters as he found so many mistaked.  Also an Old Conway, Christ we get everywhere.

    Many of the Hereditary Peers have given long and selfless service to their country.  The Life Peers are a bunch of climbers.  Look Lord Prescott ex deputy PM, screwed his secretary on the Admoralty Boardroom Table.

  • Mike Smith

    I’ve eaten at Westminster abd once or twice the food quality was ‘impaired”. Fair call by the Lords I reckon.

    • ConwayCaptain


      Thos who have been to British Boarding Schools would have noticed an improvement I would think.

  • Gazzaw

    Appears that entitlement is not restricted to the ‘lower’ classes. Who are these fucken parasites anyway? Either descended from the blokes that got off the boat quicker than the others in 1066 and managed to stake out a few counties or even worse bought their peerages off Blair.
    More capable of passing wind than decent legislation.

    • Colin

      The Lords play an important part in Westminster democracy. If we had retained an Upper House, perhaps we would not be stuck with MMP or a corrupt judiciary.

      • Peter Wilson

        Then again, the Privy Council serves as a sort of Upper House for our judiciary, and they’ve done a good job in the past. They’ve probably corrected a number of incorrect decisions, the Bain murders spring to mind as one example.

      • Dion

        Correction – “served”.  Helen took care of that before being booted from office :)

      • Peter Wilson

        Yes, I stand corrected: served. Hopefully we won’t see similar injustices in the future without the PC acting as a safeguard.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    ‘How gastly’    


  • Travdog

    Such supposed upper class beings using such uneducated words like “uneatable”.