India joins China in revolt against EU emissions charges

The Telegraph

India has joined China in rejecting their stupid carbon charges for airlines and threatening retribution:

The threat of an aerospace trade war between Europe and the rest of the world has escalated after India joined China in threatening retaliation over the European Commission’s carbon emissions charges.

Chinese airlines have cancelled $14bn (£8.8bn) of orders with European aircraft manufacturer Airbus following the introduction of the charges and a senior Indian official has now warned there are “lots of measures” that India could take if the EC does not back down.

“The question is, are you [the European Union] provoking the world into a trade war?’,” the official told Reuters.

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) requires airlines flying to or from Europe to buy carbon permits to offset their emissions from January 1 this year. However, non-European governments are furious that the charges cover the entire flight and not just European aerospace.

It is understood that India has told its airlines not to buy carbon credits from Europe or share emissions data, although it has not ordered the cancellation of orders from Airbus, which dominates the Asian aerospace market. India is also prepared to impose steep charges on European airlines to fly into India if Indian airlines are blocked from flying into Europe because of the ETS. “We have the power of the economy. We are not bleeding as they are,” the Indian official added.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Wait for the back down.  Airbus needs the orders as it has to repair the damage to the wings of the A380.

    France is the front runner with the Rafaele and the Typhoon in 2nd place for a huge order for fighters for the IAF.

    These two orders will be in the region of a total of Euro 20 billion

    • Than

       Captain, do you have a cite regarding the military aircraft? India has recently purchased quite a number of MiG-29s and Su-30s, and I would be very surprised if they were looking at replacing them so soon. 

      • Charlie the farmer

        I was told by a good Indian mate that they were supplied by the russians with their weapon systems as the US supplied the Pakistanis, Have they changed?

  • Charlie the farmer

    It shows that this carbon trading thing is a waste of time as its all made up in some idiots head and prices will be adjusted by govts not by true reflection of demand example nz credits worth $6 greens calling that it be a min price of $25

  • Cobolt

    This has to be the quote of the day:
    “We have the power of the economy. We are not bleeding as they are,”
    Basically “you guys are nearly bankrupt. STFU and behave yourselves. You’ve had your turn over the last 200 years. Now it’s our turn. We’re going to start calling the shots now.”

    • Gazzaw

      Absolutely correct Cobolt. The misguided arrogance of the Europeans is unbelievable over this issue. There has been a lot of comment in the European transport media and they still really believe that the world revolves around Europe and that China, India & that the rest of the world will come to heel & pay their ‘eco’ taxes. They won’t of course and lets hope that NZ & Australia have the cojones to back China & India. 

  • Paddles83

    I agree with India having just recently spent 2 weeks in Goa I was surprised to learn that they already had pollution laws in place, it is mandatory for every vehicle owner to carry a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate and maintain the vehicle with in prescribed emissions.

    Our tourist guide that drove us around explained that any vehicle older than 3yrs need to have their PUC tested and renewed every six months which is keeping the taxes in the local economy.

  • Greg M

    Yes agreed to all of the above. I don’t think Airbus has even reached the break even point for the 380 yet, also, who actually sets the price for carbon credits? How can a value be placed on something thhat doesn’t yet exist ? Or am I bieng dopey again ?

    • Charlie the farmer

      It does exist like oxygen exists, by forcing people to pay a fee for any carbon admitted via you simply being alive then how far off before they create a fee/tax for any oxygen that you may use? Seems outrageous but then charging an animal a fee so it can fart???, The creation of the price has been set by the wall streets of each country that is involved with any form of carbon trading, there is no science or reason used in price setting just how much the money traders can make. Look at who the big moaners are that the NZ price is so low and who screams that its unfair that dairy farmers who own fonterra wont let wall street buy the company outright.

  • Corner_shop_not

    haha, oh sometimes I just love my motherland. But both India and China have valid points, as someone said above – they’ve had  200 fkn years of Industrial and economic growth – now its India/china’s turn they want to change the rules, agh go to hell. These countries are the only ones left with shitloads of people wanting to spend their money around the world! EU is a joke. thank you come again.

  • Tjspooner

    I bet that NZ government and Air NZ line up to pay their bill because they have zero clout and would be scared stiff  of losing European destinations. ALL PINKS would be a good description.

  • The whole carbon credits thing is a total waste of time. Who holds the cash? Noone, there is no cash changing hands. It’s all just another table in the casino of trading. Is there going to be any change in people’s behaviour? No. High polluters have the money to buy credits to offset their pollution and simply carry on business as usual.

  • Mr_Blobby

    We should offer to buy there virtual carbon credits with virtual carbon money. You are right it is another Tax that will be passed on to the Public to benefit greedy Governments trying to Tax there way out of the mess they have made.
    If the answer is to Tax it then you know it is a Con.