Bronwyn Pullar has got managed to get the DomPost hooked into her web of deceit so well they are now outlining massive lists of conspiracy theory stuff from her. However…5 of them stood out for me:

9. Defamatory statements by ACC employees

10. Exceeding lawful powers by investigating injuries for which no claim has been made.

11. Derogatory emails by ACC staff

12. Excessive Access to Bronwyn’s files – 1948 accesses within 3 ½ years, by about 150 different individuals, of which 1100 were in a single one year period.

13. Staff accessing files against management instructions

I looked at those and wondered how could she possibly know that?

In particular the alleged defamatory statements, the derogatory emails the access and the management instructions….that is pretty specific information, and knowing it just raises more questions about how on earth she could possibly know all that.

I still find all this focus on her privacy being breached outrageous when she still holds personal details of over 6000 claimants herself and has given that file to media. A reasonable person would have handed it back, not shopped it to Phil Kitchin.

This woman is a fantasist and a conspiracy theorist, I suspect we are going to find out pretty soon just how bad it is all going to get for her. About then the Dom Post  and Phil Kitchin are also going to realise that their credibility is shot all to hell too.


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  • I think it is more likely paranoid delusion not helped by her head injury WO. But either way she’s not seeing things calmly anf logically at all. Totally agree with you about how on earth she would have found out about the alleged breeches – unless she still has a sypathetic ear somewhere in ACC.

  • Symgardiner

    What’s coming out about the inability of ACC’s computer systems to hold and control information does point to a lack of competence on ACC’s behalf.
    I’m guessing that there is a leak in ACC providing her this information. Although she would be perfectly entitled to request every single piece of correspondence about her and her case. 

  • Waiuku

    Time to move on – next non news story please. These two dingbat women are todays fish n chips wrapping, Smith obviously mixed too often with the hippies in Nelson & started believing the whole man made earth is warming nonsense, the ACC is broke crap has also been exposed so his loss is no loss. The one lesson out of all of this is that Judith Collins has a nose for issues, she smelt it & sidestepped the whole sh1tpile, dumping the three players up to their necks in it.

    • EpochNZ

       I’m starting to really respect Judith Collins….

  • Natalie

     She would have requested her file under the OIA and has gone through it with a fine-tooth comb to come up with this list, including any hand-written comments on e-mails.

    Nice that her earlier million dollar payout by a private insurer (which Whale Oil first published last week or so) is now being reported in the newspapers. 

    • Committed

      Her earlier payout has no relevance here. I suggest Judith Collins get her ministry sorted before she shoots the messanger.